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Jeeper's daily reports about the pentathlon.

Tension is mounting

Do you remember?
“Is it possible for SG to achieve the title hat trick?
Will P3D be able to crunch for the victory next year?
And who will surprise us next year?” (19.05.11)
These questions will be answered from 05.05. – 18.05.2012.

Following the successful first two Boinc-Pentathlons, this unique crunching competition is now becoming tradition.
You have to be cautious with revolutions, nevertheless, there will be surprises this year.

The discipline “Showbag” is new. This would count as the most unpredictable discipline there ever was. A surprise egg, a grab bag, in short “Showbag”. It is utterly impossible to predict which project will be crunched here. It could be a CPU-project or even a GPU-project. It could be a project which the majority crunches on a daily basis or a project which hasn’t been crunched for ages.
There is no certainty as yet, but in any case it will bring more fieriness into the Pentathlon. The final choice of the project to be crunched here can have a massive effect upon the overall standings. Should it be a GPU-project, this would favour the teams who are particularly strong in that area (ie SETI.Germany). Should it be a CPU-project, it will be important to apply the right tactic as power density will be at its most intense.

The overall standings are of course completely open. The only certainty is, that whoever wants to win, must get past SETI.Germany. The unbeaten champion must defend itself against fierce competition. Well, will P3D want more this year than only 2nd place? That is entirely possible. In 2011 they overslept and missed the start, surely they will be setting the alarm clock this time. Forever in 3rd place last year, L’Alliance Francophone (AF) is always a contender for the top rankings, as well as Team2ch, Czech National Team (CNT) and SETI.USA (SUSA).

Only the new combined #1 Sicituradastra still doesn’t dare to enter the arena. That’s a shame as only here true heroes are born in the dust of burnt out computers. But in time they will realize that the Pentathlon is more than a world championship or an annual best list. No, the Boinc-Pentathlon are the Olympic Crunch Games and therefore ………….. All right, all right, I laid it on a bit too thick.

Nevertheless, no competition, no stats page can illustrate the challenges which the participants will have to endure. It’s not a Triathlon, no Ironman, no, it is far tougher. Quantity alone doesn’t count (although of course not doing any harm), agility, flexibility, tactical skills, courage and a hefty portion of luck are needed by those teams which want to stand at the very top.

It’s great to see the diverse starting grid besides the top favourites. 28 teams in total will be accepting the challenge. I seem to be hearing more about Pirates, they seem to be everywhere at the moment. They appear to have become landsmen. Only, if they want to go for the gold, plundering or boarding won’t do, the only way open to them is to crunch.
Meisterkuehler.de are taking part again, let’s see what the cool boys and girls have come up with this year. Also game are SETIKAH@KOREA and 2 teams each from the Czech Republic and Russia and a good many others. As you can see, there’s been provision of an exciting field.

I am now going to briefly cast my eyes over the disciplines. As in previous years, it is not only about the overall standings but also about the medals in the individual disciplines.

The discipline GPU appeared last year for the first time. Back then, SETI.Germany won ahead of SETI.USA and L’Alliance Francophone. Naturally, you can count on SG but it will depend on the choice of discipline, Nvidia or ATI, that could really influence destiny. Here it will depend on how well the teams are able to focus their GPU-power onto a single point. It won’t help having lots of power if it isn’t deployed in the right place at the right time.

Physics & Chemistry
5 teams were able to collect 6 medals in the last two years; only SETI.Germany managed it twice. However, SETI.Germany has been without a win here even though 2 silver medals aren’t a bad haul. ESL, the winner of 2010, will be granted outsider chances. In contrast, anything can happen with regard to Planet3Dnow, winner of 2011. The Czech National Team (CNT) could spring a surprise. The Czechs have shaped up in the last few months with their Projects of the Month. Questions remain regarding 2011’s third placed L’Alliance Francophone.

Biology and Medicine
There are as many favourites as sand on the beach. Naturally, SG have to be mentioned who after Gold in 2011 and Silver in 2010 are not to be underestimated. But even here P3D (Silver 2011), AF (Bronze 2011) and SETI.USA (Bronze 2010) are standing by to light a fire under them. Once again, an outsider role has to be assigned to team ESL, winner of 2010, but who knows, anything is possible at the Pentathlon.

The greatest crunching geniuses appear to be at home at SG, there is no other explanation how the discipline could be won in 2010 and 2011. SG has so far been unbeatable here. P3D (Silver 2011), AF (Bronze 2011) will be chomping at the bit to change this; I am still unsure what ESL (Silver 2010) and Team2ch (Bronze 2010) have to offer. But CNT especially should not be underestimated.

I’ve already written quite a bit about this project earlier. It would be astonishing if there weren’t any surprises to be had here. In any case, it will be interesting to see which project most of the teams have locked in their heart.
“God doesn’t throw dice” a wise man once said, although at this discipline he would have the chance.
To avoid becoming a gambling addict I’ll quickly change the subject and ask the important questions:
Which team can prevent SG’s hat trick?
Can SG continue their run of not finishing lower than 2nd place?
Which team will surprise us all this year?
As you can see, it will be exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.
Start is on 05.05 and also the first daily bulletin of events.

Day#1 - 05.05.2012

The Starting Pistol has fired

The 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon started on the dot at midnight (UTC). The “Game of Thrones” has begun

What awaits the feisty knights in the first discipline is the project Rosetta. The current data status does not really allow for any guesswork at the moment of who might be at the top in the end. Although CNT is currently at #1, the differences are minute. To bunker will be of prime importance with this project. Let’s see who will be crowned king. The first day is characterised by teams emptying their bunkers which will result in lots of fluctuations throughout the day.

As I forced myself out of bed this morning and threw a glance at the 07.00hrs stats the need for green tea had evaporated instantly, I was wide awake.
Boincstats was leading ahead of Meisterkuehler.de and Team2ch, SG only at #5, SUSA at #8 and AF at #9. 2 hours later, Meisterkuehler had even climbed to the top. Those cool boys and girls have had a really hot blastoff.

Current results (10.00hrs MEST) have delivered an unexpected surprise. Meisterkuehler.de is still leading, followed by Boinstats. But behind them the wild chase has begun. P3D has managed to make up lost ground with bounding strides and has already pushed up to #3.

Team2ch have had a great start but meanwhile have fallen back to #4 and are now being heavily pressured by SG who are also advancing with great strides.
Also quick off the mark were ESL who will not be altogether disappointed with #6. Behind them is Boinc@Mixi who, after a good start, now find themselves being passed further down the line.

CNT, AF and SUSA share ranks 8 -10 with 3 of the top teams. I can’t quite determine at the moment if any of them are going to get started. Should we be experiencing once again that favourites are already ruling themselves out of the circle of potential winners? Their backlog already amounts to more than 250k.
That can be the big chance for other teams!

But bear in mind that the Pentathlon isn’t a sprint. 5 days remain for the project, there’s no way of telling. We’ll soon see who has the greatest staying power.

There’s lots of movement from #11 further down. Team China at #12 hasn’t had such a good start. Boinc.Italy at #16 is currently battling with team Keep The Fire Alive. RKN at #26 appears not to have woken up yet. Piratenpatei at #29 can’t be satisfied with that but maybe the pirates need to sleep off all that rum first.

But even now, 2 disciplines are throwing a shadow. In the GPU discipline, from 07.5.12, there will be the project Collatz on graphic cards. It is also to be expected that teams will be busy stocking up. But Collatz does set natural perimeters and bunker teams will not be able to force ahead quite so easily. Could that be a chance for others?

It is still open which team will become favourite. SG is #1 in this project, followed by AF and P3D but even SUSA and CNT are not far from the action and there’s a possibility that eventually ESL and Boinc.Italy could break into the phalanx of the great. ATI/AMD cards should give the advantage here.
We will see which team will find this menu the tastiest.

After the announcement of the discipline Showbag it has become clear that Collatz will be the only GPU project of the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon. This will allow teams to concentrate all their GPUs on Collatz. But it should be understood that that they have to give it Everything, I mean, Everything, that their GPUs are capable of. Global warming, here we come ………

Even though WCG isn’t exactly an unknown project it was a surprise when a clear majority of the teams expressed a preference for it. After all, there are projects who are far more generous with their credits. Evidently, teams are not interested in external appearances and this time round are investing in internal values.

But who will win here? I’d be surprised if it weren’t Team2ch. The crunchers from the land of the rising sun are by far the strongest team of the field at WCG. Last year, when WCG featured in its own discipline, the Japanese won by a clear margin ahead of SG and AF. But WCG could still become the key project of the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon as experience from the previous 2 years shows: - whoever wants to be on the podium cannot afford to slacken in any project. Teams will need to be busy gathering points. There’s also the possibility that one or other team will see its winning ambitions pop like a balloon.

A lot will depend on how far teams will be tied into Rosetta. Large scale bunker action will be more difficult at WCG, except, if teams knowingly concentrate on WCG instead of Rosetta. Don’t forget that each discipline will have its own medal. Let us await the surprise of which team will be the jack-in-the-box, hitting their competitors for six.

The first 3 disciplines are now known. The organisers are still drawing a veil of silence over the start date and the identities of the 4th and 5th projects. But let’s remain in the present and ask ourselves the big questions of the day: -

How long can Meisterkuehler.de remain at the top?

Can SG still fight their way to the top?

Are CNT, SUSA and AF still going to wake up? As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

PS: We received sad news tonight from team L’Alliance Francophone. Their member “Jip” died shortly before the start of the Pentathlon. Team AF are therefore dedicating this year’s Pentathlon to “Jip”. The organisers have fallen into line, details of which can be seen on the Pentathlon home page. I would herewith like to take the opportunity to offer our heartfelt condolences.

Day#2 - 06.05.2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you are enjoying this day. I have managed to recharge my batteries for the strenuous days ahead and have exercised my legs and relaxed my brain at the Oberlausitzer mountain hike. Admittedly, my feet hurt a bit but now I am ready for new (mis)deeds.

Following on from Meisterkuehler’s and boincstats’ surprisingly good starts, there’s been a re-alignment of the standings. P3D took over the lead and SG followed behind. Both teams are currently battling it out and the outcome is still shrouded in mystery. Both teams are neck and neck even though SG have slowly crept up to P3D.

Did you know that SG has never won the first project? In previous years, SG has always started the first discipline with Silver. Therefore, a second place would not necessarily be a bad omen, because right at the end, the place at the very top was always theirs.

This morning, I was still under the impression that the SETI-chasers were a superstitious lot as they seemed to be concentrating all their effort to regain Silver.
Otherwise it would be difficult to explain why they are currently also engaging in the PG-Challenge. Meanwhile though, they seem to have changed course because although Silver isn’t bad, Gold is better.

SETI.USA haven’t had the best of starts, possible reason being the lack of bunkers. The Americans have meanwhile pushed up to #3 and, looking at their current output, are neck and neck with their Teutonic competitors. It remains to be seen if they can continue to antagonize both SG and P3D. Nevertheless, the Americans have had a far better start compared to last year and SUSA can be counted on this time round

Team2ch continues just behind at #4. The Japanese are emerging as an insider’s tip. But that rank is not yet secure. Danger is not really looming from Boincstats (#5) and team Meisterkuehler (#6). The real danger is coming from AF (#7) and CNT (#8) who are almost marching in step on the way up.

ESL at #9 is unfortunately unable to keep pace and is risking their Top10 ranking. The E-sports team should skip some of the training units as Russia, Team-China, Boinc.Italy and Overlock.net are quickly rushing up from behind. These four could potentially endanger even Boincstats and Meisterkuehler.de, therefore, keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile, RKN have worked their way up to #21; they have by now managed to leave even Boinc@Heidelberg in their wake. The Ukraine and Crystal Dream are following behind at #23 and #24. ITOMYSL are presently defending the last point but AMD Users and SETIKAH@KOREA are not in agreement and are currently devising a plan how to still get into the points.

It’ll be difficult to top the excitement at Rosetta but the 2nd discipline at Collatz will be starting tonight. If you have trouble enduring the tension I am sorry to have to tell you that this is only the beginning!

That’s why I am posing the big questions of the day:

  • Can SG succeed to push P3D off the pinnacle at Rosetta?
  • What will SUSA still be able to do?
  • And which team will be first off the starting blocks?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#3 - 07.05.2012

As I was already hinting, those events at Rosetta have now become reality. The duel is turning into a tri-athletic fight. Last night the second challenge of this Pentathlon began with the GPU discipline at Collatz. After extensive time-consuming research it was dawning on me last night that SUSA had great plans at Collatz. And sure enough, SUSA positioned themselves for D-Day.

SUSA, SG and P3D are engaged in a hot fight at Collatz with the leader changing by the hour. Prognoses change quicker than can be put down on paper. It’ll be thrilling to see how the standings will look following the emptying of bunkers. Even so, P3D should already take care not to miss the boat.

AF is currently at #4. Whereas last year they had a subscription out for #3, presently it appears as if they have opted to downgrade, with #4 looking like their favourite spot at the moment. It can’t altogether be ruled out that the trio at the top won’t turn into a quartet.

Both Boincstats at #5 and ESL at #6 had good starts. We already know that both teams have great bunker capabilities, let’s see if they can keep pace. Because, charging from behind, are CNT and Russia who will have no qualms about getting further ahead. Team 2ch’s fateful GPU weakness at Collatz leaves them currently at #9. Despite that, the Japanese are managing to keep Boinc.Italy from Southern Europe at a distance.

SG and P3D continue their fight for the summit at Rosetta. In the interim, SG had managed to get to the top but P3D had again knocked them back. Looks like this duel will continue until the end of the discipline. That already looks like a heart-stopping final! Definitely not suitable for those of you with a pacemaker! Don’t say you hadn’t been warned!

It has become clear that no team will be able to follow those two unless SUSA decide that they’re not going to be happy with #3 and tip out a colossal bunker.
It has been interesting to observe that the Americans had bunkered at Collatz like you wouldn’t believe but none of that at Rosetta. Admittedly their backlog at 600k is already quite substantial.

It now appears certain that P3D, SG and SUSA are going to share the precious metals amongst themselves. There is no less tension about the fight for #4. AF has not yet secured #4. You will find Team 2ch just a little downwind. Also, just behind at #6, CNT is itching to join the fight.

Although Boincstats and Meisterkuehler.de aren’t far behind CNT, it would do both of them good to look in the rear view mirror. We have an exciting midfield which is tightly packed from #7 to #13. ESL at #8 must also exercise caution that Team Russia, Team China, Boinc.Italy and Overlock.net, who are rushing up from behind, aren’t going to catch them. It’s possible for the rankings to be turned inside out.

Let’s have a quick look at the overall situation. As there is still a lot of movement at Collatz, it is currently not necessary to look at it too closely but it is becoming apparent that SG, P3D and SUSA are engaged in a fight for the lead. All 3 teams are currently at the top with equal points; 2 hours ago, SG had a 30 point lead. There’s an awful lot of movement to be expected.

Further down, AF, Boincstats, CNT and Team2ch are jostling for position. The distance between the two groups is already well visible but nothing has yet been written in stone.

The reason for this is Thursday’s start of the 3rd discipline Showbag at WCG. Here, Team 2ch is top favourite and will be able to score liberally. SG and AF have a large base at WCG, something P3D and SUSA are unable to match. Once again, WCG could become the key project because, whoever loses ground, will have to declare: - Over and Done.

The last two disciplines were announced last night. Project yoyo will be sent into the race in the discipline of Mathematics and Physicists and Chemists can dive onto QMC. What makes this special is that both disciplines are being run simultaneously. A hot finale is therefore guaranteed!

Whereas the top teams will have to give it their all at both disciplines, other teams will have more options to employ tactics. The first day of the two disciplines will be especially interesting as this will also be the last day at WCG which means that, on that day, 3 CPU projects will run alongside each other. Listen, if that isn’t going to generate tension!

To round off, now on to the big questions plaguing us:

  • Who will gain the upper hand at Rosetta?
  • Will P3D be able to stay connected to the top at Collatz?
  • Can AF still launch an attack?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon

Day#4 - 08.05.2012

I could make life easy for myself and simply write: No change. But that sounds so boring and would not represent what is actually going on here. We are witnessing the most exciting Boinc-Pentathlon in history. Is that not an awesome feeling? We are writing history.

The situation at Rosetta has only the appearance of having calmed down. P3D are leading the field, followed by SG. At the same time, compared to the Greens, the Blue-Yellows are constantly losing some ground. The difference currently amounts to 180k; they shouldn’t rest on their laurels. And, as I’ve already mentioned previously, SG has always started the Pentathlon with a 2nd place. For them, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad omen.

SETI.USA can still be found at #3. There’s a large question mark looming behind the Americans. Can they still establish the connection to the top or will they even lose Bronze which appears so secure. Reason being is that AF is creeping up from behind on tiptoes. Again, the difference only amounts to 180k.

By contrast, ranks 5 and 6 are already distributed. There appears to be a non-aggression pact between Team 2ch and CNT. On the other hand, Boincstats (#7) and Meisterkuehler.de (#8) cannot afford to slacken. It is almost obvious that both will have to give up their places. Team China especially will still be able to make it.

It’s anybody’s guess if Russia (#10) can continue their advance. The Russians will be able to get near Boincstats and Meisterkuehler.de but it remains to be seen if they’ll be able to overtake. Boincstats and Meisterkuehler must now resist to defend their good rankings. In contrast, ESL will have to say goodbye to their current rank #11. Boinc.Italy and Overlock.net will probably help them on their way soon.

Crunching@EVGA can be found at #14, followed by Boinc@Mixi who are continuing to lose ground. The downward trend doesn’t stop there:
BOINC@AUSTRALIA and Team Russia are still attacking and are not content with standings 16 and 17.

Titanes DC and boinc.at are racing neck and neck for #18. Both can take their time and concentrate on this fight as they haven’t got much of a chance to move up and there’s no danger from behind either.

Keep The Fire Alive! have lost an awful lot of ground. The last real output was dated 05.05.; they haven’t already put their weapons down? Or is more to be expected? RKN can be found at #21, followed by Ukraine, Boinc@Heidelberg and AMD-Users. The last points and therefore #25 are taken by the boys and girls of Crystal Dream.

Points will have to remain something of a dream for the remaining teams LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic, SETIKAH@KOREA, Universe Examiners, Piratenpartei Deutschland, Romania and BT Retired Club.

Whilst the situation at Rosetta has calmed down a bit, it is all still to play for at Collatz. Don’t be fooled by the large margins. They only serve large portions at Collatz.

SUSA has currently managed to distance themselves at the top. It will be thrilling to watch if they can hang on to the lead with continuous output. SG at #2 has nevertheless not yet given up hope of a first win at this year’s Pentathlon. Graphic cards are seen to glow just the same here as on the green planet. I am a bit uncertain how long the planet can remain green judging by the heat ……….

P3D is not far behind SG and the advantage over AF who are currently romping about at #4 is already distinct. Four teams are battling it out for #5: Team 2ch, CNT, Boincstats and Russia. You cannot currently come to any conclusion how that will end. A good finish is especially important for the Japanese in view of the overall standings to avoid throwing their podium chances away, small though they may be.

Old friends can be found at ranks 9 – 12. Boinc.Italy, ESL, Overlock.net and Team China are already engaged in a fight at Rosetta for the Top10.

In the overall standings, SG, P3D and SUSA are continuing to advance to the top. They all have equal points at #1. AF can naturally be found at #4, followed by Team 2ch. It will remain exciting to await the outcome of the duel. AF is still capable to head off SUSA at Rosetta and split the trio at the top and the Japanese are expected to grab what they can at WCG.

CNT is currently operating unnoticed at #6; I am personally disappointed in the Czechs. They are evidently unable to bring their full monthly power into the Pentathlon. A lot remains to be done. Boincstats are bravely contesting #7, Russia and Team China following on behind. The Chinese especially, will not be content with that.

The Top10 are currently more like the Top12 because another 3 teams have found that they currently stand at equal points. Once more, Overlock.net. ESL and Boinc.Italy are finding themselves engaged in a friendly contest. Somebody ought to tell them that this isn’t a cruise but a speedboat race.

To conclude, let’s mull over some of these questions:

  • Will AF manage to oust the Americans at #3 at Rosetta?
  • Can SG still get to the top at Collatz?
  • And what of P3D? Will they burn everything and turn the Green Planet into a desert?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#5 - 09.05.2012

Something extraordinary is looming, ladies and gentlemen. 5x Gold, 5x Silver, that’s SG’s balance in the disciplines in the years 2010 + 2011. For the 11th time, at Rosetta, there won’t be anything worse than rank 2. But these series appear to come to an end just at Collatz. What drama!

But wait a minute, put your handkerchiefs away again, there’s no time for tears. Even though Bronze cannot be passed off as real money, it’s better than paper any day. And anyway, nothing has been decided yet. Maybe Mr Pen-Ding is a friend of SG’s. Who knows ……..

All day yesterday, SG was showing weakness at Collatz which gave rise to conspiracy theories. Thus, SUSA was able to distance themselves at #1 and P3D able to slowly creep up. As evening came, time had come for P3D to thunder past und take up #2, thereby pushing SG to #3. Can SG fight back? Is the opposition being lulled into a false sense of security? We know that SG is capable of anything.

Just behind, AF is comfortable at #4. Apparently, the Francophones appear to enjoy themselves with some good wine and baguette. Team 2ch at #5 is beginning to distance themselves from their pursuer CNT. Meanwhile, Russia at #7 has managed to get ahead, followed closely behind by Overlock.net.
Boincstats and Boinc.Italy are both losing ground, their rankings #9 and #10 are not yet consolidated because Team China is preparing to overtake both. It helps to look East once in a while.

The last day of the tournament has arrived at Rosetta. To a large extend, most of the hymns have been sung here. P3D is steering towards a win. The green planet is continuing to widen the gap to SG at #2. SG appears to prepare for some of the upcoming events because a real effort to turn the result around cannot be detected. But again, it is unclear if SG’s strategies don’t include a little mischief.

It remains to be seen at the moment if SUSA poses a threat at the top; it currently looks as if the Americans had thrown away a better ranking because they hadn’t bunkered. Their normal daily output is not dissimilar to SG’s.

All that’s left for AF is the thankless ranking at #4. Whilst yesterday it looked as if SUSA could still pose a danger, the Americans put the world to rights during the night. SG especially would have hoped that AF could have still teased the Americans a little.

Team 2ch, CNT, Boincstats and Team China follow on at rankings 5 – 8. The Chinese should be able to bypass Boincstats. For Boincstats it will be Déjà-vu. In contrast, Meisterkuehler will be starting to shake in their boots as #9 is extremely vulnerable. Russia and Boinc.Italy are rushing up from behind. I will be rooting for them that they can hold on to a place in the Top10. It is not at all unrealistic! Let’s see who can remain cool.

Whilst Rosetta will end tonight, the Showbag Discipline at WCG is due to start. There will surely be potential for surprises here. First place appears to have been allocated but just behind everything, really everything, is possible. Last year Team 2ch won ahead of SG, AF and P3D. But then, the pentathletes were only permitted to crunch a particular WCG sub-project. There are no such restrictions this year which will have consequences.

The fight for #2 should for the most part be between SG, AF, CNT, Ukraine and Russia. These teams have the advantage of a very large fleet at their disposal at WCG. SUSA and P3D will find it a little more difficult, their fleet currently consists of small pleasure boats. Nevertheless, we know that both teams are able to re-arm quite quickly. I would want to pose the question of how many canons, sorry, computers a pleasure boat can tolerate …….

P3D is currently leading in the overall standings. But their 10 point lead ahead of SUSA and 20 point lead ahead of SG should not make them feel too comfortable. The standings will surely look different tomorrow morning.
Reason for that can be found at #4 and #5. AF and Team 2ch can surely gain good points at WCG but it remains to be seen if they can hook up with the top.
Also, we mustn’t let CNT at #6 out of our eyes; the Czechs are always capable of surprises.

Otherwise there was no movement. Nevertheless, there may be something happening at #7 in the next few hours. Boincstats is there at the moment. But both chief statisticians are under pressure. Russia and especially Team China (yes, it’s them again) are pushing further ahead. At #10 2 teams can currently be found, Boinc.Italy and Overlock.net; ESL at #12 has unfortunately not managed to keep up.

And now you are surely asking yourselves:

  • Will SG end up “only” at rank 3 for the first time?
  • How will the new top favourite P3D fare at WCG?
  • Will we witness a surprise on the home straight at Rosetta?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#6 - 10.05.2012

The first battle has been fought, the first discipline “Biology & Medicine” is over. Victory goes to Planet3DNow! A well deserved victory for the green planet who are being rewarded for a terrific energy output. SETI.Germany collected Silver for the 6th time in a discipline at a Pentathlon. Bronze is going across the big pond to SETI.USA. Congratulations!

L’Alliance Francophone are claiming 4th place, followed by Team 2ch and the Czech National Team. Right until the last minute the fight for #7 provided super tension. Boincstats did in the end manage to leave the troops of Team China behind them. Meisterkuehler.de were rewarded for their brave bunkers right at the start, they are entitled to a tremendous 9th place.

Bunga Bunga beat the Russian bear on the finishing line, #10 goes to Boinc.Italy and Russia must make do with #11. ESL’s E-sports crew complete the dozen.
They were able to fight off Overlock.net’s attack. It wasn’t only exciting at the top as the fight for #14 showed. Only 3000 credits separate Crunching@EVGA at #14 and BOINC@AUSTRALIA at #15.

A race to the finish line ensured that TitanesDC can now claim #16 as their own, they improved by 2 standings on the last day. At the receiving end and therefore not happy with the events are boinc@mixi and Russia Team at #17 and #18. Boinc.at and Rechenkraft.net complete the Top20.

The team from the Ukraine improved enough on the last day to gain rank #21 and thereby managed to put Keep the Fire Alive! in their place. The last of the standings with points are claimed by AMD Users (#23), BOINC@Heidelberg (#24) and Crystal Dream (#25). SETIKAH@KOREA, LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic, Universe Examiners, Piratenpartei Deutschland, Romania and BT Retired Club all remain without a point.

At Collatz, the American bald eagle is continuing to fly in circles at the summit. With its beady eyes it espies the pursuers and controls the field. Currently, SG are trying everything to move off #3 and have already quickened their wing beats but still, P3D is insisting on staying at #2. It remains to be seen who, in the end, will win by the length of their beak.

In contrast, AF is continuing to cruise at #4. Looks like they’ve built themselves a nest and are surveying the landscape. Team 2ch and CNT cannot afford such leisure as they are already engaged in an aerial fight for 5th place. Hot contests are being fought for ranks 7 and 8 as the two teams of Russia and Overlock.net are tussling for the best view. Boincstats and Boinc.Italy complete the Top10.

Although having gained no points at Rosetta, Team LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic have currently worked their way up to #20 at Collatz. Keep The Fire Alive! who have evidently decided not to crunch Collatz at all can be found at the very bottom. That will lead to loss of feathers in the overall standings.

The grab bag has been opened, Showbag has started with the project WCG. As expected, Team 2ch has already sped away from the other teams. Their dominance in this discipline is quite frightening and the Japanese are apparently not scared off by shut down power plants and unstable power grids. Admittedly, the German teams are also engaged in hastening the collapse of the German power grid.

It is not quite so unexpected that SG is leading the field of the pursuers. SUSA had a surprisingly good start and have already arrived at #3. Another Asian team, Team China, are currently at rank #4 and are demonstrating that they want to be right in the thick of it where it matters, not just looking in from outside.

We are only finding P3D at #5, closely followed by AF and CNT. #7 is trailing a bit at the moment but is still comfortably ahead of Ukraine, Russia and Boincstats. Crunching@EVGA and RKN at #11 and #12 had no problems off the starting blocks. At ESL it looks as if they overslept and missed the start, currently only #16. Surprise, surprise, Piratenpartei have pulled themselves together and are currently in the points at #24. In contrast, Meisterkuehler.de are refusing the work at WCG. Tactics, er, well, I can tell which way the wind is blowing.

With the start of the new discipline, the top has moved much closer together. SG and SUSA are currently sharing #1, P3D with 7 fewer points, are following behind. Team 2ch were able to progress to #4 and thereby overtake AF. The beginning of the upper middle field is following right behind. CNT, Team China, Boincstats and maybe even Russia are contesting #6.

The fight for the last standing of the Top10 will keep us busy for a while. Boinc.Italy, Overlock.net, ESL and Crunching@EVGA are keeping us in suspense.
There’s still a lot of movement in the rankings. WCG has only just begun and bunkers are being emptied continuously. But other rules apply at WCG and it will be especially important to keep up the tempo in the next few days. Those who are unable to do so will quickly lose momentum and lots of points.

But now again the important questions of the day:

  • Can SG keep 2nd place at WCG?
  • Will P3D have to lose feathers at WCG
  • And has the set of medals already been handed out at Collatz?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#7 - 11.05.2012

The most suspenseful Boinc-Pentathlon is moving to a decisive phase. It’s never been as close as this. A slip-up can spell the end. To add to that, it’s now also the start of tactical manoeuvres. On Monday, when 3 disciplines will be running side by side, teams will have to slowly put their cards on the table.

Only a few more hours are left at Collatz. There’s not been much of a change here in the last 28 hours. SUSA leads ahead of P3D and SG. Even though nothing should be excluded, it does look like a very calm finish. There’s also been no change from #4 - #9.

In contrast, #10 has a new owner, Team China had rushed past Boinc.Italy. Just behind, there’s also been a change of place, ESL fell back to #13 and had to let Boinc@mixi pass.

If you thought that that was the end of the twosome business I have to disappoint you. As can be seen, #15 said goodbye to its current tenant Meisterkuehler.de and allowed Crunching@EVGA to move in. But the fight for this pad is still in full swing.

There are contemporaries who believe that only the top standings provide excitement. Well, at least for Collatz, the reverse is true, because there’s even a hefty tussle for the last few points. BT Retired Club have pushed up to #25 and only 4k behind, Boinc@Heidelberg are trying their best to reverse the situation.

Even though the decisions appear to have been made already at Collatz, there’s still a hot contest at WCG. OK, Team 2ch appear to have injected rocket fuel into their computers but the rest could be compared to a beehive.

Standings are constantly being swapped, nobody is happy with what they’ve got. Nobody? Well, a not so very small and not so very defenceless Germanic team is momentarily well pleased with #2. WCG is the chance for SG to rejoin the fight for overall victory. And they appear willing to make the most of the opportunity.

At present, they are confidently leading the Best of the Rest. In contrast, there’s still an ardent struggle for #3. SUSA recaptured the Bronze rank from Team China. AF too, isn’t far from the action. Their diminished ability to bunker may well spell their doom.

Have you noticed something? Are you missing something or somebody? Correct, the green planet has gone. Don’t be worried, they are still in their orbit but appear not to be making any headway. In the meantime, even CNT have managed to push past P3D to #6. But there’s danger even from behind because Ukraine is not yet far away enough.

I’ve got some good news for all the fans of P3D: - there appears to be no threat from behind. Russia, at #9, has already distanced themselves. There’s a new guest to welcome in the Top10 and that’s Crunching@EVGA. RKN at #11 won’t be pleased about that and are probably already planning their revenge.

Boincstats, boinc.at, Boinc@Australia and Boinc.Italy complete the Top15. Overlock.net at only #16 appear to have problems. AMD Users are scampering behind with Boinc@mixi and TitanesDC following in single file. ESL appears to have had a catastrophic start, currently only at #20. And Meisterkuehler.de at #29 continue to give us lots of reasons to speculate.

It’s only to be expected that there’ll be consequences for the overall standings.
Only 36 hours ago, P3D was leading the field and now they’ve fallen back to #3. That’s how quickly things can change at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

SG and SUSA are marching side by side at the top. P3D are 13 points behind. 4th place is currently occupied by Team 2ch followed by AF. CNT is at a well-deserved #6 although they are already feeling the hot breath of Team China blowing down their necks. Level on points Boincstats and Russia find themselves at #8.

There’s also a bit of a squeeze at #10 with Boinc.Italy and Overlock.net having to share a parking space. Due to having rejected to work at WCG, Meisterkuehler have fallen back to #16. I am curious to see what it is they are concocting. There’s now only one team without any points, Universe Examiners. Come on, get a move on!

And now listen to the questions of the day:

  • At Collatz, will SG be able to surprise P3D and SUSA with a bolt of lightning?
  • How much lower can P3D drop at WCG?
  • And who is the strongest at WCG: SUSA or Team China?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#8 - 12.05.2012

You must surely have noticed that it got quite a bit cooler tonight. Don’t believe the weather forecast, it’s only because tonight Collatz came to an end. Maybe the Olympian gods were cross that at exactly 0.00 UTC the live broadcast of Collatz came to a close. They only had to change the channel.

SETI.USA won at Collatz. Decidedly, the Americans exercised tight control over this discipline. This marks SUSA’s first win in a discipline in a Pentathlon. If one were to exercise the logic of the past, SG should have been found at #2 but nobody appeared much bothered about that at the Pentathlon. Planet3DNow! can collect Silver; those from the Green Planet can also be proud of their effort.

Overall there’ve been a dozen disciplines in the history of the Pentathlon and SETI.Germany can now delight in 12 medals. This is the first time that they’ve collected Bronze but nevertheless, such a run is nothing to be sad about. Congratulations to all the medal winners.

Again, AF goes over the finish line at #4, followed by Team 2ch, CNT and Overlock.net. Russia will be well satisfied with #8. You can almost hear an echo of Boincstats slowly exhaling. They were able to defend #9 ahead of Team China, hurrying along. Thus, we conclude the Top10.

Boinc.Italy, boinc@mixi and ESL didn’t manage to get into the Top10. Boinc@Australia have cruised to #14 with Crunching@EVGA being rewarded with #15. Meisterkuehler.de on the other hand hit their limit with #16. Russia Team grabbed #17 on the finish line as TitanesDC’s chase came too late.

LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic whose chase was rewarded with #19 had been more successful. Even though AMD Users should have the perfect means, they appear to have taken root, only #20. I am not in the know if boinc.at are going to be happy with #21 but #22 for RKN looks to me too far back.
It appears that GPUs aren’t their thing. Crystal Dream will surely be happy with points for #23, the same for SETIKAH@KOREA at #24.

The last points were secured by BT Retired Club who were able to push Boinc@Heidelberg down to #26. Ukraine finished at #27 and thus remain without points, that too goes for Piratenpartei, Universe Examiners, Romania and Keep The Fire Alive!

Now is the time to catch your breath. There’s only one discipline running at the moment which allows the participants to gain strength and find the time to ensure the right tactics are ready for the next phase. Reason being, from Monday onwards, there is no stopping. But we haven’t got that far yet, time to turn towards WCG.

Team 2ch is continuing on their golden course, that is not due to change as the pursuers can’t even spot the Japanese tail lights anymore. SG appear to be running well; they’ve floored the accelerator once again during the night and have therefore increased their lead over the pursuers.

SUSA remain rooted at #3. The Obama country was able to gain some distance over Team China. For the Chinese, #4 is the best result so far, but even Bronze is still on the table. At SG and P3D especially, they must be busy crossing their fingers. Ranking #5 appears to have been somewhat secured by AF who, despite their good base at WCG, are not to be found higher up.

In contrast, the fight for #6 is still in full swing. Currently, P3D has the edge but CNT will not be pushed to #7 without a fight. This duel isn’t only heart-stopping, the outcome will have consequences for the overall standings.

There, at #8 and #9, a non-aggression pact seems to have been agreed between Ukraine and Russia. That cannot be tolerated, come on, we want to see computers on their last legs. Crunching@EVGA is bravely remaining at #10.

Not much has changed in the overall standings but that doesn’t mean that it has become dull. The motto here should be: Dinner is served. Judging by current preliminary results, we are going to witness quite a few scorching days in the final week. It all points to a showdown in the last two disciplines.

Currently, SG and SUSA appear to have the best starting conditions but P3D is close behind. It is quite possible that all 3 teams will have equal points in the end.
Here, I don’t have to talk up the tension, it is already within reach. Can you feel it? No, then you must be made of ice, off to the sauna with you…….

The fight for the remaining places will remain exciting. Team 2ch will surely not be as strong in the following disciplines which will give AF the chance to leave their current rank #5 and push ahead to #4. CNT is bravely holding on to #6 but Team China is hot on their heels. Will the brave Czechs be able to ward off the hordes from China?

The time for duels is not over yet as the bitter fight for #8 is proving. At the moment Russia has the upper hand over Boincstats but the statisticians appear to have a good chance to improve in the next few days. #10 too is hotly contested. Overlock.net and Boinc.Italy are all still neck and neck. We have to wait and see if Crunching@EVGA (#12) can close the ranks and join the duo. ESL on the other hand will be hoping to make good a few places, currently they won’t be happy with #14.

And now, the early bird poses the questions:

  • Who will obtain #3 at WCG?
  • Can SG’s #2 still be taken?
  • Can CNT reconquer #6?

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon

Day#9 - 13.05.2012

Just image that you are standing on your crunch boat surveying the scene. You see a beautiful clear blue sky. There’s no wind, not even a gentle breeze. No waves. You can feel the calm, you are revelling in it. You breathe deeply. Then you lower your gaze. You catch your breath. You see a towering wall of clouds as black as night in front of you. You glance sideways until you arrive at the starting point.

Only then do you realize that you are in the eye of the hurricane.
Without hesitation you start the engine and steer directly towards the darkest cloud formation.
You smile.

That is the Boinc-Pentathlon 2012! Starting tomorrow, we are going to find ourselves right in the middle of the most severe hurricane because alongside yoyo we will also be crunching QMC. Tactics will be decisive because Monday is also the last day at WCG. Can it be hoped that you are ready?

Before the calm will be disrupted by the storm, today gives us the opportunity to scrutinize the overall standings. But before we do that, let’s take a look at WCG.

Team 2ch has been able to celebrate for a while, their victory cannot now be taken from them anymore. It didn’t come as a surprise, of course, same applies to SG’s 2nd place. It’s because the blue-yellows have already proven last year that they can let rip at WCG.

SUSA at #3 continue to be surprisingly strong. They are slowly widening the gap to their pursuers. No high jinks here please as a 300k advantage might look comfortable but will not be a guarantee for security. For quite some time Team China appeared to be able to stand up to the Americans even though they will be very content with #4 as it would represent the best result for the Asian team in a discipline.

AF is still lying in wait, they haven’t yet validated their subscription for #4. 120k is all that separates them from it. P3D will possibly not be altogether happy with #6, the deficit of 330k is already quite substantial and thus the chances to advance are diminishing. At least the Green Planet has managed to keep CNT at a distance and thereby maintain some distance to the apparition contained at #7.

Ukraine is still at #8, followed by Russia, Crunching@EVGA, RKN, boinc.at and Boincstats. Meanwhile, Boinc.Italy has won the battle for #14 and has pushed the team from the land of kangaroos down to #15. Only 100k separate ranks 12 to 15, nothing that couldn’t be accomplished. That is where we can still expect exciting battles for position.

From #16 onwards we locate Overlock.net, AMD Users, TitanesDC, Boinc@Mixi and ESL. Crystal Dream are dominating their freshly captured #21. Will SETIKAH@KOREA be able to fight back? The last few points will be claimed by Russia Team, Romania and Piratenpartei.

Most of WCG’s standings appear to have been allocated already. The discipline Showbag has shown itself to be highly selective. Let’s see what consequences this will have on the overall standings.

SG and SUSA ahead of P3D, there’s no change there. Power needs to be applied at the right time and in the right place – this affects all three teams.
Everything is possible, surprises not excluded. SG is under pressure to win a discipline, otherwise the task ahead will be far more tricky. It’ll be even more difficult for P3D as they must now win both final disciplines to be certain. But, Ladies and Gentlemen, there still remains a chance of equal points at the end.

Team 2ch can already be located 24 points behind the top rankings. The Japanese will want to defend this standing and chances for success aren’t bad. They have a 23 point lead over AF, currently at #5. In the first two disciplines, AF have gained 20 points over the Japanese. If the Francophones want to get to #4 they will have to make an effort.

6 is proving to be a tight spot. In comparison to Team China, CNT is still leading by a whisker (5 points). Even though CNT appear to have been dealt a good hand, the fight for #8 is still wide open. Russia and Boincstats are separated by 3 points, just a sliver really. To add to this, it is quite possible for danger to appear from behind as Boincstats and Overlock.net are still within fighting distance.

Crunching@EVGA can be found at #12 followed by Boinc@Australia and ESL. Boinc@Mixi is tracking at #15, Meisterkuehler at #16. Point differences are minimal and a team would be able to achieve a lot with a good result. Meisterkuehler especially would be expected to live up to expectations. This can be the only explanation of why they have just about ignored WCG.

Both boinc.at and TitanesDC at #17 will find it hard to get further ahead. RKN at #19 should make that their goal. It’s not customary for them to be so far behind. From #20 onwards we find Ukraine, Russia Team, AMD Users, Crystal Dream and LITOMYSL. SETIKAH@KOREA should be able to do better than #25. In contrast, Keep The Fire Alive! appear to be in a bit of a crisis at the moment or are bunkering for yoyo and/or QMC.

Romania and Boinc@Heidelberg are sharing rank #27. The Germans can’t really be satisfied with this standing but here too, tactical measures might provide the answer. We will find out tomorrow if this is correct. Both at #29 are BT Retired Club and Piratenpartei Deutschland. On the other hand, without points, Universe Examiners are signalling danger at #31.

I’ve sifted through countless questions and speculations and write in the captain’s log:

  • Who will be fastest out of the starting blocks at QMC and yoyo?
  • What are Meisterkuehler’s plans?
  • And have all top rankings at WCG really been decided yet?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#10 - 14.05.2012

Tonight is the start of the final 5 days of the Pentathlon. The remaining days are promising to burst with energy and the intermittent standings are creating an appetite for more. Today, I’ll pass over WCG as the margins are already very pronounced and no change in the running order is to be expected. But don’t worry, you’ll be well compensated for it.

Today’s been one of those days. Whilst bunkers were being emptied at yoyo and QMC with constantly changing standings, the real challenge was to secure the hard-won rank at WCG. Those who offload too much can, in the end, lose more than they gain.

I’ll quickly get started at yoyo. Here P3D has meanwhile managed to get to the top but there’s a game of musical chairs in progress. CNT appear to have left the starting blocks far better this time and are surprising us at #2. An old friend can be found at #3 - now we know what Meisterkuehler had been up to recently because they had severely cloaked their activities at WCG. It will be interesting to see how long they can stay in the race.

The biggest danger is lurking at #4; SG, as usual, is slow to get going. This had already been noticed in the last disciplines. Having said this, it won’t take long before they will have fought their way to a standing on the podium. Margins are still very small, constant changes are being anticipated.

SUSA is already a bit behind SG at #5. Are the chickens now coming back to roost due to the Americans having had to constantly keep the pressure up at WCG? We will see how many more arrows they hold in their quiver. Once again, Team 2ch didn’t capitalize on their brilliant starting position, currently only at #6. They should have lessened the load at WCG from day 2, but again, didn’t manage to follow through. It appears obvious that the crunchers from the land of the rising sun need a little bit of constructive training.

Another small team Keep The Fire Alive! did well in the poker game. They’d also abandoned WCG and are putting all their stakes on 2 cards as they’ve also had a strong start at QMC, but just a little later. AF started surprisingly weak which is the more puzzling as they are second in this project and constantly applying pressure to SG.

Just behind, the next surprise can be found. LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic have bunkered all the way to #9, followed by Overlock.net. We are however not surprised to see Russia, RKN and ESL following just behind. Boincstats appear surprisingly weak at #16. Boinc.Italy at #21 will also be other than satisfied.

We will still be witnessing lots of position changes today and as from tomorrow, at the very latest, when WCG has ended, all teams must give it their all to conquer yoyo successfully. The same goes for QMC, of course. Traditionally this would be P3D and SUSA territory but currently only P3D appear to play their part. At the moment, the Green Planet is leading the rankings, followed by Russia. There are also some surprises at QMC. Nobody had the Russians on their radar for such a campaign.

SG have already positioned themselves at #3 but the blue-yellows should be on their guard as the deficit to the frontrunners is already quite noticeable. But all their fans shouldn’t despair, everything is still possible. Team 2ch too, is not making the best of their opportunities at QMC, currently only at #4. AF and SUSA are following behind. The Americans especially are currently shedding an awful lot of feathers. Was that it or is there more to come?

ESL too had a super start; they are currently at #7. Maybe the E-sports team could annoy SUSA and AF a bit. Keep The Fire Alive! are to be found at #8. This team’s strategy at yoyo and QMC seems to be to push both evenly, in contrast to Meisterkuehler who focussed on yoyo and can only be found at #18 at QMC.
We will observe very carefully which of these strategies will come out on top.

CNT at #9 must be disappointed and they’ve also got to be highly vigilant because Crunching@EVGA is already running alongside. Only 2 credits separate them at this time. At #11 we find a sign of life from Heidelberg, it appears that Boinc@Heidelberg had also employed tactics. Hopefully, this will bear fruit. I will discuss lower standings tomorrow as there is still too much fluidity. However, a trend can already be spotted. Small teams especially appear to have employed tactics as never before in a Pentathlon. Though Meisterkuehler were alone in that category last year, this time round there are noticeably more of those teams engaged.
I think this is fantastic because only thus can the great favourites be put under pressure and made to give it their all. Carry on!

Total chaos reigns in the overall standings. As the positions in the disciplines are changing, so the overall standings keep changing too and quite drastically. P3D currently lead by 40 points. That might sound a lot but just a little while ago, SG had been leading the field and again, within half an hour, everything had changed.

It is becoming clearer that SUSA is losing ground but since #3 ought to be relatively safe, the Americans will be going full steam ahead to secure victory. They will surely fight back, of that I am certain. Surprisingly, the Japanese of Team 2ch are currently managing to secure #4. That’s down to AF who still appear to be in a bit of a trance, looking at the current disciplines. Should they awake, however, the Japanese will have to make a gigantic effort.

CNT continue at #6, they managed to creep up close to AF. An attack on AF will depend on the Czechs holding on to their #3 at yoyo. That will be difficult as some of the teams will surely object. Team China, Overlock.net and Boincstats complete the Top10. Crunching@EVGA and ESL are not that far away and apply pressure from behind. Meisterkuehler.de have managed to push up to #13 on account of their good results. Admittedly, it will be difficult to get further ahead but is should be possible to hold on to that spot.

Lots of questions shape this morning:

  • Can P3D dominate at the top?
  • Can the teams who have surprised us thus far continue to do so?
  • Are SG and SUSA going to retort?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#11 - 15.05.2012

The tension cannot be bettered. Trends come and go. The only constant is the fact that everything is on the move. This exciting Pentathlon is setting new benchmarks and everything is left open! But before I go into that, let us have a look at the 3rd discipline Showbag and WCG. It was quite possibly the least exciting of all of them and yet it should be credited with having added excitement to the Pentathlon as it ensured that the top rankings moved closer together again.

Gold is going to Japan, to Team 2ch. Not surprisingly, the Japanese left everybody behind. Whilst the competitors struggled, the Japanese appeared to have installed hyperdrive. Second place goes to SETI.Germany who have thus let it be known that they are back in the fight for the overall standings. SETI.USA is collecting Bronze on the finish line. Up to now, the Americans were not known for their enthusiasm as far as WCG is concerned, that’s why I would describe this as a bit of a surprise. Congratulations to all those showing off their precious met(d)als.

Team China, on the other hand, ensured a great victory at #4. They were even able to pressurize SETI.USA which might still have consequences for the Americans at the last two disciplines. The following team was third at WCG last year, this year it was only enough for #5. That will not really satisfy them as the fight for #4 in the overall standings will not be made easier for the Francophones.

Planet 3DNow! has lost a lot of feathers, #6 is a bit of a blooper which could cost the Greens overall victory. Let us remember that 2 years ago ESL lost the Gold medal because they had a similar slip-up in a discipline. Czech National Team at #7 did not use their potential, in contrast, Ukraine and Russia in the next standings will not be content. Crunching@EVGA only just scraped in at #10.

At #11, Rechenkraft.net is collecting the best result so far, followed by boinc.at, Boinc.Italy and Boincstats. Boinc@Australia could have done better than #15, just 35k more and it would have been #13. Overlock.net on the other hand messed up a WCG, only #16. Next are AMD Users, TitanesDC and Boinc@mixi.
Much too far near the back at #20, Electronic Sports League conclude the Top20.

A much larger gap has opened up at #21 towards Crystal Dream, followed by SETIKAH@KOREA, Russia Team and Romania. Rank #25 and therefore the last points are snatched up by Piratenpartei Deutschland. Universe Examiners remain without points as they had deliberately decided to ignore WCG due to tactics, the same goes for Keep The Fire Alive!, Boinc@Heidelberg, Meisterkuehler.de, BT Retired Club and LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic.

P3D is quite clearly leading the field at yoyo. In the last few hours, SG have managed to move up to #2 and are beginning the chase but the output is currently not quite enough to diminish the gap. CNT at #3 have already got a bit of breathing space front and back, don’t be fooled, nothing here is certain.

Meisterkuhler.de have put all their eggs in one ‘yoyo’ basket. Currently at #4 it is still uncertain how realistic their chances are to remain there. SUSA at #6 did not start well. One either bunkers or one has to take into account that it takes a long time to move away from WCG. The same can be observed at SG. AF can be found at #6, followed by Team 2ch.

The two teams still full of surprises, Keep The Fire Alive! and LITOMYSL follow at ranks 8 and 9. It is difficult to predict whether they can cling on. Next and tightly packed as usual are Russia, Overlock.net, boincstats and ESL. After this Pentathlon they should be able to communicate blindfold due to huddling together constantly. Team China at #14 must now pay for the fast-paced tempo at WCG, this needs some urgent improvement.

QMC presents as a similarly coloured palette even though the situation with P3D at the top is identical. Russia is still at #2. They are bravely clinging to this position and are defending well against attacks by SG. But it only remains a matter of time before SG and SUSA, currently ranked #4, will pass by.

P3D’s advantage is already quite substantial but there’s exciting development between SG and SUSA, just behind. In contrast, AF at #5 and Team 2ch at #6 cannot keep up the pace. The Japanese must even be vigilant that they aren’t caught by CNT. The Czechs are currently flooring the gas pedal. This just shows what difference a bit of pressure can make as Team China are rushing up from behind and appear to have the intention of leaving #8 to exchange for #6.

ESL can still be found at #9 but TitanesDC are coming up too fast. Can ESL hold out? Once again, the E-sports team have the chance to get amongst the Top10, let’s see if they can make it happen. Ovelock.net and Crunching@EVGA are still remaining within striking distance.

All this will influence the overall standings. P3D lead at the top and can only be displaced if the Greens push them off the throne at either yoyo or QMC. SG is currently the main pursuer as they have succeeded to move closer in the last few hours. SUSA, on the other hand, appear to have solidified which isn’t very significant as yet as everything is still possible.

Realistically, the medals have already been handed out, just remains to be seen who will be given which. Already, Team 2ch and AF are too far away from the medal ranks. To stave off boredom those two have decided to crunch for tin. 10 points may sound a lot but would demand that AF move up a position which, judging by current intermediate standings in the disciplines, might be a bit of a challenge.

CNT and Russia better not glance ahead, that may be counter-productive. The teams will most likely still lose points at yoyo and QMC so that they have to take care to hold on to ranks 6 and 7. Team China at #8 are already lying in wait. Their worst performance at yoyo will present the Chinese with a problem in the end.

Both Boincstats (#9) and Overlock.net (#10) appear to have taken root in the Top10. Boinc.Italy, ESL, Crunching@EVGA and Meisterkuehler.de are already following at a distance. Boinc@mixi have spread out at #15 followed by TitanesDC who have caught up due to current good results at yoyo. Boinc@Australia and RKN have not decided yet who will get #17; both are only separated by 6 points.

Few chances remain for Ukraine to get further ahead, currently at #19. Keep the Fire Alive! appear to have secured #20 but if they going to slip back at yoyo and QMC, a different picture will emerge. Boinc.at and Russia Team will not object to gain a place. LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic can be found at #23 followed by Boinc@Heidelberg and AMD Users. Looks like the fight for #24 will still get exciting. Crystal Dream at #26 have managed to get away from their pursuers due to a good result at WCG. SETIKAH@KOREA and Piratenpartei presently share #27. Romania, BT Retired Club and Universe Examiners conclude the field.

And now the following questions are pressing to be answered:

  • Can P3D still be beaten at QMC?
  • Can SG still win at yoyo?
  • When is SUSA going to pounce?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#12 - 16.05.2012

Our Pentathletes have had a difficult few days. They fought down WUs which made their processors glow. They squeezed everything out of their graphic cards and they fought WUs which threatened to devour their computers’ memories. And now arises a challenge which was neither planned nor intended. QMC has been sucked empty. The Boinc-Pentathlon doesn’t only highlight the best teams, projects too are driven to their limits and tested without mercy.

I hope that this idleness won’t last too long because the outage will have implications. The teams’ tactics are now not going to go according to plan. On the other hand, this presents a challenge with which our champions have to cope with. And they will succeed, of that I am certain.

Due to the outage at QMC, fluctuations aren’t currently as noticeable but it shows, nevertheless, who had been able to bunker successfully. P3D is still clearly leading the field. By contrast, SG cannot keep up; they appear to have already come to terms that the fight will end at #2. This outage might be especially painful to SUSA. I don’t pretend to know their strategy but they were the team with the highest output in the last 12 hours.

AF is at #4, just behind follow Russia who have had to forfeit a few places. They won’t see the present outage as much of a problem, #5 would not be a bad end result. Team 2ch, CNT and Team China will look at it a little differently. TitanesDC at #9 appear to have bunkered well because they’ve managed to overtake ESL in the last few hours. Loser of the day are Keep The Fire Alive! who now find themselves at #19 after a good start and must be aware that they’ll fall further behind. Boinc@Heidelberg have also suffered quite a loss, now only at #21.

I hope that QMC will soon be resuscitated otherwise we’ll end up with a final power race at yoyo. There, P3D is also currently in the lead, even though SG is slowly closing in. But that’s not quite enough for SG to get close and pass P3D. CNT is bravely holding on to #3. Nevertheless, the air is starting to get thinner around the Czechs as SUSA is rushing up from behind. It will surely be only a matter of time before the Americans get past. CNT would then be another casualty of QMC’s outage.

They’ll be really annoyed at #5 because now Meisterkuehler’s good rank is in acute danger. If all the big teams switch to yoyo, the small team will not have any defences. First pursuer is AF who won’t be content with #6. The points will be important for the Francophones in view of the overall standings and the fight with Team 2ch. The Japanese, currently at #7, are unable to match AF’s and Meisterkuehler’s pace, never mind top it. A positive outcome for AF might be the fact that Overlock.net and Boincstats are catching up to Team 2ch.

Russia continues at #10 but the output looks alarming. There isn’t even much danger from Keep The Fire Alive! at #11 as their output isn’t much better. No, the real threat is coming from Team China who want to make up for their weak start. Thus the Chinese might benefit from the situation at QMC. LITOMYSL and ESL were the first victims of the Chinese. ESL especially can afford to look ahead, the Top10 are less than 40k away!

The next hours will be interesting as it will become more obvious that teams are relocating power to yoyo. But who knows, we may be in luck and QMC will return and provide work. Then it’ll be: - As You Were.

P3D is still leading in the overall standings ahead of SG. If SG still want to win this Pentathlon they have to win either at QMC or yoyo. Tension remains. But still, SUSA is moving closer from behind even though the outage at QMC could cost them important points.

Team 2ch is fighting bravely at #4 but chances for AF are good to pass by the Japanese if they get a good result at yoyo. There is a quarrel between Team China and Russia for #7 whereby the Chinese appear to have been dealt the best cards. Boincstats and Overlock.net are continuing to remain in the Top10.

Boinc.Italy at #11, ESL at #12 and Crunching@EVGA at #13 have got little hope of getting into the Top10. It would need a real show of strength.
Meisterkuehler, meanwhile, have dropped to #16, the exact same place as last year. An improvement will be difficult to achieve, the only hope is a slip-up of one of the rival teams. There is some danger from behind but the lead might just be sufficient. It’s important not to lose too many points at yoyo. This will be an uphill struggle.

RKN and Ukraine are continuing to fight for #17 and even Boinc@Australia appear to not want to be left out. Keep The Fire Alive! and Russia Team are currently battling for #21 and just behind, LITOMYSL, AMD Users and Crystal Dream are moving closer together. The Pentathlon will remain exciting right until the end.

Naturally, gripping questions are asked:

  • Will QMC return?
  • Can SG still strike at yoyo?
  • How much still remains in SUSA’s QMC bunkers?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#13 - 17.05.2012

Meanwhile QMC has been resurrected from its own ruins. This project now forces the participants to change course; however, the damage has already been done. I hope that QMC will be able to provide work until the end so that we can witness an exciting finale.

P3D is continuing to lead at QMC. Their advantage is obvious and the team can only be caught with an enormous show of strength. Just now, SUSA has overtaken SG and thus pushed up to #2. Third place wouldn’t be such a disaster for SG, rank 2 in the overall standings can be retained through #2 at yoyo.
The fight at the top is still getting interesting because SUSA appears to want to set course towards the summit. Only a win at QMC would help the Americans to overall victory.

Nevertheless, SG has to be on guard at QMC as AF and Russia at #4 and #5 aren’t too far away. Bunched quite tightly are ranks 6 – 9, Team 2ch, CNT, Team China and ESL are separated by a mere 140k. That is well doable. TitanesDC are holding on to rank 10 but Overlock.net are on the approach. Boincstats and Boinc.Italy continue to fight for #12. There are constant changes towards the end of the midfield, ranks 14 – 19 experience a lot of unrest. This part of the standings is characterized by constant fights for position. In general, QMC is marked by relatively tight intervals.

In contrast, at yoyo, the field is already beginning to spread out much stronger. Here too, P3D is clearly in the lead and are constantly moving away from SG.
The difference here is, that SG are able to keep the Americans at a distance. Rank 2 has meanwhile been well fortified towards the rear. Should SG have ambitions to win here, they will really have to throw themselves into it.

SUSA at #3 is only just ahead of CNT but the actual output of the Americans is telling us another story. Mind you, it could still get quite interesting here if SUSA decide to start a major campaign against P3D at QMC. That could mean a chance for CNT. Meisterkuehler.de are bravely holding on to #5 but are close to losing this rank to AF. But a final #6 could well be attainable for the cool boys and girls as their advantage to Team 2ch, Overlock.net, Boincstats and Team China is more than 350k. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they can stay ahead.

Let’s just have a look at the overall standings. P3D ahead of SG and SUSA. The crunchers from over the big pond have caught SG at QMC and are now running neck and neck with SG. Only 20 points separate the two from P3D. Less than 2 days and everything is still possible. You don’t believe that? OK, let’s have a look then:

Should SG win at yoyo and there be no changes at QMC, then SG and P3D would win the Pentathlon equal on points. Should the Americans win at QMC and there be no changes at yoyo, SUSA and P3D would win on level points. But in this scenario, should SG win at yoyo, then SG and SUSA would both win the Pentathlon.

You got it? As you can see, nothing has been decided yet but only one thing already seems certain, a medal will have to be handed out twice. This just shows how exciting this Pentathlon really is.

There’s no movement at the following ranks in the table. Team 2ch ahead of AF, CNT, Team China and Russia. It looks as if the teams might be taking a deep breath. Is that the calm before the storm?

My report today is a little shorter than usual. Reason being: I am getting ready to go to the Boinc Meeting in Wieda and thus is the technology that I will be able to continue my report from there. I must quickly find my investigative tools, tuck them away and tame my stubborn notebook and off it goes. You can catch up with my next report from Wieda.

Until then I will give you something to think about:

  • Is SUSA planning for D-Day at QMC?
  • Is SG going to attack at yoyo?
  • Will CNT be able to irritate SUSA at yoyo?

As you can see, it remains exiting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#14 - 18.05.2012

As the sun rises over the mountains of Wieda, the last hours of the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon have begun. The bell has sounded, the decisive hours of the last round have begun. We can hear the occasional computer whirring in the background, drowning out the sound of the wind outside. Whilst most of you are still tucked up in bed, the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon is still going like the clappers. We can still not be sure how it might end even though P3D’s chances are increasing minute by minute. Bur first of all, all in line please.

At yoyo, P3D are continuing to increase their lead, SG and SUSA aren’t quite able to follow. SG will find it hard to make good a deficit of 1.4m but it can’t altogether be ruled out. Yoyo, which happens to reside here in Wieda is always good for a surprise. I meant the project of course, and last night was shaped by secretive observations.

SUSA at #3 are unable to catch up to SG, their deficit of 2m should prove too much. It’s possible that the Americans have decreased their chances at QMC as they are continuing to crunch yoyo quite intensively. We will see. In contrast, CNT can probably be assured of 4th place. That should be quite a satisfying finish for the Czechs as this would be the best standing in a discipline in this Pentathlon.

As expected, AF have fought their way up to #5, followed by Meisterkuehler.de. They must heave a sigh of relief, #6 appears to be secure, the lead is surely proving big enough. We are still awaiting the outcome of the fight for #7. Team 2ch, Overlock.net and Boincstats are still competing for standings and who knows, a skilfully placed bunker and the result could easily be upended.

Whilst Team China is concluding the Top10, ESL, currently still at #12 is starting the final spurt. Team Russia must worry about #11 if the mouse and keyboard experts continue to catch up at this pace. Boinc.Italy and RKN at #13 and #14 are currently gaining ground. They managed to overtake LITOMYSL and Keep The Fire Alive! who, after a good start, are busy losing ground. Both teams have to be constantly vigilant as TitanesDC, Ukraine and Boinc@Mixi are also very keen to improve their standings.

Even though yoyo looks as if the top rankings have already been decided, please don’t forget that appearances can mislead. Tension is continuing within the field.

The situation at QMC is quite similar. P3D is leading here too but SUSA is coming ever closer. The margin appears quite comfortable but it cannot be guaranteed.
The team under the star spangled banner is known for its surprise attacks, P3D would do well to keep their defence shield activated.

3 appears secure for SG. There’s no danger from behind and up front? Who knows. Behind SG at the usual respectful distance we can find AF at #4. They couldn’t be prised loose from rank 3 last year, this year, on the other hand, they appear to have taken a liking to #4. The might of Russia is bravely clinging to 5. But not only that, they are setting about attacking AF. The last few hours will be insanely exciting here!

The fight for #6 between Team 2ch and Team China has meanwhile become lifeless. The two teams from Asia are only separated by 18k. We are witnessing a duel which fails to match the explosive power of their shared history. Meanwhile, calm and cool, CNT at #8 observe this flurry of activity whilst ESL are busy trying to reach dry land at #9. Chances are good as TitanesDC at #10 are only slowly closing in.

Boinc@mixi have meanwhile managed to crunch to #14 but there are less than 50k to #20. A lot can still happen here. Thus, Crunching@EVGA, Ukraine, boinc.ac, the Piratenpartei, RKN and Keep the Fire Alive! are still continuing the fight.

P3D is continuing to lead in the overall standings; it will now be quite safe to put a few bottles of Champagne into the cooler. But don’t open them yet because it could happen that another team’s glasses have to be filled instead. SG and SUSA are continuing to share Silver.

Team 2ch has good prospects of defending 4th place. Their victory at WCG has given the Japanese enough of a cushion and as AF have been unable to bag any medals this year, their chances of moving off #5 are quite slim. CNT, Team China, Russia and Overlock.net follow behind thus rounding off the best 10 teams.

Boinc.Italy and ESL don’t look as if they could jump amongst the best 10. Positions have been taken up on most of the standings, but it is still a bit tight here and there. At #15, we are finding Boinc@Mixi and Meisterkuehler.de on equal points. The same situation goes for Ukraine and Boinc@Australia who are tussling at #18. And LITOMYSL, Boinc Team Czech Republic and AMD Users have still not come to an arrangement about #23.

And what are the big questions of the day?

  • Is P3D close to the first overall victory at the Pentathlon?
  • Can SUSA still win QMC?
  • Can the Russian bear still snatch the French/Francophone cockerel?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Penathlon.

Day#15 - 19.05.2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Take a deep breath. You are caaaaaalm and relaxed. Lean back, you have earned it – because the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon is over.
Enjoy what’s coming next. But before we turn to the overall standings (Part 2), we will take a look at the results at yoyo and QMC.

Part 1

Planet 3DNow! are the clear winner at yoyo, ahead of SETI.Germany and SETI.USA. P3D kept their pursuers at a distance even in the closing phase and thereby managed to score unopposed victory. Even though #2 had already been secured by SG, SUSA on the other hand had to hold their breath as in the last few hours, the Czech National Team were coming closer and closer. Finally, the gap must have been too great and the Czechs have to be satisfied with #4. They shouldn’t be too unhappy about it as this standing is the best individual result CNT have had in this Pentathlon. Congratulations to all medallists.

In contrast, L’Alliance Francophone could have done with the points from 4th place but this will be apparent in the overall standings we will look at later. All that remained in the end was #5. Rank 6 for Meisterkuehler is their best individual result. The well chilled boys and girls can be very content with that. They had been a little better last year but to be fair, it had been more difficult this year due to a more powerful field.

Team 2ch defended #7 from Overlock.net who were rushing up fast. Their final spurt appeared to come too late. Boincstats too, at #9, couldn’t mobilize enough power to catch the Japanese. Team China crossed the finish line unopposed at #10 ahead of ESL. On the home stretch, the E-sports team managed to knock the team from Russia down to #12.

They are followed by Boinc.Italy at #13, Keep The Fire Alive! at #14 and Rechenkraft.net. At #16, LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic collected their best result in a discipline in this Pentathlon. TitanesDC, Ukraine, Boinc@mixi and Crystal Dream complete the Top20.

Crunching @EVGA crossed the finish line at #21, their worst individual result. BOINC@AUSTRALIA also appeared not to have the last two projects well in hand - only #22 for them. Behind them we find Boinc@Heidelberg who clearly managed to pull away from boinc.at, finishing at #24. Russia Team grabbed the last standing with points on the finish line. Then follow SETIKAH@KOREA, AMD Users, Universe Examiners, BT Retired Club, Piratenpartei Deutschland and Romania.

The well-known trio is also found at the top of QMC. Here too, Planet 3DNow! claim victory. SETI.USA were able to defend #2 against SETI.Germany but didn’t succeed in igniting the Green Planet. Congratulations to all three teams!

At #4 we are presented with an already familiar scene – this standing was grabbed by L’Alliance Francophone. They had to ward off the attack of Russia, but in the end, the Russians were unable to catch up with AF. Behind them was a close fight for #6. This duel is won by Team China ahead of Team 2ch from Japan.
Only approx. 10k separate both teams from Asia in the end.

Rank 8 goes to the Czech National Team, followed by Electronic Sports League and TitanesDC. On the other hand, the following teams were unable to get into the Top10: - Overlock.net (#11), Boincstats (#12), boinc.Italy (#13) and Boinc@mixi (#14).

Meisterkuehler.de demonstrated that it pays to fight until the end. On the last day, with rank 6 secured at yoyo, they decided to open the throttle at QMC. They then managed to overtake 9 teams on the last day of the contest and are thus rewarded with #15.

Also stepping on the gas on the last day were Keep the Fire Alive! They too managed to improve their standing and came in at #16. Ukraine finished at #17 followed by boinc.at, Crunching@EVGA, Piratenpartei Deutschland and Rechenkraft.net. Crunching@EVGA and RKN are the losers of the day; they conceded 4 – 5 places on the last day.

Rank 22 goes to the town of Heidelberg, to Boinc@Heidelberg. Russia Team and BOINC@AUSTRALIA follow behind. The last points are grabbed by team Crystal Dream at #25. SETIKAH@KOREA, AMD Users, Universe Examiners and LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic couldn’t keep pace. At the end of the field, Romania and BT Retired Club fought a duel for last place whereby BT appeared to react too late.

This concludes all 5 disciplines.
All of them exciting as well as entertaining. Let us look at the corresponding medal overview:

Statistic of all 15 disciplines ranked by medals:
SETI.Germany 5x Gold / 8x Silver / 2x Bronze
Planet 3DNow! 4x Gold / 3x Silver
Electronic Sports League (ESL) 3x Gold / 1x Silver
Team 2ch 2x Gold / 2x Bronze
SETI.USA 1x Gold / 3x Silver / 5x Bronze
L'Alliance Francophone 5x Bronze
Czech National Team 1x Bronze

SG is still leading the medal statistics in the disciplines but P3D have managed to work their way up although SG is the only team who have won a medal on each occasion. ESL are holding on to third place but if they want to remain there they will have to step up next year. Victory at Collatz ensured that the Americans were able to collect their first Gold medal.

This concludes Part 1, but don’t worry, Part 2 and the overall evaluation will follow shortly.

Part 2

What a fight! We’ve never had such an exciting Pentathlon. And we have a new winner! Congratulations Planet 3DNow! for the victory at the 3rd Boinc-Pentathlon. With an almighty effort, P3D sent SETI.USA and SETI.Germany to rank 2. That too is a novelty in the history of the Boinc-Pentathlon.

P3D had an energetic start at Rosetta and laid the foundations for the victory to follow. But at Collatz it was already obvious that SETI.USA too weren’t going to stand and watch and made their intentions known. SG on the other hand had already lost some ground but with a show of strength fought back into the title race at WCG. SUSA too did their best at WCG, gained ground and surprised with a good 3rd place. Thus both managed to improve their situation at WCG against P3D because there, the Green Planet messed up..

The decision had to fall at QMC and yoyo which is exactly what happened. It became evident that P3D transformed their weakness at WCG into their strength at QMC and yoyo. Neither SG nor SETI.USA managed to prevent the Green Planet’s triumph.

It was nice to see the various tactical manoeuvres of the teams. This time it wasn’t only Meisterkuehler who employed tactics. Teams like Russia and TitanesDC and others joined in. Thus Russia ensured that it was gripping at QMC and likewise CNT at yoyo. This just shows how variable the Pentathlon is, especially for teams who do not think much of their chances in the overall standings.

Naturally, the medal overview of the overall standings has now changed a little. Here is the current update:

Overall statistics of overall standings
SETI.Germany 2x Gold, 1x Silver
Planet 3DNow! 1x Gold, 1x Silver
SETI.USA 1x Silver, 1x Bronze
Electronic Sports League 1x Silver
L'Alliance Francophone 1x Bronze

1st place: Planet 3DNow! (1,2,6,1,1)
Three wins made up the foundations for their success. Only at WCG were the Greens made to lose some feathers which seems to be their Achilles heel. Lucky for P3D that their pursuers were unable to capitalize on their weakness. They were the best at mobilizing their members and this strength was the foundation for the victory. You couldn’t fault their tactics and luck too was on their side as the small outage at QMC appeared to scramble the tactics of the pursuers rather than their own. In short: They did everything right. We congratulate on their victory!

2nd Place: SETI.Germany (2,3,2,2,3)
After two victories now the Silver. SG succeeded again in collecting medals in all disciplines but for the first time it just wasn’t enough to win in any of them. A win might have been possible at Collatz but that was gambled away as it was all too apparent that SG was unable to motivate their members sufficiently. Nevertheless, SG should not be disappointed. Congratulations for Silver!

2nd Place SETI.USA: (3,1,3,3,2)
The Americans were really going for it this time which benefited the Pentathlon. They scored their first individual victory at Collatz but were unsuccessful at keeping the pace at the CPU projects. Here, SG and P3D were a step ahead as far as bunkers were concerned. The outage at QMC apparently upset their plans. Silver is the best result of the team from beyond the big pond. Congratulations for Silver!

4th Place: Team 2ch (5,5,1,7,7)
Due to their victory at WCG the Japanese were able to secure 4th place in the overall standings. Weaknesses showed in the last two disciplines; it became obvious that they were unable to motivate their team to crunch outside of WCG. Should they ever pull it off, the opposition better wrap up warm as a cold wind will be blowing.

5th Place: L'Alliance Francophone (4,4,5,5,4)
AF are characterized by stability, this time round was no different. However, as they were unable to produce an outstanding result they did not manage to get into the medal standings. The opposition is becoming stronger and the loss of Jip might have taken the fun out of it. In future, they need to improve as their competitors will not be in the land of Nod!

6th Place: Czech National Team (6,6,7,4,8)
Even though the Czechs were judged to be the secret favourite they did not manage to utilize their potential mobility. Admittedly they would not have been able to claim a medal in the overall standings but should have been in a position to influence the medal distribution in the disciplines. They were 5th last year but this time round were only able to achieve an overall standing of #6.

7th Place: Team China (8,10,4,10,6)
I have read that the red squirrel takes its time to fatten up, the same can be said about the team from China. Compared to last year they climbed up a rank and at WCG and QMC showed that they are quite willing to work their way up. They’ve been able to improve year on year and it will be interesting to see where they will end up next year.

8th Place: Russia (11,8,9,12,5)
With tactical expertise, Russia managed to work their way into the Top10; this, compared to last year, was quite a powerful achievement. Rank 5 at QMC was by far their best individual achievement and was made possible by using tactics. We need to keep our eyes open for Russia in future as the team from Russia has potential.

9th Place: BOINCstats (7,9,14,9,12)
Even though their capability is on a similar level it was only enough for #9 this time. They had to let Russia and China pass by. It’s a bit of a guess if the reconfiguration of the stats pages cost them power. But the statisticians should look out as the competition is increasing and stagnation will manifest itself in falling rankings.

10th Place: Over(c)lock.net (13,7,16,8,11)
A great improvement compared to last year was rewarded with a ranking amongst the Top10. Last year at rank 21, they looked assured, especially at Collatz and yoyo. This year, important points were again obtained at Collatz and yoyo; they should be able to absorb the small glitch at WCG.

11th Place: BOINC.Italy (10,11,13,13,13)
Stability over flurry of activity appeared to be the motto of the Italians. They could not match their top result of last year (1 x #6) but were able to better their rank in the overall standings by one place.

12th Place: Electronic Sports League (12,13,20,11,9)
Weakened at WCG but able to make good at yoyo and QMC. By employing tactics, the E-sports team was able to move up into the Top12. ESL will have to improve for next year if they want to take aim at the Top10.

13th Place: Meisterkuehler.de Team (9,16,29,6,15)
Meisterkuehler showed up stronger than last year where they had already entertained us well. They started brilliantly at Rosetta, left out WCG and were rewarded with rank 6 at yoyo. In the end, Meisterkuehler will look at 13 as their lucky number. Their appearance has whet the appetite for more.

14th Place: TitanesDC (16,18,18,17,10)
Though stronger than last year, 10th place at QMC was make or break. Only this standing secured rank #14. QMC appears to suit them; otherwise a very robust performance. It remains to be seen if they can validate this next year.

14th Place: Crunching@EVGA (14,15,10,21,19)
Following a good start at Rosetta and Collatz they bet everything on WCG and there, were thus rewarded with #10. However, this didn’t have any direct bearings on the overall standings as they lost quite a bit of ground at both yoyo and QMC. Despite that, #14 represents a good result for this team who have not always been able to convince.

The remaining standings:
16. BOINC@mixi (17,12,19,19,14)
17. Rechenkraft.net (20,22,11,15,21)
18. BOINC@AUSTRALIA (15,14,15,22,24)
18. Ukraine (21,27,8,18,17)
20. boinc.at (19,21,12,24,18)
21. Keep The Fire Alive! (22,31,27,14,16)
22. Russia Team (18,17,23,25,23)
23. AMD Users (23,20,17,27,27)
24. LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (27,19,31,16,29)
25. Crystal Dream (25,23,21,20,25)
26. BOINC@Heidelberg (24,26,28,23,22)
27. Piratenpartei Deutschland (29,28,25,30,20)
28. SETIKAH@KOREA (26,24,22,26,26)
29. Romania (30,30,24,31,30)
30. BT Retired Club (31,25,30,29,31)
31. Universe Examiners (28,29,26,28,28)

This Pentathlon had everything: tension, play and entertainment.
It was never boring and looking at the future the teams have raised the bar even higher.

I am now going to say goodbye. I hope that you enjoyed the Pentathlon as much as I did and that I was able to contribute in a small way.

Before I let you go, I’d like to send you on your way with a few more questions:

  • Can SG fight back next year?
  • Will Sicituradastra have the courage to intervene in this epic fight?
  • And which team can really irk the favourites?

As you can see, it will get exciting at the 4th Boinc-Pentathlon from 05/05/2013.

Taken from SETI.Germany Wiki translated by Susanne

Single Sign On provided by vBSSO