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Jeeper's daily reports about the pentathlon.

Calm before the storm

Can you still remember?:
‘’Will SETI.Germany be able to defend the title next year? And how strong will ESL be? Will SETI.USA and AF be better able to live up to their roles as favourites? Will Team 2ch, Czech National Team and P3D be able to spring a surprise? Or will some unknown, not yet on the map team, get into the mix?” (19.05.2010)

It’s time to find answers to some of those questions.
The teams have had a turbulent year. They’ve experienced highs and lows, lots of changes have been made or are still in the pipeline. And that’s the reason why this year’s Boinc-Pentathlon promises to be unpredictable and exciting.

Again, there’ll be 5 disciplines , each for a duration of 5 days.

  • World Community Grid
  • GPU
  • Physics & Chemistry (CPU)
  • Biology & Medicine (CPU)
  • Mathematics (CPU)

As you might already have noticed, there will be a GPU-project this year. At debut it constituted an additional project which had to be fueled by graphic cards and which in the end led SG to victory. In contrast this year, it will be important to harness the CPU-Power in an intelligent way. Those able to optimise this will have the greatest chance to rise to the top. We have learned from the previous year that a blunder can cost the victory.

What’s the saying: “Prognoses are difficult, especially when they concern the future”. I will try anyway.
Who are the favourites? Who do we have to take into account? Who can surprise us?

The first to get a mention is last year’s winner SETI.Germany. The team is very keen to defend the title. But are they able to win a CPU-project? At least on paper it ought to present a bit of a challenge. In the discipline “GPU” they ought to at least be hot contenders for the title.

They didn’t quite make it last year by a small margin but Electronic Sports League (ESL) will again have to be taken into account. Unfortunately for ESL, my crystal ball only gives them an outsider’s chance this year. Not only did the E-sports team have a difficult year behind them, this year will not result in internal team rewards either. But maybe they can surprise us again. We would certainly want them to succeed.

In addition, hot contenders for the podium this year are SETI.USA, Team 2ch, L’Alliance Francophone (AF), Czech National Team and Planet3DNow.

AF, especially, appears to be preparing better this year. They have obviously learned from last year. On paper, they are definitely contenders for victory.

The same applies to SETI.USA. It remains to be seen if they are able to fulfil their potential this year considering that the team is still in a state of re-organisation. But as we all know, this team mustn’t be underestimated.

Without a doubt, Team 2ch from Japan is more than an insider’s tip. Fourth place last year, this team is a hot favourite, especially in the discipline WCG. If they can manage to also ensure distribution of their CPU-power to other projects, they could cast the winning dice.

Czech National Team and Planet 3DNow could hope for a place on the podium through continuous collection of points. For that to happen, the teams would have to be properly mobilised. We know that P3D is able to do so but it remains to be seen if they can deliver. The previous year, Czech National Team however applied hamster tactics to ensure the points were theirs. We have to wait and see if the same tactics will be a recipe for success this year. They won’t however need to increase activity.

Now just a quick glance at the disciplines. The first discipline has been revealed, the rest will follow in a little while. I have to admit that I am not that patient, maybe you feel the same, but it’s something we all have to get through.

Right at the start is World Community Grid, to be precise Help Conquer Cancer. WCG could prove to be a key project. Whoever leaves too many points by the wayside can make it difficult for themselves and this is all too easy at WCG. It’s extremely important that the teams get a good start as each false or late start could cost valuable points.
Team 2ch is obviously the absolute top favourite, anything else would be an understatement of the capability of the No 1 at WCG.
But: will they succeed to move the collective power within the team to the correct sub-project? It will be exciting to monitor.

In other ways, my crystal ball is refusing to work. It is completely open which teams will show a certain amount of power. It is not often that the roles were distributed so evenly at the start of a project.

Which team will emerge first out of the start blocks? Can Team 2ch in fact be beaten at “WCG”?
Which discipline will be next?

As you can see, it’s getting exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

And it would come as no surprise if there weren’t any surprises . On paper it seems clear, Team 2ch appear to be too mighty. However, the victory is not yet certain.

Day#1 - 05.05.2011

Zero hour has arrived. At midnight tonight (UTC) the Boinc-Pentathlon is starting its 2nd season. At last! And immediately the first project promises to become exciting.

The discipline “WCG” with its sub-project “Help Conquer Cancer” is concerned with fighting cancer. As already hinted at in the overview, WCG will provide us with the first pointers. Here we will see how heartily the individual teams are going to approach the Pentathlon.

As WCG does not offer a Live-Stats-Service, the overview is at present very confusing. The stats are being updated every 24h which leaves us in the dark for long stretches but ensures a certain amount of tension. But I am not altogether satisfied with that.

No expense or clicks spared when I checked out a range of alternative stats pages. Even though the data has to be taken with a pinch of salt and was not always up-to-date and on top of that showed the complete WCG-Output of a team, it still helps to give us a picture of the start. At worst, it will be useful for speculation. I guarantee it.
Boincstats too appear to have started very well. They have managed to increase their daily output sixfold. And this might increase.
It looks as if the Czech National Team, China and AF are a little closer together. A super start too for Meisterkuehler.de-Team. Two zeros have been added to their usual daily output. A really super effort for the little team. It’s quite possible that we will see them high up the top of the table tonight.

At last, P3D has got going. It didn’t look too good early this morning. In the meantime it seems to show that they will be placed ahead of Meisterkuehler.de.
Team ESL doesn’t appear to want to stretch as far as last year. The start was quite messed up, let’s hope that they gain some ground in the next few days. It won’t bring much comfort to the E-sports team to know that SETI.USA have started even worse but let’s wait until America has got out of bed.

According to this data, there aren’t any surprises at the top. It’s natural that Team2ch are in front but it remains to be seen how the distribution of the sub projects will affect it and if they have bunkered as so many other teams have done.

A lot of questions remain unanswered but that might give SG a bit of hope. They have managed a magnificent start. The blue-yellow team have shot out of the starting blocks like lightning and are therefore placed securely at #2.

With all these numbers and speculations, my head is beginning to swell, therefore I am taking a look at the next disciplines. I will concentrate on the “GPU”, more about “Physics & Chemistry” and “Medicine” tomorrow. The author has to digest that 2 disciplines will be running at the same time.
The second discipline “GPU” of this year’s Pentathlon is due to start. It is quite unbelievable, even the selection has been gripping. The teams which were able to propose their favourite project ensured a unique stalemate between PrimeGrid and Collatz.

A die had to be cast. It wasn’t however a prime number which ensured PG was the lucky winner. The Pentathlon organisers have even provided a photo as proof. This though, wasn’t enough for all the critics and (according to a non-serious source) the search is on for a more transparent solution amongst the organisers.

Maybe people are contemplating a live internet broadcast of the casting of the dice. All we need is a sponsor, maybe somebody out there knows a dice manufacturer … Be that as it may, nothing changes SG’s role as favourite at PrimeGrid. The number 1 in this project appears equally out of reach as Team 2ch at WCG. The team which had recently begun to challenge SG at PG, “Team Sicituradastra”, is however not participating in the Pentathlon which is a great pity. S* appears not to want to enter into such a fight but the fast climber of the year is quite mistaken. S* would have had what it takes to crunch to be overall winner. Thus we are missing a really hot fight.

That may well happen between SETI.USA and L’Alliance Francophone. Both teams are equally strong at PG and also at the moment in the overall standings.
Either of them could potentially threaten SG. This will prepare us for an exciting fight. And who knows which team may surprise us.

That’s enough now, let’s turn to the most urgent questions:
What will be the first official result tonight?
Are rumours true or can SG attack the apparently untouchables?
Will BoincStats and Meisterkühler.de Team be able to keep up the pace or will their sprint start take its toll?
And where exactly is SETI.USA?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#2 - 06.05.2011

After a day of speculation, now the moment of truth.

SG leads. Now SG team, let the taste of this melt on your tongue like a wonderful piece of slowly melting chocolate. But don’t get carried away in a sugar rush just because of a lead of 1.6 Mio WCG-credits as it remains to be seen if at the end of the discipline the #1 spot can be retained.

Despite all, the team has managed to push ahead in a mighty advance. It appears that SG will want to continue the series of not finishing below #2 in any of the disciplines. As a reminder, last year SG managed to reach #2 in each of the CPU disciplines.

It is clear that SG bunkered the best, in contrast, there is no trace of bunkering at Team 2ch. The Japanese still have the best chance to walk through the winner’s portal and eat the cake. I am just not sure if I can rely on GLaDOS.

Some great bunkering happened on the Green Planet. And thus P3D settled at #3, at least for the time being. Boincstats, at #4, was also able to obtain a brilliant starting position due to their hamster tactics. Yet both teams will have to entertain the possibility that they may lose at least 2 places. The reason for that is that behind them a fantastic European duel is looming.

Places 5 and 6 are currently populated by AF and the Czech National Team. It appears likely that we can look forward to a possible fight for at least #3. I anticipate that due to their continuous power both teams will pass P3D and Boincstats. The duel could continue to occupy us until the very end as both are crunching neck and neck at present. Maybe P3D and Boincstats will manage to stay with them; then we will see a great battle involving 3 or 4 teams.

And, introducing themselves at #7 is a team which we hadn’t reckoned with before today, the team AMD Users. The team Meisterkuehler.de is currently holding on to a great 8th place. They too benefited from clever bunkering. It remains to be seen if both teams can continue at this pace.

Reason being: - there is trouble moving up from behind. The teams boinc.at, Boinc Synergy, Team China and the Ukraine will surely not give up the fight for the Top 10. A solid start for RKN at #16, just a bit more crunch power needed to move further ahead.

Already obvious yesterday, now a reality: - ESL had a miserable start and find themselves at #17. The Top 10 is still a possibility. And worse still is SETI.USA’s plight who appear to pay more attention to world politics at present than crunching; #21 is certainly not befitting their status. It is already evident that both teams will not feature in the overall standings. Or are they bluffing?

And now a glance at the 3rd and 4th discipline.
The organisers of the Pentathlon have raised the game. It is now clear that on 11.05.11 both disciplines “Physics & Chemistry” and “Medicine” are to start at the same time. Whatever are they thinking? How am I supposed to know which of them I need to check out first? Anyway, it’ll sort itself out I dare say.

At any rate, it’s a challenge for the teams. Whilst the favourites are surely keeping an eye on the overall standings and have to give it their all in both projects, it’s a different situation for the smaller teams. They have the tactical advantage of throwing everything at one project to get a good score there and maybe even make it onto the podium. It will be exciting to observe if teams employ this tactical manoeuvre.

In the discipline “Physics & Chemistry”, “QMC” will serve as race track and in the discipline “Medicine” it’ll be “Rosetta” as chosen by the teams. In principle, both projects belong to the classics of the Boinc-World. I sometimes have the impression that they are not really being noticed anymore. Well, that will certainly change for a 5 day period, starting 11.05.

A prognosis for both disciplines is impossible at the moment. None of the teams show near enough potential at any of these projects. Only once one of the disciplines has ended might we be able to venture a prediction.

Even so, both disciplines are gaining momentum outside of the Pentathlon. SETI.USA could take advantage and knock P3D off the 1st place at QMC, or at least forge ahead to move close behind them. The Czech National Team would also be able to do that and thus advance by stealth to the present No 1 at Rosetta, University of Washington.

Tonight all cards, oops …. disciplines, will be placed on the table.
We are also awaiting the announcement of the project in the discipline “Mathematics”. Let ourselves be surprised.

Will SG manage to keep Team 2ch behind them?
Will P3D and Boincstats be able to fight off the crunchers from France and the Czech Republic rushing up from behind?
What is going on at SETI.USA? Are they employing a risky strategy or are they about to gamble away all their chances?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#3 - 07.05.2011

A few things got straightened out yesterday.
Not surprisingly, the team with the sun in their country’s flag took over the lead at WCG. SG slipped down to Silver. Sadly we have to admit that it will probably not be possible to take victory from Team 2ch in this discipline. The Japanese Samurai Warriors appear to have the edge over the German Knights.

SG has managed to secure 2nd place quite well due to an extremely strong first day but still, yesterday’s daily output result should serve as a clear warning.
They should not feel too secure. AF’s daily output is not too far behind that of SG, all the same, the crunchers of the French speaking alliance (an alert reader noticed that they are more than a European team) will not be satisfied with 4th place. However, furious action on the first day might well be deciding the outcome for SG.

P3D remain in Bronze position. Instead of a duel between AF and Czech National Team it now looks like a duel between AF and P3D. However, the boys and girls from the Green Planet need to stretch themselves considerably because #3 will otherwise have slipped away by tomorrow. By all accounts, AF is deemed favourite here.

On the other hand, just as expected, Boincstats had to pay for the fast paced start and has slipped from #4 to #6 and had to let pass not only AF but also the team from the Czech Republic. There’s not a dull moment further down the top ranks as a fight for #6 to #11 is causing a lot of movement. The AMD Users at #7 are already feeling the scorching breath of boinc.at. The dwellers of the Alpine country have the best chance to secure 6th place. Behind them, all in step, follow Boinc Synergy, Team China and Ukraine.

Loser of the day is Meisterkuehler.de who lost 4 places. Their output shows us that they will probably slip a bit further down by another 4 places; or have they got the strength to build up and clear out additional bunkers?

The team which gained the most places yesterday is ESL; they advanced by 3 places. After a bad start they have managed to climb to #14. A realistic end position could be 12th place but the Top10 is not that far away. There is room for improvement. Come on ESL, leave keyboard and joystick alone and let your computers crunch, forget about gaming for a short while.
And the moral of the story, without bunkering no glory.

RKN (#15) and SETI.USA (#20) have gained a place. It should be clear by now that in this year’s Pentathlon the Americans won’t feature prominently in the overall standings, they’ve left too many points by the wayside. What might be the reason for their plight? What’s going on? Too many doughnuts, burgers or pizzas? I am almost tempted to shout across the big pond, spurring them on to get stuck in. But only maybe.

Thus, SG is the only team from last year’s Top3 to remain in the race for this year’s title. Currently SG, Team 2ch, P3D and AF are hot contenders for a place on the podium in the overall standings. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, only 2 days have passed!

The second discipline is just around the corner, GPU. It will be exciting to see how the current favourites are going to fair in the battle. And maybe ESL and SETI.USA could ensure some damage limitation. But more about that tomorrow; No 5 is alive… correction, has been announced.

The last discipline “Mathematics” is leading the Pentathletes to “yoyo@home”. This is where the last Crunch-battle will take place. This is where the decision will be made. But before that, the gods or in this case the organisers have set a small challenge, the Mount Everest of the Pentathlon so to speak.

For 2 days the teams will have to crunch on 3 fronts: Rosetta, QMC and yoyo. That calls for some clever activity. Bunkering alone will not lead to success. The emphasis will be on flexibility and agility. Teams have to be as cunning as Odysseus and as strong as Hercules to get through it. Please make a note of next weekend because that is when the ultimate showdown will take place.

Has the decision already been made at WCG?
Can P3D fight off AF?
How well will the teams get off the starting blocks at PG?
Who will emerge with their nose in front?
Can SG live up to their role as favourites or will there be an unexpected surprise?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#4 - 08.05.2011

Some of the male crunchers must have had a sleepless night last night. Not only is it Mother’s Day but also the start of the 2nd Discipline “GPU” at PrimeGrid.
Don’t panic, there’s time for everything: Congratulations to all the crunching mothers. We need more of them as even the crunching community needs new blood. Therefore, gentlemen, ensure they are being looked after. That should not only please the florist.

Even though the 2nd Discipline has only started a few hours ago we are presented with a completely different picture than the one at WCG. At present, SETI.Germany is the clear leader which isn’t altogether a surprise. They’ve done their homework and are in with a chance of a hat-trick, winning 3 GPU projects in a row.

In the rankings below, teams are currently still bunched up. Team 2ch has had a surprisingly good start. AF and SETI.USA are beginning to come closer and it seems only a question of time before the Japanese will have been caught.

These positions can change with every hourly bulletin; at present teams are within 350k which is just a glimmer of the expectations for this mega-credit-GPU-project. The battle between these 3 teams will continue to occupy us for a while.

Behind them, P3D is lying in wait. It remains to be seen if they will have enough power to advance further. Maybe they should look in their rear view mirror even though things have begun to shrink a bit in this Pentathlon, aka Boinc-Formula 1. But Boincstats and ESL have already taken a peek at #5.

At WCG the trend of the last 2 days continues. Team 2ch is crunching towards a clear win; only a hefty incursion could cost the Japanese their victory. But this is not to be expected. SG are following on behind. The advantage of nearly 7m WCG-Credits is clear to see and realistically, AF is not expected to be able to catch up.
Tomorrow at the latest, SG could start to prepare for other disciplines. The result has not been that surprising. My crystal ball tells me not to expect any changes in that respect. Let’s wait and see or maybe not.

Even though P3D failed to keep AF at bay, #4 is nevertheless a great achievement. Although the Francophones’ output is 500k a day higher than at WCG, they must not get careless. P3D will use every available chance.

Must P3D fear to lose #4? No, the Green Planet can rest assured; their pursuers are unable to move closer. But the situation just behind them might turn into a possible drama. The Czech National Team appear to be getting weaker and boinc.at are coming ever closer. The crunchers from Austria have crunched to #6, as reported yesterday, and have thereby trumped over AMD Users and Boincstats. To all our surprise, AMD Users are still clinging to #7 because of their superiority over the weakening Boincstats.

The Ukraine has advanced by 2 places by fighting their way to #9, and will very soon be able to launch their attack for 8th place. Boinc Synergy is clinging on to the last place in the Top10 but cannot yet allow themselves to laze around because a strong dragon is within fire breathing distance in the shape of Team China.

ESL remain at #14. Yesterday wasn’t such a good day for them, therefore they might only consider 13th place. Maybe the E-sports team are already concentrating on the next disciplines; mind you, teams Rechenkraft and TitanesDC are not far behind.

Look out! Teams be warned! A huge pending-avalanche has built up. Here, teams will have to ensure that they don’t get buried.

Things are still a bit vague concerning the overall standings. At present, SG and 2ch are on equal points; this can change very quickly. Only 40 points behind are AF who are themselves chased by the Green Planet. 17 points aren’t a lot; P3D is still in with a chance for the podium. Both SETI.USA (#7) and ESL (9) have managed to advance due to good preliminary results at PG.

Has SG already pocketed the win at PG?
Can SUSA and AF maybe lend some support to SG?
And has the decision already been made at WCG?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#5 - 09.05.2011

Time for a little rest. The Pentathlonites are giving us the opportunity. It appears that the teams are already looking ahead to the coming Wednesday where the next two projects are waiting for us. Slowly tension is mounting and waiting to be released next weekend. But first things first.

The last few hours of the first discipline “WCG” are here. It will probably not be possible to take the victory from 2ch nor SG’s Silver rank. AF at #3 shouldn’t celebrate too soon but it is unlikely that P3D would muster enough power to feature on the podium.

Boinc.at has managed to get past Czech National Team and claim #5. What a brilliant chase that was. It will get a bit edgy for AMD Users just on the home straight as Ukraine is advancing in big leaps to claim 7th place shortly before the end count. That would be very tragic as AMD Users have managed to defend #7 against all odds right from the start.

At last ESL has managed to climb to #13 and relegate Meisterkuehler.de to #14 though the team which had such a brilliant start will be unable to remain there as RKN are too close. Nevertheless, Meisterkuehler can be content because #15 is more realistic and a great achievement for the little team.

PG has now had its first day and already the chorus is rising. SG is crunching like a team from another planet and this has resulted in nearly as many credits as the next 3 following teams put together. It’s a smooth run for SG, even more so as the rival teams are snatching each other’s points.

As the Top4 is now out of reach, P3D and Boincstats are fighting for 5th place. There’s a lively switching of positions at the moment. UK Boinc Team find themselves at #7, quite a surprise, as their present position at WCG is #22. An occasion for the boys and girls from the island to amass some points.

Czech National Team only find themselves at #8. This year doesn’t run as smoothly for the Czechs. If they don’t improve, they risk being left with the worst place in a discipline. Even in the previous year the GPU-disciplines were the Czech’s weakness. Their rivals should be warned though concerning the forthcoming disciplines.
The reason for that is SETI.USA. Drowned at WCG, they’re now profiting from their regular PG-crew and are taking important points off SG’s rivals. AF is finding itself at #3. Crunchers from Team 2ch are only at #4 which signifies important loss of ground in the overall standings for the Japanese.

Team China and Russia complete the Top10, the latter making attempts to crunch towards #9. ESL at #11 had a good start but has slowed down considerably. They’ve got to be careful that they are not being passed further down the line. The Ukraine, especially, is advancing with giant strides.

Looking at the overall standings shows SG with 190 points in the lead. Due to #4 at PG, 2ch are currently trailing SG by 20 points. A further 10 points behind, AF is waiting for their chance. P3D has currently claimed a brilliant 4th place. Even though they are 60 points behind SG, a place on the podium is still within their grasp.

A lot will depend on the next two disciplines. 2ch especially are the big unknown. Should they show weakness here, other teams, like P3D, could take advantage of it. It seems certain that the overall winner will be found amongst SG, AF and 2ch. It is also possible that one of them might leave empty- handed.
There’s still a lot to play for.

5th place is currently being shared by Czech National Team and Boincstats. But a great deal more will be expected from the Czechs in the next disciplines.
Due to PG, SETI.USA has managed to advance to #7. We will see if they can hang on to this rank or if they are due to slide down again with the forthcoming CPU-projects. Team China and the Ukraine are sharing #8 and boinc.at and AMD Users share #10. Plenty of tension remains.

What will be the end result at WCG?
Can P3D keep BoincStats behind them at PG?
And can SG still be stopped?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#6 - 10.05.2011

Congratulations to Japan‘s team 2ch for their not entirely unexpected victory at “WCG”. For the fourth time in a row SETI.Germany has achieved 2nd place at a CPU-discipline and thereby continues the impressive series of not having finished lower than #2 for a total of 6 disciplines. Bronze rank was claimed by L’Alliance Francophone. Congratulations to the medal winners of the discipline “WCG”.

Planet 3DNow! have achieved their best standing in a discipline which is at #4. Boinc.at follow at 5th place, still in front of Czech National Team who, for the 3rd time in the history of the Pentathlon, have secured 6th place. What was already feared yesterday has come true - there’s been a change at #7. The Ukraine was able to push past AMD Users in the final sprint. Even though AMD Users fought bravely, it just wasn’t enough.

On the last day another team had to shed a lot of feathers. Boincstats lost 2 places and slid down to #11, Boinc Synergie (#9) and Team China (#10) managed to overtake. Russia took it nice and easy and was rewarded with #12.

Rank 13 goes to ESL. Behind them places were swapped, just as expected; thus Rechenkraft.net were able to push themselves onto #14. Meisterkühler.de still managed to achieve a very good #15. Then follow TitanesDC, Boinc Italy, Crystal Dream and Boinc@Poland. And by now, we’ve got used to rank 20 for SETI.USA.

The last ranks with points are taken by Overlock.net, UK Boinc Team, boinc.sk, Boinc@Heidelberg and the Universe Examiners. Without points remain USA and Boinc@Karlsruhe. Thus the first discipline has been concluded.

There are relatively few changes at PG so that we won’t spend of lot of time there today. SG in front of SUSA and AF. The outcome is already clear for all to see. To add to that, even #4 for 2ch does not appear threatened. The fight for #5 continues to be in full swing despite Boincstats’ success of being able to move away from P3D at a steady pace. Advice for the Green Planet: - you reap what you sow.

There’s been no change at the top of the overall standing: - SG in front of 2ch, AF and P3D. Czech National Team managed to push onto #5, thereby passing Boincstats who in turn have to share #6 with SETI.USA. Whilst Ukraine laid claim to #8, Team China fell back to #9 where it’s getting crowdedas boinc.at has also just arrived on the scene.

Tonight we might already see the hot and decisive phase of the 2nd Boinc-Pentathlon. To let 2 projects of this kind run parallel is a premiere in this competition and at the weekend even 3 projects will be crunched at the same time. A logistic challenge is awaiting the teams. It could well happen that we will see some really weird stats tomorrow morning.

As the Top-Teams will have to distribute their power, the importance of the projects’ regular crunchers can prove to be of great importance. And, once again, I will take advantage of the crystal ball.

SETI.USA has therefore got good cards at QMC but so too have P3D and the Czech National Team. AF and SG are well behind; they’ve got to improve considerably. They have what it takes, make no mistake. Start conditions for 2ch are not ideal as they would have to find another 140k just to match SUSA’s normal output. Can they make up this deficit? At any rate, it will be difficult and a massive loss of points is on the horizon. QMC could be decisive: - will 2ch squander their chance of the overall victory or hold onto it?

Rosetta presents us with a “slightly” different picture. The Czech National Team will have brilliant start conditions ahead of Russia, USA and Boinc.Italy. The 3 top favourites AF, 2ch and SG are following closely behind. SETI.USA and P3D are already trailing by a decisive margin. It cannot be ruled out altogether that we might see a podium the like of which hadn’t been expected.

As you can see, QMC and Rosetta have it in them to stir up the overall standings enormously. The Czechs especially will find conditions much to their liking. Who knows, they might end up being a very happy third. Now everything depends on the amount of effort the teams can put into both projects. As per usual, prognoses are pure suicide. Only one thing is certain: the excitement is rising.

Which teams will have the best start at Rosetta and QMC?
What will be the teams’ point scoring strategies?
How strong will 2ch be?
Can the Czech National Team create a sensation?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#7 - 11.05.2011

It all turned out differently. I shivered with anticipation whilst unveiling the results at QMC and Rosetta. It might have had something to do with my upset stomach. Nevertheless, the actual preliminary result is a surprise as SG appear to find it surprisingly easy.

SG have a clear lead at Rosetta. It remains to be seen how high the constant daily output of the blue-yellow team will be once all the cavernous bunkers have been emptied. For a short time it looked as if 2ch could settle at #2 but meanwhile AF have managed to push past. The Japanese appear to have bunkered well but in so doing, have they already spent their power? - because the Czech National Team have since relegated 2ch to #4.

Overall, teams are close together at Rosetta with very small margins. Due to ESL (#8) showing some momentary weakness, Boincstats managed to advance to #5. In the meantime, P3D has succeeded in jumping to #6. 5th place appears to be achievable and would be sooooo important in the overall standings. To our surprise, the smaller teams Russia (#7), USA (#11) and Boinc.Italy (#9) have so far been unable to take full advantage of their good starting positions.

Meisterkuehler.de on the other hand are swimming against the tide. They seem to be concentrating fully on QMC and that appears to be working for them so far. Which brings us to the next topic.

At QMC, P3D have built on their good starting position and separated a little from the field. But SG is breathing down their neck and SG’s good start at Rosetta could entice the team to shift power. If that happens, the Green Planet will encounter some difficulties.

Due to a large bunker, ESL had pushed to #3 but have in the meantime already been overtaken by AF and Meisterkuehler.de. The Francophones appear to have taken out a subscription for third places at this year’s Pentathlon. Let’s wait and see if they’ve really paid their dues. Of interest remains if ESL can once more show top form or if the flame burned only briefly.

Meisterkuehler.de’s progress is sensational, #4 is definitely a great achievement. They would have bunkered equally well just as at WCG but still, I would expect them to lose a few positions. A place amongst the Top10 however should be manageable because they are the only team where a decision in regards to the projects has made. That represents a correct tactical move for such a small team.

After a hesitant start, the Czech National Team has crunched to #6 just in front of the boys and girls from Boincstats who have also started well. Boinc.Italy are currently at position 8, just in front of SETI.USA. The attentive reader should by now pose the question: where is 2ch? After a long search, I found them at #10. That would be a great blow for their ambitions for the title. And it appears as if the elevator has not yet reached its ultimate stop. If the Japanese don’t increase output here considerably, they will lose all hope of a win. What a drama!

SG are having an almost smooth run in the overall standings, circling all alone. AF have managed to push to second place due to #2 at Rosetta and #3 at QMC. To retain hope of improving their chance of an overall win they would have to attack SG in both projects at the earliest opportunity. Apart from that, a 50 point deficit is extremely large and cannot realistically be made good at yoyo. SG have too good a record there. And we mustn’t forget that SG have still got a chance of winning at QMC (then it would be 60 points).

At QMC, 2ch is finding themselves at #3 due to their weak performance. They should either increase power massively or begin to glance in their rear view mirror. P3D is only missing 1 point to make Bronze. There is enormous danger of not gaining a medal at all in the end because P3D is proving to be quite a difficult opponent. Czech National Team and Boincstats are currently fighting over #5. SETI.USA at #7 are continuing to engage in damage limitations, the disaster at WCG has cost them all chances. Behind them follow ESL, Russia and Team China.

Can P3D hang on to the top position at QMC?
Will SG continue their unbelievable series of Gold & Silver?
Will AF attack anew?
And what is happening to 2ch?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#8 - 12.05.2011

The 2nd discipline “GPU” will end in a few hours without attracting too much attention, no change at the top. SG ahead of SETI.USA and AF. There is excitement concerning the fight for #6; this is where P3D and UK Boinc Team are engaged in a tussle for points. They are both neck and neck at the moment.

The field at Rosetta has meanwhile been sorted out a bit. SG is slowly pulling away from AF but I’ve already got the impression that the output is already being reduced in favour of QMC. SG will have to take care however to prevent a downward spiral. AF’s output is currently a little bit higher than that of SG.

Czech National Team is remaining at #3 and have good chances to retain this rank until the end. 2ch also appear to have taken up residence at #4. Not far behind them is P3D who still have a chance of catching up with the Japanese. There are still more than 3 days to crunch. In this duel every little bit counts.
Russia and Boinc.Italy are fighting for rank 6. In contrast, Boincstats at #8 shouldn’t make themselves too comfortable. SETI.USA, Boinc Synergy, USA, ESL and Boinc@Poland all still have a chance to get to rank 8.

Even though P3D is still in the lead at QMC, SG is slowly creeping up. There’s more at stake for P3D than just the win in this discipline; it will affect their #3 in the overall standings too. If they fell back to #3, it would cost them 10 points which could be decisive in the end. SG don’t necessarily have to win; their advantage in the overall standings is currently very reassuring. In actual fact, they only need to stay ahead of AF.

Speaking of AF, they are found at #3; however, in this discipline the Francophones have increased their pace too. They thus show that they’ve not yet abandoned all hope. On the other hand, the deficit of 240k to SG is a tall mountain to climb. It’s a sensation, but Meisterkuehler.de is at #4 but their current output will not be enough to keep 4th place for the duration. SETI.USA and Team China are pushing up too strongly from behind. They might just be able to hold out a little longer.

It is already clear that they are demonstrating their best Pentathlon performance. Fantastic, that’s what we want to see! At #7 we are being greeted by our neighbours, Czech National Team. They too ought to cast a glance ahead but must improve considerably. ESL have lost a bit of ground after a good start; #8 cannot be defended until the end. Boinc Synergy and Boinc.Italy are approaching with giant strides.

Team 2ch are only found at #11. In theory, they would be able to get the better of ESL and thus push amongst the Top10. That would bring 3 points and these could still be very important.

There’s been no change at the top in the overall standings, SG ahead of AF. Behind them some great action with P3D and 2ch fighting a hot duel for #3.
Both kept changing positions yesterday. However, P3D managed today to achieve separation from 2ch by 8 points. It appears as if P3D still have the advantage but that could all change should P3D lose their top position at QMC.

It is an extreme challenge for both teams. The final decision will be made starting from Saturday at yoyo; however, every point counts at Rosetta and QMC. P3D especially will have little time to bunker at yoyo, margins are too tight at Rosetta and QMC. One daren’t say it but the fact that SG doesn’t necessarily need to win at QMC could play into P3D’s hands. However, tables could be turned if SG’s slumbering ambition is being woken.

Just as in the previous year, Czech National Team have been able to attain a good position in the overall standings due to consistent scoring. 5th place is the reward for their effort. SETI.USA have meanwhile managed to crunch to rank 6. They’ve benefited from second place at PG; it remains to be seen if the pursuing teams Boincstats and Team China are able to mount a challenge for that position.

3 teams are currently fighting for the last two places in the Top10. Russia, ESL and Boinc.Italy are tightly packed. It’s not really possible to provide a prognosis; current results of this trio are just too similar.

Is SG mounting an attack at QMC?
Will P3D still lose vital points at PG or will they even be able to gain a few more?
And will AF be content with their position behind SG?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#9 - 13.05.2011

It's Friday the 13th today – will that bring good or bad luck? That will probably depend on your point of view. In any event, tonight the 2nd discipline “GPU” ended at PrimeGrid and we are able to honour the winner.

Victory went to SETI.Germany. They clearly owned this discipline and thereby remain unbeaten at the GPU-disciplines. SETI.USA showed their best achievement so far at this Pentathlon and were rewarded with Silver. Again, L’Alliance Francophone managed to reach #3. Congratulations to all the medal winners.

Team 2ch also showed a good result, #4 is the reward for their efforts. Boincstats are next. P3D ensured the duel for rank 6 was decided in their favour and thereby secured important points for the overall standings. They have beaten UK Boinc Team. Things didn’t go all that well for Czech National Team, only #8. Russia at #9 and Team China at #10 complete the Top10.

Behind them in descending order are Ukraine, Boinc.Italy and ESL who were relegated to #13 on the home straight, then boinc.at, AMD Users, Boinc@Poland, Overlock.net and Titanes DC. It’s only at #19 that we find Boinc@Heidelberg. Crystal Dream got to #20 ahead of USA and Meisterkuehler.de. Securing the last few points are Universe Examiners, Boinc Synergy and RKN. Without points remain boinc.sk and Boinc@Karlsruhe.de.

I hope you are standing comfortably or even better, find a seat. Have you got enough beer or other alcoholic drinks and crips etc? Good, then you are ready for the big battle-weekend. Tonight the 5th and last discipline will enter the ring. Yoyo has been earmarked. Please tidy away the children’s toys as we are turning to some serious stuff: “Mathematics”.

The teams are facing their toughest ever challenge. On the one hand they’ve got to secure their position at Rosetta and QMC or even improve, on the other hand they mustn’t let yoyo out of their sight. Whoever doesn’t weigh their resources correctly can lose everything. That, by the way, also applies to SG; they too can gamble away the overall win within their grasp. If they turn towards yoyo too early and allow AF to overtake them at QMC and Rosetta, they will be a bag of nerves. It will concern P3D in quite a dramatic way but first things first.

A lot has happened during the night at QMC but in the end nothing much to report. What did happen is that P3D has let one of the cats loose and thus ensured a lead that is virtually unconquerable. Also to report is that SG has managed to keep AF at a distance. Nothing has changed in regards to the standings.

Bravely, Meisterkuehler.de are hanging on to #4 although they are already feeling the shadow of the American eagle in the shape of SETI.USA. Both Czech National Team and Team China are beginning to close the gap to Meisterkuehler in big strides. Looks as if Boinc Synergy have built a nest at #8, they appear well settled. In contrast, the fight for #9 is in full swing. For the moment, Boinc.Italy has the best cards ahead of ESL and Team 2ch. The Japanese especially need every point in this remote duel with P3D.

SG is continuing to lead at Rosetta ahead of AF. It appears as if SG is controlling their advantage, however, motto is: keep your eyes open. Czech National Team is at #3. Yesterday it looked as if the Czechs would be able to hold on to this position but gradually, dark green clouds are appearing on the horizon.

P3D has realised the gravity of the situation and is pulling out all the stops to ensure they score ahead of 2ch. They have managed to get past their rival to gain #4. As their lead at QMC is quite comfortable, they could shift power or are they already aiming at yoyo? Ultimately, the fight for overall Bronze will be decided there.

Boinc.Italy and Russia are still quarrelling over #6. SETI.USA are now in 8th place ahead of Boinc Synergy and USA who have both dropped back. ESL find themselves at #13 after all but the final resting place has not yet been reached; Team China don’t appear to be in agreement as yet.

SG is continuing to wear the yellow jersey, 50 points ahead of AF. P3D have meanwhile entrenched themselves at rank 3 and extended their margin to Team 2ch. There’s a good chance that we might see 2 German teams on the podium this year. Still within reach of 2ch is Czech National Team (#5) with SETI.USA finding themselves at #6. Boincstats, Team China, Russia and Boinc Italy complete the Top10. Alarm bells are ringing for ESL at #11. They are not only losing touch with the Top10 but behind them Boinc Synergy is beginning to close in.

Meisterkuehler find themselves at #16 whereas RKN is only at #20. That’s not befitting their status. Maybe they’ve concocted something for yoyo? We will see.
Boinc@Heidelberg find themselves at #24 and boinc.sk at #25. Right at the end of the field and still without points is Boinc@Karlsruhe.

Will AF put everything into another attempt to catch SG?
Can P3D hold onto #3?
And who will have the best getaway at yoyo?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#10 - 14.05.2011

Showdown. The 3 project battle is in full swing. Tonight the 2nd Boinc-Pentathlon went into its deciding phase. There are currently some interesting interim results at yoyo.

We are not really surprised at SG’s super start at yoyo this year. Perfect timing seems to be the mark of SG this year. A lead of at least 370k on the Czech National Team is quite momentous considering the Czechs’ good start. Admittedly, the pursuing teams of P3D and AF are still intensely busy with the other two projects. Here, in the crunch-fight for the podium, the final page has not yet been written. And who can let the biggest cat, er, bunker out of the bag?

At #5 we are greeted by Boincstats who also had a lightning start. However, they’ve been unable to hold on to their initial position. Boinc.Synergy is lying in wait at rank 6. The hell raising trio is led by ESL at #7 followed by 2ch and SETI.USA. Whilst the Americans haven’t got much to play for, the crunchers from the land of the rising sun are squandering all their medal chances. Again, we will have to wait and see.

P3D ahead of SG ahead of AF is the continuing situation at QMC. The decision appears to have been made. SETI.USA is now at #4 but the deficit appears to be too large. Team China too went past Meisterkuehler.de. They are now finding themselves at #6 but have to watch out for the Czech National Team. It’s a cushy number for Boinc Synergy at rank 8. 2ch have gained 2 places.

SG appear to be in charge of the situation at Rosetta. It could get quite exciting behind them. AF is forced to watch as Czech National Team are coming closer.
And even P3D have smelled blood; they could quite easily overtake the Czechs and thus continue to gain points in the remote duel with 2ch. The Japanese, however, are currently lying at a well secured 5th place.

Russia and Boinc.Italy are going at it hammer and tongs. The Russians are currently at #6. Just as at QMC, Boinc Synergy have settled at #8. Behind them, SETI.USA appear to have decided the American duel with USA for rank 10 in their favour.

SG has an 80 point advantage over AF in the overall standings. SG can almost touch the silver medal. Behind them develops a sensationally exciting situation.
AF’s lead over P3D is only 20 points. P3D can reap 10 points at Rosetta if they can head off the Czechs. Nevertheless, it will be difficult for them as they have to be 2 places ahead of AF at yoyo when they pass the finishing line. It is not an impossibility!

Due to their miserable start at yoyo, 2ch had to let Czech National Team overtaken them. SETI.USA’s rank 6 is virtually certain. The same goes for Boincstats at #7. Following in a tight group are 5 teams. Team China, Boinc Synergy, Russia, Boinc.italy and ESL are crunching for the last places in the Top10.

Can SG still be beaten?
Can P3D give even AF the shivers?
And what is happening at yoyo?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#11 - 15.05.2011

I haven’t exaggerated. This weekend is hot. Although there isn’t a fight for #3 anymore, there is one for #2 instead. Who would have guessed? But wait, first things first.

At yoyo, SG has managed to move to the top with plenty of clearance due to their fantastic initial 24h. In the meantime, the advantage has grown to more than 600k and it doesn’t seem likely that SG will fritter this lead away. In the history of the Pentathlon, if SG manage to claim this one, they will then have cleared 5 Gold and 5 Silver medals in the 10 disciplines in the history of the Pentathlon. No time for complacency though as the pursuers are spurring each other on to deliver maximum output.

The fight for the podium will be decided amongst P3D, Czech National Team and AF. Currently, P3D has managed to move slightly ahead but they can’t rest on their laurels. Deciding outcome for P3D will be that Czech National Team achieve to move in front of AF; only thus can the Green Planet maintain their hope of overall Silver.

As expected, Boincstats had to clear 5th place in favour of Boinc Synergy. Behind follow SETI.USA, ESL and Rechenkraft.net who appear to have a bit of a plan at yoyo. Team 2ch is at #10 which will lay waste to their overall medal dreams.

In contrast, there’s been practically no change in the Top10 at QMC. We won’t stay long for that very reason. P3D is cruising to a clear victory here. This would be the first win in a Pentathlon discipline for the Planeteers and they’d be only the4th team to have succeeded. Looks like 5 times Silver for SG, followed by AF.
They will probably collect their third Bronze Medal this year. More about QMC tomorrow as, to my surprise, things are beginning to hot up at Rosetta.

Whilst SG is maintaining pace at the top, P3D has sounded the bugle and begun the chase. Yesterday, Czech National Team got nabbed and thus P3D moved up to #3. But the Green Planet is not content yet; they are even attacking AF at #2. What a drama! If they can pull it off, they will have taken a big step towards the Silver medal in the overall standings. AF for their part don’t yet appear to have spotted the danger.

Czech National Team too are moving closer to AF. Did AF allow themselves to be lulled prematurely into a false sense of security? The decision will only come on the home straight. Here, there’s also been no further change amongst the other rankings. It gives the impression that many teams are already concentrating on yoyo.

At the tip of the overall standings, SG can put the champagne on ice. P3D and AF follow on equal points. Now you can appreciate, ladies and gentlemen, how important it will be for P3D to intercept AF at Rosetta. That would bring 10 points and secure Silver. AF is currently determined to climb to #3 at yoyo which, in turn, would give them 10 points. It would even be quite possible this year to have two Silver Medal winners.

3 days ago it looked as if SG and AF could decide the matter between themselves but although P3D is arriving a little bit late, their impact is tremendous. Team 2ch have stayed in the game but despite that will go home empty handed. Even so, it remains to be seen if they can manage to defend last year’s 4th place because the Czech National Team has still got a slight chance to catch them.

SETI.USA and Boincstats appear out of danger at ranks 6 and 7. Ukraine and Russia continue to conclude the Top10. Team China and Boinc.Italy are lying in wait together at #11. ESL at #13 can abandon all dreams of a place in the Top10 or are they planning to return?

Can P3D still catch AF at Rosetta?
Can AF retaliate at yoyo?
And has SG put enough champagne on ice?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#12 - 16.05.2011

That was some weekend! So many surprises, so much tension and the best is, it isn’t over yet. Last year many of the preliminary decisions fell before the 5th discipline but this year tension continues until the final.

QMC. First place goes to Planet 3DNow! A super achievement for the Green Planet. Once again, SETI.Germany collect Silver whilst L’Alliance Francophone have retained Bronze. Congratulations to all winners of the precious metal medals.

Actually, QMC was beginning to look boring these last few days but all that changed again yesterday evening. Meisterkuehler.de has secured a sensational #4 with their last sprint. They need to be congratulated for this brilliant effort. Thus, Team China, SETI.USA and Czech National Team were relocated to lower ranks. Is that enough action for you or what do you think?

Boinc Synergy secure 8th place ahead of Team 2ch. With a final sprint, ESL managed to jump to #10 after all, thereby leaving Boinc Italy, Ukraine, Boincstats and Russia behind them. TitanesDC find themselves at#15 followed by AMD Users. Not altogether unexpected, we find Rechenkraft.net at #17 followed by USA and Boinc@Heidelberg.

Overlock.net have secured #20, only just ahead of boinc.at. The Austrians could realistically have done more . Last of the points are claimed by UK Boinc Team, Boinc@Poland, boinc.sk and Crystal Dream. In contrast, Boinc@Karlsruhe and Universe Examiners at the end of the field finish empty-handed.

In contrast to QMC, Rosetta’s podium continued to remain hotly contested yesterday. SETI.Germany has won Rosetta this year whereas they had to admit defeat to ESL last year. Behind them it remains exciting until the last second. Planet3DNow! managed a crazy run past L’Alliance Francophone to #2. That really was an impressive crunch final. AF, on the other hand, collect Bronze for the fourth time in a Pentathlon even though they could have done more this time.
Lucky for us as the overall standings thus remain even more exciting. Congratulations to all three.

AMD Users also made good a place and relegated UK Boinc Team to #17. Then follow Crystal Dream, Rechenkraft.net, TitanesDC, boinc.at and boinc.sk. We see Overlock.net at #23 followed by Boinc@Heidelberg and Universe Examiners. No points here for Meisterkuehler.de and Boinc@Karlshruhe.

As from today, we will only focus on yoyo@home. SG continue their clear lead. Behind them there’s more than a Silver Medal at stake at yoyo. P3D are currently leading ahead of AF but AF is speeding up. It remains to be seen if other teams can manage to engage in the fight for medals at yoyo. Until then: - whoever collects Silver at yoyo will also collect Silver in the overall standings. An action-packed duel is awaiting us until the end.

Here, we also find Czech National Team at #4 ahead of Boincstats and Boinc Synergy. SETI.USA at #7 still has potential. The Top10 is currently completed by 2ch, ESL and Rechenkraft.net. Everything is still to play for at yoyo as the teams are currently switching their resources from the completed disciplines. We are therefore anticipating further changes.

As I’ve already mentioned, the question in the overall standings is: Who will be second? SG can probably not be caught anymore even if they were to stop instantly crunching at yoyo. Their advantage is just too great. P3D is currently at #3, only 10 points ahead of AF.

2ch can be found at #4 again. They started the competition well, later collapsed but would have had the clout to threaten the trio at the top. At rank 5 and therefore improved by 1 place over 2010 is Czech National Team. It appears as if they will be able to hold on to this position ahead of SETI.USA.

How will the fight for Silver end at yoyo?
Who can mobilize the biggest resource?
Can SG still be caught at yoyo?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#13 - 17.05.2011

Part 1

An unfamiliar calm is spreading. After days of frantic activity we can now concentrate solely on yoyo and its impact on the overall standings. But when I look at the situation at yoyo, my pulse begins to quicken.

yoyo@home - SG is still clearly in the lead. But look out! They’ve lost some of their advantage over P3D in the last few hours. It remains to be seen if this will continue or if it’s just a blip. It highlights the fact that SG shouldn’t get too careless.

Behind them, sensational activity is beginning to take shape. P3D is continuing to increase their lead over AF, currently as much as 450k. Not enough of a buffer but even though, quite a sizable chunk which the Francophone team will have to clear out of the way. They don’t have much time remaining as, come tomorrow night, everything will be over. It has not yet been established if AF is bunkering and planning to pounce right at the end. The same strategy could be employed by P3D. Tension remains at stretching point.

Czech National Team is continuing at #4. They are too far behind AF now to have visions of moving up. However, it would make sense to look behind them as Boincstats and Boinc Synergy are still in with a chance of threatening the Czechs. It’s not impossible to make up 200k.

Even SETI.USA at #8 can’t be too certain of their situation as 2ch is pushing up from behind. A change of position seems realistic. Ukraine have gained 4 places with a courageous jump and are now at #9. But it looks as if they might not be able to move up any further. ESL had to suffer once again and were pushed back to #10. But even here it would be prudent to look in the rear view mirror as Team China and RKN are closing in.

Boinc.Italy at #13 have now got to engage with the climber of the day. 5 places were gained by Meisterkuehler.de and if they can keep up momentum, they could catch the Italians.

There’s not a lot to report from the overall standings. It appears that the first four disciplines have done some intensive sieving. Overall victory cannot now be taken from SG, I am certain. Behind them it will remain exciting until the end. SG can grab some cola, beer and popcorn and relax to watch the duel between P3D and AF.

Team 2ch are continuing at #4 which won’t change a great deal. Then follow Czech National Team, SETI.USA, Boincstats and Team China. Ukraine secured #9 due to their forward leap at yoyo. Boinc Synergy complete the Top10. Meisterkuehler also profited from their interim spurt, they’ve thus secured #16. Might even be enough for #15 with a bit of luck. They’d have to catch the Italians at yoyo and hope that the Austrians lose a place there; it might then work out for them. I would be happy to see them in the final evaluation of the Top15.

Has AF already been beaten?
How many hamsters are still sitting on their secret hoard?
And how fat will the SG team get whilst watching this fantastic show?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Part 2

As yoyo’s server is sweating blood and tears, the last few hours of the 2nd Boinc-Pentathlon are here. But as yet, no final decision about the medals has been made. It’s great to see the daily twists and turns.

SG is continuing their clear lead at yoyo. Their advantage has now fallen below 700k but is still too large for them to be caught. Or can P3D manage the sheer impossible? Due to strong energy output, P3D has managed to increase their lead over AF to over 1.3m and has crept up on SG. Can AF catch up? In the AF forum they appear to have come to terms with the situation or is that only tactical talk?

Yoyo’s server won’t last much longer; that’s why bunkering isn’t without its risks. Nothing to do with easily combustible WUs but emptying bunkers too late can lead to WUs not being validated in time before the end. That’s why the cards will be on the table before tonight. It remains to be seen if there’ll be any changes on the podium.

Further back, the rankings are not all allocated yet. Czech National Team at #4 isn’t quite secure yet even though the size of the lead is reassuring. Boinc Synergy has moved to #5 and overtaken boincstats. Team 2ch continue their chase and have probably found their end position at #7. SETI.USA, now only at #8, were victims of the Japanese. Ukraine and Team China overtook ESL and threw the E-Sports team out of the Top10.

The overall standings appear to show a German double victory. SG, out of reach, at the top, followed by P3D. AF at #3 have little chance of claiming Silver due to their massive backlog over P3D at yoyo. Let’s wait and see how it turns out in the end. The other standings remain unchanged.

However, Meisterkuehler are clutching at the last straw to try and gain #15. They’ve reached rank 13 at yoyo and done everything they possibly could. They must now hope that Boinc@Heidelberg will help them. They can only gain #15 if the Heidelberg team can succeed at overtaking boinc.at. All that’s needed are 13k. In the last 12 hours, Boinc@Heidelberg have gained approx. 12k on the Austrians. As you can see, that will be a tight race.

Will P3D still be able to catch SG at yoyo?
Is AF hiding something in their quiver?
Can Meisterkuehler still make it to #15?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#14 - 18.05.2011

It’s all over. Finished. The 2nd Boinc-Pentathlon is history. And it ended characteristically thrilling.

Victory at yoyo goes to SETI.Germany who right at the end were made to quake in their shoes. Yesterday, P3D approached with giant strides and even appeared to have a chance at claiming victory. By evening, the Green Planet had run out of fertilizer but still, a great 2nd place was theirs. At the end, AF were convincingly beaten and attained rank 3. Congratulations to all the medal winners.

A familiar sight at #4 is Czech National Team. Behind them, Boinc Synergy (#5) were able to assert themselves over Boincstats (#6). We find our friends from Japan, the team 2ch, at #7 followed by SETI.USA (#8). They were forced to watch how Ukraine (#9) kept coming closer but in the end, the distance was too great. 10th place was taken over by Team China who only just managed to stand their ground against ESL. RKN is completing the dozen.

Once again, during their final spurt, Meisterkuehler.de surprised and claimed #13, thus demoting Boinc.Italy to #14. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to allow Meisterkuehler to jump to #15 in the overall standings. This exact rank at yoyo was obtained by AMD Users, ahead of Russia. At #17 is boinc.at. They even overtook Overlock.net. Boinc.Heidelberg went through the finish line at #19; UK Boinc Team completes the Top20. At #21 - #25 we find: TitanesDC, Boinc@Poland, Crystal Dream, boinc.sk and USA. Boinc@Karlsruhe and Universe Examiners remain without points.

It was a great contest; tension from start to finish. In contrast to the preceding year where the duel SG vs ESL was quickly being established, this time round we were witness to regularly changing fortunes. The only constant was SETI.Germany. They just couldn’t stay away and were always in the middle of the action. That is and remains the secret of success – whoever wants to stand on the pinnacle right at the end will have to join the action in all the top spots and cannot afford any slip-ups.

After the first discipline at WCG it appeared that 2ch would be SG’s main rival. But P3D and AF were already lying in wait and thus close to the action. PrimeGrid didn’t manage to change everything but allowed AF to move into the spotlight. It appeared certain that the winner would be either SG, AF or 2ch. But we stood corrected.

It was clear right from the start that special significance would be awarded to the two projects of Rosetta and QMC. And that turned out to be correct. Team 2ch catapulted themselves out and thus flung P3D into the race for medals. Due to their brilliant effort, P3D even managed to snatch the silver medal in the end. Last year at #7 and this year at #2, a truly remarkable improvement. On top of that the win at QMC which mustn’t be underrated.

There have been 10 disciplines so far in the history of the Pentathlon, 5 of which have been won by SG, 3 by ESL and 1 each by Team 2ch and P3D. In short, only 4 teams have so far been able to win a Boinc-discipline. Here are the details: -

Statistic of all disciplines by medals: - SETI.Germany 5x Gold / 5x Silver, Electronic Sports League (ESL) 3x Gold / 1x Silver, Planet 3DNow! 1x Gold / 2x Silver, Team 2ch 1x Gold / 2x Bronze, SETI.USA 2x Silver / 2x Bronze, L'Alliance Francophone 5x Bronze, Czech National Team 1x Bronze

This year’s Pentathlon was mostly about tactics. SG managed to keep their head above water due to diligent bunkering and thus being in control until the end. The 3-project-weekend presented quite a challenge which SG and P3D mastered successfully. In the end, sheer power and motivation brought results as the tough 14 day long fight had already weakened the reserves of the Pentathletes.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Top15 + 1:

1. SETI.Germany (2,1,1,2,1) (WCG, PG, Rosetta, QMC, YOYO) As in the previous year, SG managed to cream off only Gold and Silver. They were determined right from the start which brought clear and deserved success. Their stability must be highlighted here and is one of the reasons why they are standing at the top once more.

2. Planet 3DNow! (4,6,2,1,2) P3D showed their strength especially in the 2nd half of the Pentathlon. They continuously manage to inspire and mobilise their people. It remains open if they could have achieved more if they had given it their all right from the start but their weakness remains the GPUs. However, it’s great to see that opportunities exist for a perceived outsider.

3. L'Alliance Francophone (3,3,3,3,3) What is there to say? Five times Bronze also secures Bronze ranking in the overall standings. Not much more and there might have been Silver. In contrast to last year they have improved significantly but were never able to threaten SG. They are in a position to win but were unable to put it into action.

Congratulations to all the medal winners!

4. Team 2ch (1,4,5,9,7) Started really well but ran out of steam at the end. Both QMC and yoyo put the Japanese in dire straits. However, in the end, they were unable to find enough resources for a finish in the Top3. One victory alone is not really enough for an overall medal. The Japanese squandered their chances of a win in the last 3 projects. If they can manage to do without WCG for a few days, the opposition will have to be vigilant.

5. Czech National Team (6,8,4,7,4) They were on the podium in 2 disciplines last year but couldn’t repeat that achievement this year. The opposition was too strong in the end. Despite that, they have improved by 1 position in the overall standings. This shows once again how effective stable point scoring can be.
Nevertheless, it will be difficult for them to advance further.

6. SETI.USA (20,2,9,6,8) WCG let us think the worst but luckily, the Americans pulled themselves together in time to ward off humiliation. However, #6 is a disappointment. We have no idea why they messed up the start in such a way; however, they are staying well below what could be achieved except for PG.
They’ve certainly got the potential, they’ve just got to make use of it.

7. BOINCstats (11,5,11,13,6) Typical for Boincstats was their continuous bunkering. Despite that, they only managed to get into the Top10 twice, thereby finding themselves unable to achieve a better rank.

8. Team China (10,10,14,5,10) Having improved by five places, Team China can be satisfied with the result. They also kept up their pace throughout in contrast to last year. They were regularly in the points, nice and stable, and could maybe move up a further 2 – 3 places next year. Should they continue to improve, they might be destined for greater things in a few years’ time.

9. Ukraine (7,11,13,12,9) Their best efforts were at the start and at the end. The reasons for it are shrouded in mystery. There is potential in that team; otherwise quite low-key.

10. BOINC Synergy (9,24,8,8,5) The old masters gave away a better ranking at PG – it appears to be their Achilles heel. Without that slip-up they might well have been standing at #6. Tip for the future: - invest more in GPUs. Right at the end at yoyo they showed what they are capable of.

11. Russia (12,9,7,14,16) Last year at #9, the Russians had to pay the price on account of the strong field. In the end either strength or motivation appeared to have been lacking and they therefore missed the Top10. The Russians should take care otherwise they will slip back even further next year.

12. BOINC.Italy (17,12,6,11,14) The Italians complete the dozen which they duly deserve. Even though they didn’t gain ground at WCG, they managed to repair the damage at Rosetta.

13. Electronic Sports League (13,13,15,10,11) One would have thought that last year’s Silver Medal winner would be disappointed. But that is not so. The conditions were difficult for the team and we need to measure their achievement with that in mind. And it turned out alright in the end. This is ultimately a good basis for the future and they might even be able to charge at the Top10 next year.

14. AMD Users (8,15,16,16,15) With their super start at WCG it initially looked as if they had a chance for a place in the Top10. But they were unable to keep up the pace. In actual fact, they crunched along unnoticed and have a place in the Top15 on account of their good start.

15. boinc.at (5,14,21,21,17) The Austrians appear to have had problems splitting the projects. That’s where they lost most ground. In the end, they even had to worry about #15 but just managed to cling to it on the home straight. They too started really well at WCG but then rapidly lost momentum.

Comments shouldn’t really continue after #15 but I will make an exception this year for #16 because the team has really earned it:

16. Meisterkuehler.de (15,22,26,4,13) Without a doubt the second largest surprise of this year’s Pentathlon. This small team first came to our attention at WCG and then took the daring step of concentrating solely on QMC. This not only gave them a brilliant 4th place there but secured valuable points in the overall standings. They thus showed that even small teams can celebrate success through tactical and clever actions which have an influence on the overall standings.

The remaining field: Rechenkraft.net (#17), UK Boinc Team (#18), TitanesDC (#19), Boinc@Poland (#20), Overlock.net (#21), USA (#22), Crystal Dream (#23), Boinc@Heidelberg (#24), boinc.sk (#25), Universe Examiners (#26) and Boinc@Karlsruhe (#27)

This Pentathlon has given us the taste for more. More teams, more tension, more surprises.

I am thus bidding you goodbye for this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If so, please join us again next year. Until then you will ask yourselves these questions:

Can SG manage a hat trick again next year? Will P3D be able to crunch for victory next year? And who will surprise us next year?

As you can see, it will be exciting again at the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon starting 05.05.2012

Taken from SETI.Germany Wiki translated by Susanne

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