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Jeeper's daily reports about the pentathlon.

Day#1 - 05.05.2010

The overall picture is quite a surprise at the moment. ESL are first. We’re right behind them, but our output is still lesser than ESL’s. Third place is held, quite surprisingly, by team 2ch from Japan, whose output is similar to ours at the moment. Only after them come SUSA, fighting off the Czech National Team. AF can hardly be satisfied with rank #6, especially since XTBA are hot on their heels – it’s quite the duel. Things are shaping up interestingly among the following ranks, too; P3D on #10 have had a pretty weak start, though.

Things are exciting, and promise to stay that way. We’ll have to work harder to catch up with ESL!

Day#2 - 06.05.2010

The first third of the first discipline lies behind us now, and some tendencies are starting to become clear.

Our output is nearing ESL’s, but we can’t get any closer for now. It seems quite clear, though, that it will be a duel between SG and ESL about who wins the first discipline.

The battle for rank 3, however, is not decided yet. The Czech National Team has managed to get past team 2ch, but SETI.USA, currently #5, is only 20k behind. L’Alliance Francophone is kicking back on sixth place, but they’ll have to expect P3D catching up with them sometime soon. P3D may have had a bad start, but chances are they might still make it up to rank #3.

Russia seems to be getting snug and cozy on eighth place; their output is too weak to catch up and too strong to be caught up to.

Boinc.Italy, XTBA, Team China and The Knights Who Say Ni! are fighting a grim battle over the remaining two ranks among the top ten.

Meanwhile, we’re left wondering whether Erster Kontakt will be able to hold rank #13?

As you can see, things stay exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon!

Day#3 - 07.05.2010

Back to our report of the current situation.

The first half of the first discipline is over. ESL, still in the lead, are gaining distance from SG. Will SG let them get away with that? Can they use the remaining time to strike back? Might they even be trying to lull ESL, just to strike hard at the last moment, or are they already concentrating on the following four disciplines? Questions, questions, and no answers whatsoever.

The fight for #3 stays interesting as SETI.USA, who started as one of the favorites for victory, are battling the surprisingly tough Czech National Team. For now, Germany’s neighbor has the upper hand, but a mere 45k separate the two teams.

After a splendid start, reality is starting to catch up with team 2ch, who are now on rank 5 and under fierce attack by AF and P3D. Between the three of them, only 20k make all the difference right now. AF, being such a promising competitor, can hardly be satisfied with rank #6. Will their hopes for an overall victory be already shattered during the first discipline?

P3D still remains an insider tip for overall winner. Germany’s number two are picking up speed at the moment and might still be able to make it up to #5. The “green guys” will surely be a force to be reckoned with in the following disciplines.

While it seems clear by now that the overall winner will be one of the current top seven, the race stays interesting nonetheless among the lower ranks.

Although Russia, as we already pointed out yesterday, seems to be quite content to be #8, there are some neck-and-neck races taking place behind them.

Team China has moved up to #9 and might even make it to #8 yet if they push a bit harder. Boinc.Italy, XTBA and The Knights Who Say Ni! apparently have agreed to battle amongst themselves for rank 10.

The third German team participating in the Pentathlon is currently fighting hotly for 13th place. Although EK has been banished from that rank for now, they might still take it back from team TAAT. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Now for a look to the north. The Nordlichter have settled in on rank #20; they might still make it up to 19, but there are only 23k between them and rank #24. So watch it!

The fight for who does and does not end up last on the table is shaping up to be exciting, too. Last place still earns you 3 points, after all. Russia Team and Media Database are only 2k apart. Who will be the victor in this duel – or will a third team enter he fight from behind?

Things remain exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#4 - 08.05.2010

Here’s today’s report of the situation, a little later than usual.

Now that the second discipline is about to start, some crucial decisions seem to have been reached in the first – or will there be surprises waiting for us during the last 28 hours?

ESL, still at the very top, are probably not going to be stopped from beating everyone else fair and square. SG apparently have accepted their fine second place, which is, at least, a good position with regard to the total score and makes SG a hot favorite for the title of overall winner – will they be able to live up to these expectations? Do they have the nerves to continue coolly under this kind of pressure?

ESL surely should not be underestimated, but whether this still-young team is really able to compete for the title of overall winner will become clear only in the projects in which graphics cards are needed. Will ESL’s members be able to bid Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Pro Evolution Soccer goodbye for the next few days? We’ll find out soon, geez, it’s exciting.

Boinc Pentathlon’s probably biggest surprise is Czech National Team, still on rank #3, 70k ahead of SETI.USA. That doesn’t seem much, but it’s still unlikely that anything’s going to change here, which makes Czech National Team another favorite for the top ranks in the overall score.

The surprisingly low fourth rank is far from secure for our team from across the big pond, however. P3D has left seventh place and made it up to #5 by now.

Wonder what that young team could have done if they hadn’t practically slept through the starting days? Might the green guys and girls even manage to attack SETI.USA yet?

Due to P3D’s catching up, teams 2ch and L’Alliance Francophone have each lost a rank. Especially for L’Alliance this means the loss of important points, and a place among the top three by the end of the Pentathlon is quickly becoming a far-away dream.

Teams Russia and China, unusually in perfect agreement, march on at ranks 8 and 9. Behind them, XTBA has apparently given up the fight for #10, letting The Knights Who Say Ni! and Boinc.Italy fight it out. Will the Knights be able to hold their hard-won place?

Similarly, Erster Kontakt seems to have given up rank 13, refusing to accept TAAT’s challenge. That decision might backfire, though, since Boinc Synergie and Boincstats are not far behind. Will EK be able to avoid that kind of contact and defend rank 14?

Nordlichter seems to be employing a comparable strategy at rank 20, threatened by UK Boinc Team and Boinc@Mixi, who are still close. Moving up seems unlikely now, but moving down, unfortunately, is always a possibility.

The fight for #25 has taken a surprising turn. While yesterday, things still looked like we’d be witnessing a duel between Russia Team and Media Database, it now seems that Team JISATORA@W-ASCII is going to gain the last few points that still separate them from Russia Team. Will the team from Japan take rank 25 from Russia Team during the final spurt?

Tonight, the second discipline will be starting with Milkyway. Which surprises are in stock for us there? Will ESL be able to keep up, or is there a price to pay for their all-in start? What about favorites SETI.USA and L’Alliance Francophone – will they be able to catch up, or will their dreams of winning be lost on the milkyway? And what about Czech National Team – might there even be a chance of becoming overall winner for them?

Things remain exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#5 - 09.05.2010

And again, we’re reporting the current situation.

Clear winners of the “Physics & Chemistry” discipline are team ESL. Although not all that surprising, it wasn’t exactly widely expected that the gamers’ team would start out quite so strong, either. Coming right behind, SG can be satisfied with a fine second place, which is a good starting point for the disciplines to come. The battle for bronze, however, is not decided yet: Although Czech National Team is still ahead of SETI.USA, their 35k advantage is not enough to settle things. Here, everything’s still possible during the last eight hours.

On the ranks behind them, up to #20, no changes have happened since yesterday. In the fight for the last points, however, there has indeed been a surprising turn. JISATORA@W-ASCII really managed to get the better of Russia Team, and it seems unlikely now that the Russians will yet strike back.

At 2am today, the “Astronomy” discipline started. Here, SG is living up to our expectations and thus moves to the top of the overall score, as well. Team 2ch has, quite surprisingly, conquered rank 2, but favorites SETI.USA and AF are hot on their heels. The battle for #2 promises to be a fierce one – and maybe one of the competitors might even pick up some more speed and push for first place? There are more than four days left, so nothing’s decided as of yet.

ESL, on the other hand, have to be content with rank 5 for now. That’s still enough to remain #2 in the overall score, but it also means that the gap between them and SG is widening. 2ch and SUSA have moved up closer to ESL in the overall score. Is the weakness of ESL showing here? There is another GPU project coming up, after all – will these projects cost ESL their chances of becoming overall winner? SG seem too strong and well-balanced. Will ESL put all their efforts towards Freehal and Rosetta and hope for SG to slip? That’d be a risky strategy, but nonetheless one that could still earn ESL a place among the top three.

AF, however, will probably have to bury any aspirations for the title unless the whole team excperiences a real change of heart. I don’t really think that’ll happen – which, I guess, is the first big surprise in the 1. Bionic Pentathlon. Things are still pretty much open where the rest of the “astronomic” ranks are concerned – more about that tomorrow.

And finally, let’s take another look at the overall score: With 27 points, SG are easily ahead of ESL, but they’d better not get careless. With 13 points less than ESL, SETI.USA and 2ch are sharing third place for now. The Japanese team is probably one of the big surprises in this competition. They seem to be well-staffed and keep gaining points, but will it be enough to become the biggest surprise of all?

Czech National Team is already 19 points behind the Japanese, which is not so small an achievement; we shouldn’t underestimate our Czech competition. On rank #6 and already quite dispirited, it seems, are AF, who were deemed one of the grand favorites at the beginning of the Pentathlon. Will P3D, coming right behind AF, manage to catch up with them? According to P3D themselves, their chances lie mainly with Rosetta, but that won’t be enough to make it big.

Nothing’s decided yet, though, and tonight, the third discipline, “Alternative”, will be starting with Freehal. SG and SETI.USA seem likely winners here. But will they be able to defend themselves against the expected onslaught of ESL? Or will ESL’s hopes to win gold be ended for good?

Things remain exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#6 - 10.05.2010

And again, we’re reporting live from the Boinc Pentathlon.

The first discipline’s over and ESL wins “Physics and Chemistry.” Congratulations on this very fine achievement. Second place goes to SG, who performed well and can certainly be satisfied with what they achieved.

Bronze goes to the Czech National Team, who caused quite the commotion, leaving behind big names like SETI.USA, AF and P3D. Congratulations.

SETI.USA cannot really be satisfied with being #4, just like AF, whose seventh place is disappointingly far down the list. P3D and 2ch, on the other hand, are leaving the first discipline confidently on ranks 5 and 6 respectively.

In the second discipline, SG has started out a lot better than in the first and has by now built up a surprisingly comfortable distance to AF. For the latter, Milkyway is the chance to finally show off their full strength. Behind AF, again surprisingly good, comes Team 2ch; they, in turn, are followed by the American team, whose overall performance has been rather disappointing so far. ESL are on fifth place at the moment, which means they’re losing further ground with regard to the overall score.

P3D on rank #6 are continuing stably and stay ahead of XTBA. Czech National Team follows, merely on eighth place, but might still improve. Russia and The Knights Who Say Ni! are the final two members of the current top ten.

While things are going rather quietly with Milkyway, the third discipline and Freehal, which have only just started today, are a different matter entirely. ESL and SG are fighting fiercely over #1, ESL having a slight advantage over their adversaries for now. Will SG catch up? SETI.USA are on rank 3 – not much of a surprise – and apparently quite secure in that position. They are followed by the now familiar teams AF, Czech National Team and 2ch. Erster Kontakt seems determined to battle for rank 13 and might even make it up to 12.

And finally, let’s take another look at the overall score. The current situation is more than exciting: SG is in the lead, 17 points ahead of ESL; if they manage to beat ESL in the Freehal project, their chances to become overall winner would increase dramatically. If things remain as they are, however, it’ll be a real neck-and-neck race in the Pentathlon’s last two projects. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

It looks like the other teams are left to battle over rank 3 at best, since the duo in the lead have pretty much outdistanced them by now. SETI.USA is in the best position to win the fight for bronze at the moment, but chances are not so slim for teams 2ch, AF and Czech National Team, either. With four more disciplines to come, nothing’s decided yet.

Can SG strike back in project Freehal, and how secure is their victory with Milkyway? What’s up with SETI.USA – will they come around, or will they even have to fear for rank 3?

Things remain exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#7 - 11.05.2010

Despite continued minor problems at Freehal there is ongoing tension at the 1st Boinc Pentathlon.

Collatz, the 4th project will begin tonight which logically starts the 4th discipline. There is guaranteed excitement as there’s a possibility of a preliminary decision regarding overall standings.

SG is way ahead in the first GPU project (Milkyway) which is still running. In contrast, ESL are finding themselves only at #5. Should ESL be unable to recover from this weakness and drop similar points at Collatz it could happen that SG only need to reach #9 in the last discipline to win the Boinc Pentathlon. ESL must therefore show more strength at Collatz, otherwise the chance of success will disappear.

But Collatz is also proving a challenge for SG; there is still no indication if the leaders will be able to offload resources from Milkyway to Collatz to influence the overall standings. If they can’t pull it off it would increase the chances of the chasing teams drastically.

As already described above, SG has perfect control over Milkyway. The lead is comfortable and is growing continuously. But final accounts won’t be settled until Friday 02.00hrs. The other two places on the podium are hotly fought over in a three-way fight. Team 2ch from Japan are currently still able to keep the opponents AF and SETI.USA behind them but their lead is still only very small. SETI.USA especially is starting to make an effort to gain lost ground. They’ve managed to make massive gains.

ESL, however, will probably have to make do with #5, they are lagging behind far too much. Admittedly, there’s no danger from behind. P3D is at #6 and they are doing remarkably well in this GPU project. Here, chances also look good to retain their position.

By contrast, ranks 7 to 10 are being hotly fought over. XTBA can feel the hot breath of the Czech National Team who have managed to pull past Russia. The Knights Who Say Ni! remain ready to ambush; they should not wait too long or they’d be left behind.

Erster Kontakt and Nordlichter experience some difficulties as they battle it out over #25. Whereby EK on the one hand have a good chance to collect points for #24, Nordlichter, on the other hand, are in a hot battle with Ukraine over #25, only 60k separate them. Fingers crossed.

The current situation at Freehal is a bit tense because the project is experiencing difficulties with delivery. The big question here is: who will profit from it? Will SG manage to exploit the situation in order to mobilize and dislodge ESL from the top? The blue and yellow team is only 10k/h short, there is still everything to play for.

SETI.USA appear to be secure at #3 and able to defend it comfortably. In contrast, AF and the Czech National Team are in a tight fight for #4 which promises tension until the end.

As team 2ch are resting securely at #6, P3D have managed to crunch themselves to #7 and are therefore placed ahead of Russia. AMD Users and BOINCstats complete the Top10.

There is little change in the overall standings. SG is leading, followed by ESL and SETI.USA. P3D has pushed up to #7 and therefore maintains best chances for a good placement at the end. Whereby EK should be more than satisfied with #12, Nordlichter have not reached their potential with #24.

Should SG manage to turn a page at Freehal or can ESL continue to draw away? And how well will both teams leave the start blocks at Collatz and can AF, SETI.USA or another team put a spoke in their wheel?

As you can see excitement continues at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#8 - 12.05.2010

And here further reporting on the present situation.

If up to now you had thought that events here have been exciting you will not be prepared for what is actually happening. It’s almost as if Stephen King, past master of the horror genre, had written the script. We are finding ourselves in a predetermined phase; those who are not on their guard must finally dispense with any hope of a good placement or victory.

3 projects are running at the moment: - Milkyway, Freehal and Collatz. It’s becoming quieter at Freehal, top rankings appear to have been allocated already. ESL’s advance towards SG is slow but steady. SETI.USA also appear secure at #3.

Let’s look at where the exciting action is. The 4th discipline started with Collatz last night and since then tension has been mounting in combination with Milkyway. Even though SG got off the mark relatively well at Collatz it now shows that ESL have accelerated, moved into the lead and are beginning to edge away.

SETI.USA are already trailing but, nevertheless, L’Alliance Francophone and team 2ch are pushing up from behind. #7 is currently occupied by P3D but it remains to be seen if they will be able to improve; that would take a mighty effort.

SG is now facing the challenge of offloading power from MW to Collatz without losing the top spot at MW. If SG want to win this Pentathlon they will have to ensure that both GPU projects are decided in their favour. SG can’t rest on their laurels at MW as there are still 31h to go and SETI.USA have meanwhile streaked past Team 2ch and are continuing to steam ahead. That said, SETI.USA are risking to lose Bronze at Collatz.

AF are continuing to hold on to #4 at MW followed by ESL. Both appear to have secured their positions in contrast to P3D although at present at #6 the Czech National Team is advancing from behind in a menacing way. They’ve just managed to push past XTBA. But Russia too can’t be sure about its ranking as right behind them Boinc@Mixi are steaming ahead. Can the Japanese team intercept the Russian team? It’s getting extremely tight!

What are the Americans going to do? Ultimately, neither SETI.USA nor SG will find it useful to fight for #1 at MW. Both teams are set to lose a lot. How SETI.USA are going to address this problem could possibly be a decider for the Pentathlon.

It’s important for SG to change course and push ESL off the top spot at Collatz to ensure their chances of winning in the overall standings. At present, SG is only 7 points ahead of ESL. This would amount to a decisive crunch at Rosetta. Here, ESL is the clear favourite as already shown in the first discipline with Einstein.

Seen overall, SETI.USA are clearly at #3. An improvement can only be possible if ESL and SG mess up at Rosetta. I can’t quite believe that though.

On the other hand, the fight for #4 is nicely contested by three teams: - AF, Team 2ch and the Czech National Team, only separated by 7 points. If the Czechs can manage to intercept P3D at Milkyway, only 4 points would divide all three of them.

P3D has still got outsider chances at #4; the green team is only 30 points short. 8th place is being contested by XTBA, Russia and The Knights Who Say Ni!. 10 teams are vying for a chance to the #10 spot, amongst them Erste Kontakt. On the other hand, Nordlichter are currently at #25 but are expected to gain ground with the last project, Rosetta@home. GPU projects don’t appear to suit the team from the cold North even though cooling shouldn’t be much of a problem one would think.

Can SG take countermeasures at Collatz and thereby ensure victory at Milkyway? What role have SETI.USA still to play? Could they in the end still interfere in the title fight or decide it for themselves? Can SG catch ESL off guard at Rosetta?

As you can see it continues to be exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#9 - 13.05.2010

Today’s report is a little late due to self-explanatory circumstances. Please excuse possible German language mistakes I may have made when writing this down.

Tonight is the start of the key phase of the 1st Boinc Pentathlon. Whilst the 2nd discipline at Milkyway is due to end today at 02.00h, this also signifies the start of the final and decisive project at Rosetta.

Even though Milkyway is due to end tonight there was some great excitement. SG has been transferring more and more power to Collatz and has thereby opened up the possibility for SETI.USA to seize the lead. There’s a bit of a mystery that the Americans don’t seem to have noticed that at Collatz they might be in danger of sliding down from #3 to #6. But SG has reacted and appears to be stabilizing their lead. Is that going to be enough? Can SG really score a much needed victory at MW or must they hand it over on the home straight?

There’s no change behind the top 2 – Team 2ch, AF and ESL. But there has been a change at #6. Here, P3D had to step aside for the Czech National Team. Just behind, at #8, an indescribable drama is looming on the horizon. XTBA has dramatically taken a tumble and is thereby giving Boinc@Mixi and Russia the opportunity to advance and overtake.

In the fight over the last points, Erste Kontakt now find themselves at #25 followed by Nordlichter. Unfortunately, these rankings won’t change much.

Let’s now take a look at Collatz. When Milkyway ends tonight there will be a showdown at Collatz beyond comparison. SG and ESL will toss in everything to do with graphics. ESL is still in the lead but SG will surely not give up trying to score important points for an overall victory.

AF, Team 2ch, SETI.USA, the Czech National Team and P3D all follow the top 2. The battle for the rest of the Top10 standings continues to remain gripping with 7 teams within reach of the remaining 3 places.

Whilst Erste Kontakt is currently busy gambling away #24, Nordlichter at #28 are having problems getting hold of some points.

Let’s calm down and relax a bit by taking a look at Freehal as it seems to be the quietest of all the projects. ESL, SG and SUSA have divided the podium between them. Changes are not expected here. However, Erste Kontakt have managed to crunch themselves to #11 but sadly the Top10 is perhaps too far away.

In the overall standings, SG is leading by 7 points ahead of ESL. If this remains unchanged, SG will really have to give it their all to wrestle ESL down at Rosetta. But yet, SG has still got chances, they need only win Milkyway and Collatz and straight away, the situation will look a lot rosier.

SETI.USA is risking 3rd place in the overall standings because of their useless effort at Milkyway, AF is clearly coming closer. Is the team from across the pond gambling away their chance? Team 2ch and the Czech National Team are still in with an outsider chance of the last place on the podium. Rosetta will decide it all.

Team P3D appear to crunch towards an invulverable #7 but those from the green planet will not be content with that. The Knights Who Say Ni!, Russia and XTBA complete the Top10, just the order has not yet been decided. Whilst Erste Kontakt have to share #19 with boinc.ac, Nordlichter will have to improve at Rosetta to move up from #26.

Before the heat is turned up lots of questions remain unanswered. Can SG still catch ESL at Collatz? Must SG possibly vacate #1 at Milkyway? How is SG going to fight it out at Rosetta? Can they leave ESL behind them? Who will finally stand at #3?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#10 - 14.05.2010

Here again with your daily dose of information.

It’s now beginning to heat up at the 1st Boinc Pentathlon. You can almost reach out and grasp the tension. Last night was extremely exciting and those of you who were already sleeping at 02.00h missed something.

A small group of SG team members had gathered in the SG chat room and with mounting tension waited for the end result at Milkyway. It’s not known if any of them had scoffed Milkyways during that time but there must have been a huge sigh of relief when the end result lit up on the stats page at 02.00h.

SG had risked all by offloading a lot of their capacity from Milkyway to Collatz. But they had to take countermeasures as SETI.USA opened the throttle and got extremely close. And the remaining members in the chat room asked themselves the question if their American opponent would in the end have something up it’s sleeve in the form of some small bunker action.

Much to SG’s relief this question was answered with ‘no’ which resulted in SETI.Germany winning the Astronomy discipline in front of SETI.USA and Team 2ch from Japan. Congratulations!

AF had to make do with #4 followed by ESL who will in the end not be content with #5. This poor position could in the end cost them the overall victory. During the final spurt, the Czech National Team was able to defend itself against P3D in the fight for #6. XTBA, Boinc@Mixi and Russia complete the Top10.

Tonight, the 3rd discipline, Alternative at Freehal, will be crowning the winner. So far, this has been a very unspectacular part of the competition. Victory will probably be scored by ESL ahead of SG and SETI.USA. In addition, the following rankings appear to have been allocated to AF, Czech National Team and Team 2ch.

Looks like P3D can look forward to #7. There’s a little more tension as regards positions 8 – 10. Russia, AMD Users and Boincstats still have the possibility to work at their rankings, providing the project delivers. Up to this point, Freehal hadn’t been particularly enthralling but maybe it can still give us a surprise.

Collatz couldn’t be described as having too little excitement. It has become clear, meanwhile, that the decider of the Pentathlon will be here. Whoever wins this project, will win the Pentathlon, at least that is what my crystal ball is telling me. But maybe it’s the residue of yesterday’s alcohol intake? Who knows.

At present, ESL is leading the field at Collatz followed by SG, their constant rival. Since the end of Milkyway, signs are, we are heading for a showdown. ESL is unable to pull clear for now and SG is slowly edging forward. Admittedly, SG will need time to swivel power to Collatz. Only, how much is it going to be and will it be enough to still head ESL off?

Last place on the podium currently belongs to L’Alliance Francophone who incidentally should be feeling the breath of Team 2ch who are coming ever closer. Only then, at #5, follow SETI.USA who had missed the boat due to not letting go of Milkyway soon enough. It remains to be seen if they will be able to catch up. Straight on the American’s heels follow the Czech National Team and P3D. Can they still crowd the Americans?

Boinc@Mixi, TitanesDC and The Scottish Boinc Team have crunched themselves into the Top10. However, from behind approaches the army of The Knights Who Say Ni! The team from Scotland should move their supply of Single Malt to safety; we know how thirsty knights can be. Naturally, the author is concerned about re-stocking the house bar.

But now back to the Pentathlon. Tonight was the start of the last project at Rosetta@home. The fact that ESL have managed to leave the field behind shouldn’t surprise the attentive reader, also the fact that SETI.Germany is hard on their heels.

3 teams are fighting a hot battle for #3. It would appear that, at the moment, it belongs to Team 2ch. They’ve managed to reach this position with a spectacular burst of speed. Nevertheless, it appears to have cost them a lot of power because the well-known team from the USA is edging closer and the team from the Czech Republic is still within reach.

A disappointing #6 for AF at present and even then, Boinc.Italy is putting on the pressure. The Italians put up a relatively good fight at Einstein; can they now attack even AF? TAAT follows at #8. Behind them with a disappointing ranking is P3D; we’ve seen them do better. But: - there’ll be lots of action at Rosetta. We are ready to be surprised.

ESL is leading by 3 points in the overall standings ahead of SG. Since it is unlikely that SG can outfox the PC-athletes at Rosetta, it is assumed that the decision will be made at Collatz. Bronze rank is taken by SETI.USA who follow at considerable distance. They won’t be happy in America because running 90 points behind the leader is quite a burden.

Team 2ch who are placed ahead of the big favourite from the French speaking countries must hope that the Americans slip up considerably but beware! The Japanese must not be too sure of themselves!

There is still the odd battle amongst the lower rankings. 3 teams, all with the same point score, are currently vying for #14. Here, TAAT, Boinc@Mixi and Boinc Synergie are giving it their all. But even further down points are equal, #17 with The Scottish Boinc Team and the AMD Users, #19 with the UK Boinc Team and Boincstats.

Can SG overtake ESL at Collatz? Is it about to become exciting at Freehal? Has the decision already been made at Rosetta or will we still experience some surprises?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#11 - 15.05.2010

And now once again the status update.

Tonight the 3rd discipline “Alternative” at Freehal ended behind the safety car. Victory went to team ESL who thereby scored the second win in a single discipline. Also for the second time, but only at #2, SETI.Germany goes past the finishing post. SETI.USA complete the podium. Congratulations.

It will not have escaped the attentive reader that there weren’t any real changes in the rankings. However, we did record a small sensation. Erste Kontakt managed to pull up to #9 on the finishing line and thus pushing Boincstats down to the 10th position. With this action, EK achieved their best result in a discipline at this Pentathlon. They also deserve to be congratulated.

Let us turn our attention to the last two projects where nothing less but the overall victory will be decided. The tension there is threatening to shred the toughest material.

SG has managed to gain significantly at Collatz but still has the longest part of the way ahead of them. They are therefore in with a chance but can’t afford to ease up. It appears that SG has far more Formula1 fans than ESL because that seems to be the only explanation why ESL is putting on the brakes on the chase in the last few hours. But as qualifying is now over, SG might just blow a horn to launch their comeback. It can only be hoped that they don’t delay with afternoon coffee. Come on SG, the readers want to experience an exciting race right until the end!

Team 2ch has surprisingly stabilized at rank #3. After Milkyway they managed to gain Bronze for the second time in a discipline. L’Alliance Francophone appear to have reached the end of the road at #4; it’s hard to imagine that they could push up any further but there’s also a little room just below them. SETI.USA have probably thrown away their place on the podium due to having held on to Milkyway too long. Or are they still planning something? We know that SETI.USA are capable of anything.

Not to be outdone, there’s also excitement at Rosetta. Despite ESL in the lead, SG managed to catch up in the last 24 hrs. ESL has not yet secured victory, there’s even a chance that the decision will only really be made in the last few hours. What a final! 19.05. – 02.00h. Make a note of it!

Team 2ch had to pay the price for their initial charge and allow SETI.USA to pass to take #3. Can the team from Japan fight back or are they about to secure #4?

In the fight for #15 Nordlichter had to yield to AMD. In contrast, Erste Kontakt has laboured up to #18 after a bad start. The crunch for the last few points is also gripping. The range extends from #22 to #28; as we speak, Team Ukraine is scooping up the last few points.

There’s been no change in the top rankings in the overall standings. ESL has still got a narrow lead in front of SG and SETI.USA. On the other hand #14 to #20 have managed to disentangle themselves a little. At the moment an Asian duel is being fought between Boinc@Mixi and Team China for #13. In that part of the overall standings tension remains and nothing has been decided yet.

Can SG claim victory at Collatz? Is ESL’s margin big enough at Rosetta to keep SG off their back? Which team still keeps an Ace up their sleeve and is ready to show its cards?

As you can see, the Boinc Pentathlon continues to be exciting.

Day#12 - 16.05.2010

What, you are still in your seats? We’ll have to see about that.
What a finale at Collatz! The end phase is just brimming with drama. Hitchcock himself seems to have written the script. And the title is: - The Dinosaur Has Awoken.

Overnight, SETI.Germany turned up the power and with long strides managed to catch up with ESL. Only 500k remain from the initial 3 Million advantage. It is really shaping up to be a very exciting finale at Collatz which will be decided tonight at 02.00h. It’s your own fault if you fall into bed before the end.

Get some coffee or tea set aside and for those who need it, beer will also be in order. The author will be witnessing events live so that he can give you his report tomorrow. One or two glasses of Single Malt will help him with that.

Team 2ch appear to have secured #3. There doesn’t seem to be any danger emanating from L’Alliance Francophone but beware of team SETI.USA; they are being strangely quiet. Will they still fight back today to secure #3 or has the long Pentathlon taken its toll? Are the reserves exhausted or is SETI.USA already giving up?

Places 6 to 8 are experiencing the calm before the storm. The Scottish Boinc Team must have sampled too many of the Single Malts and had to let the Knights and TitanesDC drift past.
All fights taking place for rankings 13, 19 and 23 have to remain in the shadows of the major duel. It is meanwhile clear that, whoever wins at Collatz, also has brilliant prospects at overall victory. Both teams have done fantastic work so far and no matter who wins this whodunit will have really earned it in the end.

Even though ESL is in the lead at Rosetta by a great margin, the victory in this discipline is not yet secured by far. SG is managing to keep the gap within reason and it seems sure that they will be trying everything to also beat ESL in this discipline. SETI.USA has remained at #3.

But we can return to Rosetta tomorrow morning. It is now time to turn our full attention to the thriller playing out at the top of Collatz.

Will SG storm past ESL? Can ESL still fight back? Will the winner at Collatz be the overall winner in the end?

Am I right that you are not in your seats any more?

You see, it remains exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon.

Day#13 - 17.05.2010

And now the daily crunch report:

What a heart stopping final that was. Hard-core SG fans and one or other spy from ESL endured the wait until 02.00h to witness the decisive phase of the 4th project at Collatz. And they were not left disappointed as it was a real heart stopping final.

SG had increased its capacity at Collatz considerably and since Saturday had sped up severely. That’s how they managed to push the deficit down to under 500k by yesterday afternoon. Driven into a corner, ESL had to open all bunkers in order to stay ahead and approached the end phase quite exposed.

From 21.00h onwards, SG fired on all cylinders and subjected the castle of ESL to a barrage of fire. It was possible to reduce the arrears massively. The already tense atmosphere was enhanced just at that point by server problems. Those who had gathered in the chat room were fearing the worst. Those hardened boys and girls were expecting ESL’s big strike but it just didn’t materialize. After 22.00h SG sounded the attack for #1 and literally steamrollered ESL.

Tension in the chat room reached its peak. ESL’s forum was trying to confuse visiting SG members with the mention of ‘Big Bangs’ but further research exposed this as only a diversion. But the uncertainty remained.

Around midnight SG had climbed to #1 at Collatz and in the overall standings. But there were still 2 hours to crunch. Concerned glances were directed at the progression of the stats. Before each 15 minute update it was feared that ESL would release its alleged fire power. But all was quiet ………

At 01.00h, SG’s lead had climbed to over 800k and slowly realization came that victory had been scored. Whilst ESL went to bed, expectant joy flowed through the SG chat room. When the 15 minute updates showed an increased lead, optimism grew. Only when the first ESL members congratulated SG on their victory did the night owls begin to slowly believe it themselves.

But it wasn’t 02.00h yet. Would ESL instigate a crazy attack just before the end? The last minutes dragged. Time appeared to stand still. Some drank a Gutmanns, some ate a bite or some, like the author of these lines, were unable to eat or drink.
It was 02.00h when victorious shouts shook chat room and interest groups alike. Jubilation knew no boundaries as everybody knew that the victory at Collatz had also put the overall win within reach.

It was without a doubt a grandiose final which had shown ESL to be a superb second team. ESL had fought hard and had given it everything and needn’t be disappointed.

However, there were no changes in the following standings. Team 2ch gained Bronze followed by AF and the disappointed crunchers from SETI.USA. Maybe it was due to one or other of their crunchers having suddenly swung to ESL to prevent SG’s victory. Well, that didn’t go according to plan ………

Erste Kontakt managed to slip down to #25 and unfortunately, at #29, Nordlichter missed out on the points. Here, the final spurt came a little late.

Now all eyes will be on the 5th and final decision of the 1st Boinc Pentathlon. Following their triumph at Collatz, all SG would need would be a third place to win the overall standings. And with their current #2 they appear to be in control of it. ESL is leading clearly but the team shouldn’t be too confident. And located at #3 again are SETI.USA.

Erste Kontakt and Nordlichter have still got a chance to reach #13 but must stretch a bit to reach that rank.

The top rankings in the overall standings are certain. SETI.Germany is leading, 17 points ahead of ESL, whereas those have a 70 point advantage over SETI.USA. This is where it shows that SG and ESL are crunching in their own division.

Also quite certain seems to be 4th place for Team 2ch. However, there’s still a hot duel in progress for #5 between L’Alliance Francophone and the Czech National Team. Both teams are only separated by one point. If the Czech team can succeed in overtaking 2ch at Rosetta they would pass by AF. And that is possible as both teams are only separated by 60k. Our Czech neighbours would indeed have earned it.

The end phase appears to be a lot quieter but there are still some open questions. Will SG also push ESL off the throne at Rosetta? Will ESL succeed in bringing home the 3rd victory in this Pentathlon? And who will in the end be 5th in the overall standings?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#14 - 18.05.2010

Slowly the hourglass drains away and announces the last hours of the 1st Boinc-Pentathlon. During recent days the last discipline at Rosetta stood in the shadows of the awesome final at Collatz. It would be unfair to ignore Rosetta as one or other decision regarding overall standings will be expected here. That’s why I will take a closer look at Rosetta today.

ESL continues to lead the field and it would be almost impossible for SETI.Germany to change that. It’s questionable if SETI.USA at #3 are capable of more and therefore no change is expected in the podium rankings. But:- less than 700k separate the top teams respectively. There is still time for something to happen even though the number of credits remind us more of deflation.

The fight for #4 continues to remain exciting. Team 2ch is still keeping the Czech National Team at a distance but the Czechs still have the option to improve in the overall standings. To do so, they must move past the Japanese. Will they still use that opportunity?

Not quite meeting expectations is L’Alliance Francophone at #6 followed by TeAm AnandTech and BOINC.Italy who still fight for #7. We only find P3D at #9 who are surprisingly weak at Rosetta. The Knights Who Say Ni! complete the Top10.

During this Pentathlon, BOINC Synergy have been unremarkable and their current #11 is their best standing of the whole of the Pentathlon. BOINCstats complete the full dozen.

Just below, the competitive crunch for #13 continues, even though in the last few days the number of contenders has dwindled. Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted appears to have been dealt the best cards but TitanesDC at #14 still have the opportunity to overtake. But by comparing their achievements to those of XTBA, this appears unlikely.

Always upbeat, Erste Kontakt have meanwhile managed to reach #15. It may not look like it at the moment, but this place is nowhere near secure. In close pursuit are AMD Users, Russia and the UK Boinc Team.

By contrast, Nordlichter really have to fight a hot duel with Team China over #19. Can Nordlichter subdue China? Boinc@Mixi appears to be comfortable at #21 and should be able to keep Ukraine and The Scottish Boinc Team behind them.

Media DATABASE look to be reaping their first points of the Pentathlon at Rosetta. #24 is going to be worth half a dozen of them. Crunching for the last points are BOINC.BE and Team Russia, whereby the Belgiums are still ahead. In theory, the team of boinc.at could still be interfering with this duel. It remains to be seen if it’s going to work out for them.

The following places appear allocated. JISATORA@W-ASCII, Meisterkuehler.de Team, CrunchingBaseTeam and BOINC@Karlsruhe round off the field.

Not much has changed in the overall standings. Tomorrow evening I’ll consider the results and am going to shine a light at the TOP15.

Will the Czechs manage to pass by Team 2ch? Are the Top3 really clear-cut? And who will scoop up the last points?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc Pentathlon

Day#15 - 19.05.2010

A really great event came to a close tonight. This was without a doubt the beginning of something really successful. But before I take stock I am going to briefly look back at the last discipline at Rosetta.

The first 3 places remained unchanged, victory at Rosetta goes to ESL ahead of SG and SETI.USA. Congratulations. The Czech National Team was unable to knock Team 2ch off #4 even though the end phase got really exciting. Also, XTBA was able to defend #13 against TitanesDC.

Suspense reigned towards the bottom of the midfield. Russia managed to overtake AMD Users after all and were rewarded with #16. In the final dash, Team China advanced by two places and overtook UK Boinc Team (who lost 2 places) and Nordlichter in the process. There was also a change in the fight for #22, here The Scottish Boinc Team upstaged the Ukrainian team. Subsequent standings remained the same.

I am now writing my last lines about the 1st Boinc-Pentathlon and will use the opportunity to glance back at events.

It began on 05.05 with the first discipline at Einstein. It was quickly apparent that ESL was very serious about the Pentathlon. They won ahead of SETI.Germany and surprisingly in front of the Czech National Team.

Excitement continued at Milkyway. SETI.Germany cleared a path to the top but had to remain anxious about winning. Here, tactical challenges were evident as 2 similar projects were run simultaneously. But it paid off in the end and SG won ahead of SETI.USA and Team 2ch.

The third and middle discipline appeared in the end to be the calmest. The running order of ESL ahead of SG and SETI.USA was quickly established. This discipline was marked by few position changes, unfortunately teams were often left high and dry. You need fuel to run a car.

The penultimate discipline at Collatz was without a doubt the climax. Here the winner of the 1st Boinc-Pentathlon would be decided in a very dramatic and exciting final. SG managed to pass ESL just before the barriers came down and thereby scored victory. Team 2ch achieved #3 in the shadows of this hot duel.

SG maintained a state of decompression for the last discipline. They didn’t have to sound the charge and thus ESL won a decisive third single discipline. SETI.USA secured #3.

And now the 1st Boinc-Pentathlon is already history. It had been exciting from start to finish and forced the teams to think and act tactically. On the one hand the strength of ESL was a surprise but also on the other, the lack of strength of AF and SETI.USA. Hidden talents emerged and here in the SG forum and elsewhere an extraordinary atmosphere prevailed. There are lots of memories to cherish up to and including the grandiose finale at Collatz.

And here, to conclude it all, the TOP15, standings in brackets in the 5 disciplines Physics & Chemistry (Einstein), Astronomy (Milkway), Alternative (Freehal), Mathematics (Collatz) and Biology & Medicine (Rosetta).

> 1st place SETI.Germany (2,1,2,1,2) Victory goes to SETI.Germany who gained three second places (Einstein, Freehal, Rosetta) and two wins (Milkyway, Collatz) and whose performance was outstanding. The duel against ESL at Collatz had us guessing and it was only decided just before the end of the discipline. SG was the only team to reach the podium in all the disciplines.

> 2nd place Electronic Sports League (ESL) (1,5,1,2,1) Team ESL reached #2, a result which might have surprised even them. Despite winning the most disciplines (Einstein, Freehal, Rosetta) they found the way to the top barred. Reason for this was the #5 at Milkyway which had a heavy impact on the end result.

> 3rd place SETI.USA (4,2,3,5,3) SETI.USA weren’t really all that bad with 3 podium places but they won’t really be happy with this in America. Especially, as they had been unable to win a single discipline and also seemed incapable of doing so.

> 4th place Team 2ch (6,3,6,3,4) The Japanese team 2ch showed us solid effort. Two bronze standings in the disciplines are without a doubt a great achievement which just shows that they are more than just a WCG team.

> 5th place L'Alliance Francophone (7,4,4,4,6) L’Alliance Francophone can’t really be satisfied with their rankings of 7,4,4,4,6. They were rated as one of the favourites but managed to gamble away their winning chances in the first discipline. In the end, they failed to reach the podium each time. The team found themselves too far away from the action.

> 6th place Czech National Team (3,6,5,6,5) The Czech National Team came as a positive surprise at the Pentathlon. Besides a bronze standing at Einstein they showed solid achievement in their other rankings. They even got as far as rank #5. It was, however, not enough to make their way to the top. When you consider the crunch base of this team you will appreciate the effort this represents.

> 7th place Planet3DNow! (5,7,7,7,9) Looking at the end results, it appeared as if P3D wrangled with the 2 GPU projects. But to be fair, they weren’t even all that bad there in the end. Of all the projects to pick, their worst standing was reached at Rosetta, but maybe tension had already abated.

> 8th place The Knights Who Say Ni! (10,11,13,9,10) A feature of The Knights Who Say Ni! was their constant gathering of points. Even though they reached the Top10 only once, it sufficed at final summing up for #8, representing a standing they had not achieved in any of the disciplines.

> 9thplace Russia (8,10,8,17,16) They started well but were a bit out of breath towards the end. Rank #8 might have been within their reach but the poor standings at Collatz and Rosetta prevented this.

> 10th place Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted (12,8,15,13,13) XTBA were also observed collecting points on a regular basis. This was in the end sufficient for the Top10. Not surprisingly, Milkyway was their best project.

> 11th place BOINC.Italy (11,15,24,15,8) The team from Italy managed to secure 11th place with the last discipline. The poor performance at Freehal prevented a better result. Top10 rankings weren’t all that far away.

> 12th place TitanesDC (19,12,22,10,14) They came up trumps particularly at the GPU projects. Here the team gained big points. There is apparently further potential at Einstein and Freehal.

> 13th place BOINC@MIXI (21,9,20,8,21) The GPU projects seemed to suit them a lot better and they also kept their output of the CPU projects fairly consistent. That’s how they were rewarded with a jump into the Top15 in the end.

> 13th place Team China (9,13,21,18,18) Started well but then lost steam. But the team from the middle section showed what potential they have. It remains a mystery why they became weaker exactly at the last three disciplines. That is the reason for not achieving a better result.

> 15th place TeAm AnandTech (13,14,25,21,7) They were at their best right at the end. 7th place at Rosetta ensured that the team were catapulted to #15 after all. They thus managed to iron out the setbacks at Freehal and Collatz. There could have surely been a little more in it with a bit more consistency.

As you can see, it had been exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Will SETI.Germany manage to defend the title next year? And how strong will ESL be? Can SETI.USA and AF live up to their roles as favourites? Can Team 2ch, Czech National Team and P3D provide some surprises next year? Or will somebody enter the fray who is not on the map yet?

As you can see it will be exciting at the 2nd Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#1 to Day#6 taken from SETI.Germany Wiki translated by Sarah Faber.
Special thanks so far to Sarah Faber, Spiesheim, Germany for the really nice translation. The next reports will follow soon. Hope you enjoyed it so far.
For me, as a born German, but with "good" english-language knowings.... It´s really nice to read those reports! Thanks to you, Sarah.

Day#7 to Day#15 taken from SETI.Germany Wiki translated by Susanne

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