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Jeeper's daily reports about the pentathlon.

I welcome you on the eve of the 4th Boinc-Pentathlon

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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The teams are already pawing the ground. Our crunchers are still having to endure an agonising wait until the nagging uncertainty will be removed and they are released from their start boxes. We will only know on Tuesday which project is to be crunched right at the start. That will set it all in motion again. 2 weeks full of tension stretching every artery to its limit. We will see tears of happiness but also tears of disappointment and now and then a sheepish grin. And where will we observe this? We’ll have to wait and see…

Last year I sent you on your way with a few questions; I hope you haven’t forgotten them:
Can SG fight back next year?
Will Sicituradastra have the courage to intervene in this epic fight?
And which team can really irk the favourites?

Question No 2 can already be answered as Team Sicituradastra is once again lacking courage. And again it is obvious that there are teams who don’t shy away from any kind of challenge. With record participation of 36 teams it shows that they want to get out of their comfort zone. They want to experience life! These teams are taking up the gauntlet with the full knowledge that hard times are ahead. They cannot be kept down. They are prepared to face up to imminent trials and dangers. They are prepared to make sacrifices. And all this has one aim: to participate successfully in the Boinc-Pentathlon.

I hope this finds you in good spirits and full of expectations. Most of all, I hope that you have prepared well. Have you dusted off your computers? And converted the ice box in your refrigerator? Postponed the holiday in Tahiti? And with all of that going on, please don’t forget to protect your computers from being switched off by unauthorised third parties!

Setting up emergency generators cannot be officially recommended but might have its benefits. From 05.05.2013 the German power grid at least will be tested for stability. I hope though that the next days will not go in German energy history as ‘The Crunching Dead’. May the sun not shine as bright and the coal not run out……

The organisers have come up with something new to stop us getting bored. Don’t worry, there’ll still be 5 disciplines. This time they are punishing us, we are being sent to run a marathon. My feet are already hurting just thinking about it …. OK, the good thing about the Boinc-Pentathlon is that you won’t have to venture outside but nevertheless, you’ll still be totally exhausted in the end. Who is to argue that the Boinc-Pentathlon isn’t demanding.

But now a quick overview of the individual disciplines which are awaiting this year’s champions.

For the first time at the Boinc-Pentathlon, there is to be a Marathon. We don’t yet know where this discipline will take place and which tactics will be employed. At the beginning, teams will surely give it their all but at some stage it will be necessary to withdraw power. That would give one or other team the opportunity to start a grand comeback. But even such a strategy isn’t without risk.

Last year, SETI.USA won this discipline ahead of P3D and SG. Naturally this trio will be amongst the favourites with London bookies but that shouldn’t disguise the fact that the cards will be shuffled differently this year. L’Alliance Francophone or even Czech National Team have to be taken seriously. And who knows, we might even see ESL’s comeback.

Physics & Chemistry
In the last two years, the crunchers from the Green Planet proved to be the best physicists and chemists. Will they achieve the hat-trick?
The other teams will naturally want to prevent that. Here too, the card deck will be shuffled anew as we will not be crunching QMC this year. New project, fresh luck?

World community Grid
WCG could become a key project again. It still remains open which sub-project has been chosen by the participants but one thing is for certain: - this will separate the wheat from the chaff. Whoever were to lose too much ground here would be out of the picture. On the other hand, it might crown a new champion. The top favourite here is without doubt Team 2ch but maybe it will be possible to overcome the Samurai from the Far East this time.

It is almost a tradition for SG and P3D to engage in combat for the Maths-crown. In 2011 and 2012, both were able to triumph once each. Whoever wants to win must therefore get past both German teams. Maybe it will be Team China who can cause an upset this year. This will depend a lot on the project the teams have chosen. Have the teams got the courage for change? After all, the place of carnage for the last two years had been yoyo.

What else is left to say? Oh, yes.

As you can see, it will be exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon

We commence 05.05; also check out the first daily update!

Day#1 - 05.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Last night at exactly 0.00hrs UTC those (crunch-)runners who lined up at the start heard the prompt starting signal for the 4th Boinc-Pentathlon. Off it went into the night with the marathon-discipline at SIMAP. Note: bunker action in this marathon will not be so important. Endurance will be the decider and it will remain to be seen if those who were quick off the mark will not in the end run out of steam. And one or other of the teams might well be quietly observing all the action only to flash a smile and overtake the quick-starts who have run out of power. This is also a good description of the challenge facing our runners.

Once the gun smoke had dissipated it was soon clear that Planet3DNow (P3D) had started the fasted, staying ahead of SETI.USA and SG. ESL too had a good start in the early hours and are currently at 5th place. Let’s take a look at the present situation. Events on the first day are known to be shaped by bunkering with anticipated changes to come in the second half of the day.

Right at the top, P3D have separated from their competitors. The Green Planet is powering along at a hellish pace. Can they keep this up? All in all, the soles of their shoes are already smoking and the tarmac is melting beneath their feet. SG on the other hand stayed in bed ‘til late and measured up the situation. They have meanwhile pushed SETI.USA (SUSA) off their 2nd place but the Germans have not yet secured enough of an advantage; they need to keep up the pace. A gaping chasm has opened up behind this trio at the top.

L’Alliance Francophone (AF) is following the top group at a respectful distance but behind them we’ve spotted the first small surprise. Team China sprinted to #5 and AF is feeling the breath of the Asian pursuers. When we think back over the last few years, Team China has, almost unnoticed, fought their way to the top, bit by bit. Will they manage a breakthrough this year?

Boincstats, currently at #6, started well but then lost a bit of ground. The same goes for ESL which makes it plain to see that the keyboard-acrobats mean business this year. Rechenkraft.net (RKN) find themselves at #8, having settled at a comfortable pace; they are now neither moving forwards nor slipping backwards. Overlock.net (#9) and Team2ch (#10) complete the Top10. This will essentially be a serious setback for the Japanese in view of the overall standings or do they intend to power up right at the end?

Surprisingly far back at #11 are Czech National Team (CNT). Here too we have to make a guess whether this is due to lacklustre form or cool calculation. Even though they are currently slowly closing the gap to Team2ch, their performance remains a mystery. I will keep my eye on it. Not totally unexpected is #12 for Boinc.Italy. In contrast, Crunching@EVGA will be able to live with #13. #14 for Meisterkühler.de is however indicating that they are keeping their cool and possibly playing games? We will see.

There is currently a fight for #15. There are now two Russian teams: at #15 and #17. We are especially surprised by the weak start position for Russia. Maybe they too are focusing on individual disciplines instead of overall standings. At Einstein especially, we will have to take note of Russia. Following a strong intermediate sprint, the team with the long name LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic have fought their way to #16. Behind them DC Russian Union, new to the Pentathlon, are putting up a good fight at #17. The following places are taken by SETIKAH@Korea (#18), Boinc@Australia (#19) and boinc.at (#20).

We find Boinc@Heidelberg at #21 followed by Boinc@Mixi (#22) and AMD Users (#23). This trio is starting the race where they left off last year. They tussle for the last remaining points. But it looks like Ukraine (#24) and The Scottish Boinc Team (#25) are going to stir up that trio. It wasn’t supposed to get boring at any rate. Team Crystal Dream at #26 are desperately wanting a share of the spoils, only a few points separate them from #25. But even at #27 the fight goes on as Titanes DC have been spotted in the slipstream. An interesting fight for ranks 23 – 27 is developing here.

These have already been left behind a bit: UK Boinc Team (#28), Christian (#29), Piratenpartei Deutschland (#30), SETI@Deutschland (#31), Bulgaria (#32), SecuriteInfo.com (#33) and Team Belgium (#34). The end of the field currently feature Nemesis Germany (#35) and at #36, AerospaceResearch.net who appear to have lost their marathon shoes.

The first positions have been claimed. At the front the picture isn’t altogether unexpected but still, there is a surprise here and there. And it’s still too soon to figure out which strategy the individual teams have chosen for themselves. Nothing has been decided yet; even P3D might come unstuck only to be left by the wayside or find their shoes have melted due to the fast pace.

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#2 - 06.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The second day of the Pentathlon has dawned. At the SIMAP-Marathon, teams are striving to crunch with a consistently high output. Yet surprising developments and a bumpy track are making it harder than planned for the teams. Some of you might think that the marathon has developed into a cross-country race, leading over hedge and ditch. But who is to say that a marathon should be easy.

P3D continue to lead the field even though the Green Planet have throttled their speed. The hellish pace was obviously not sustainable for too long; on the other hand, there is no need for it at the moment. This opens up the chance for pursuers to close in on P3D. The fact that SG and SUSA are currently duelling for #2 could also help the situation. That lifts the mood and provides motivation. SUSA especially, has mobilised new forces and moved past SG during the night. SG must watch out not to miss the bus. But be reminded: the race ahead is a long and winding road.

We can now observe one such turn in the track at #4. Yesterday, Team China made a well-controlled start. But today, they pushed past AF with a quick burst of speed. The pace of the Chinese continues to be high, yes, even higher than that of SUSA and SG; can more be expected? Is Team China reaching for the podium? The excitement for the fight for #4 matches the calm of the fight for #6. Boincstats (#6) and ESL (#7) are running close behind one another with ESL monitoring their opponent intensely. That seems to be the only explanation why no overtaking manoeuvre is being initiated.

It’s OK to study those in front but it might also be sensible to look behind them because Overlock.net are coming closer in big strides. They have not only overtaken RKN (#9) but are thus confirming their higher ambitions. The Top10 is completed by, not Team 2ch, but by Russia. Since yesterday, the Russians have fought ahead by 5 places and are thus following the Chinese method: look first, then crunch. CNT remain behind them at #11. The crunchers from the Czech Republic seem to be too laid back in this marathon. The overall standings will have to be written off or are they deceiving their competitors by letting them think that they are safe?

Had you asked yourselves where the Japanese competitors are, well, they are completing the dozen. Rank 12 will surprise those who are watching from the roadside. Here too ambitions for the overall standings are slowly turning belly-up. Due to Russia’s leap forward, Boinc.Italy have lost a place and are now at #13. In geographic terms, both teams are separated by thousands of kilometres; here at the Pentathlon, it currently amounts to less than 400 credits. That divide can surely be closed.

Russia’s other ‘casualties’ are Crunching@EVGA (#14) and Meisterkuehler.de (#15) who both had to lose a place. On the other hand, DC Russian Union have gained a position and are now at #16. Boinc.at have also jumped ahead. Yesterday still at #20, today already at #17. They too appear to be managing the race well. Boinc@Australia are currently at #18. They have changed places with SETIKAH@KOREA. Once again, less than 400 credits separate both teams.

LITOMYSL have lost 4 places. Following a good start they are now paying the price for their original fast pace. It’s currently looking quite good as they are holding on to #20. The fight for #21 shows that the excitement is not just near the top. Currently, Boinc@Heidelberg have the edge on AMD Users but you can just tell that AMD are ready to fight. OK, a 4k lead for the Heidelberg team but they’ve also lost 6k to AMD Users in the last 12h.

The fight for the last few points continues to be gripping. Titanes DC have meanwhile moved from #27 to #23 with an enormous power boost. But Boinc@Mixi are not to be shaken off and they are evidently not satisfied with #24. Crystal Dream at #25 are also within touching distance of both teams.

Two teams who were in the points yesterday are now fighting to keep up. Currently Ukraine and The Scottish Boinc Team have to be satisfied with #26 and #27 respectively. Both will have to increase their pace if they want to get back into the points. On the other hand, the Scots won’t have to concern themselves with their pursuers who don’t appear to be a threat: UK Boinc Team (#28), Christian (#29), SecuriteInfo.com (#30), Piratenpartei (#31), Bulgaria (#32), SETI@Deutschland (#33), Nemesis Germany (#34), Team Belgium (#35) and at #36, AerospaceResearch.net.

But now forthcoming events are foreshadowing. Tonight you will be led onto the ice, black ice. The discipline is Short-track which will take place at WCG, to be precise at CEP2. It’s already looking very slippery and one’s got to ensure not to be flung out in the bend. It will be interesting to see how the teams will weigh their power. I perceived an outcry here and there because of the choice but folks, what would the Pentathlon be without a real challenge. People who climb mountains earn respect, not those who allow themselves to be rolled down them.

On paper, Team2ch and AF have good cards but that will not mean security. The selection of the sub-project leaves a lot of room for surprises. Everything can be possible here. Maybe somebody will succeed in overpowering the Japanese crunchers.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#3 - 07.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Last night was the start of the 2nd Discipline Shorttrack at WCG/CEP2. Here, we are currently witnessing something unique. Shorttrack in the dark. Lights are on only once a day to see how the positions have been allocated. Since this will not satisfy you entirely, I have put my ears to the ground and followed the rumours. Even when you don’t see anything, you can still hear or feel something. And what I can perceive makes my mouth water.

Sensationally, SUSA has apparently been placed at the top. It seems that behind them are SG and P3D but dissenting rumours can’t agree in which order. That at least lets us anticipate an exciting race. Apparently, 2ch is only placed behind this group, difficult to believe, I know. There might be some truth in it, because 2 years ago, the Japanese didn’t pick up speed until later, once all the other teams had emptied their bunkers. Behind them are supposed to be ESL, Russia, Team China, AF and CNT. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, these are just rumours. There might be some truth in them but again, there might not be. We’ll get the update tonight at 0.00hrs UTC and will then be better informed.

Whilst our Kufencracks are tapping in the dark, our marathon runners at SIMAP have managed to make really good progress. P3D continue to lead. They are still the ones with the most speed. Behind them the positions have changed, SG had to clear rank 2 and make way for SUSA. SG is currently fighting to keep up. Is that the temporary crisis every marathon runner has to face? Again, you need to be reminded that the finish line is still quite some distance away.

Just as tight and thrilling is the action at #4 and #5. AF managed to fight their way close to Team China and have even overtaken them. Was this sprint too much for the Chinese, has it cost them too much strength? It appears to be so as they are currently unable to follow AF. Overlock.net too are managing their resources well, they have got to #6 in the meantime and have thus relegated Boincstats to #7 and ESL to #8. Both teams cannot even feel safe there because CNT is rushing up from behind. It appears that the Czechs have decided to open the throttle. Russia, meanwhile, has taken up residence at #10.

The current situation shows that ranks in the Top10 have already been allocated as none of the pursuing teams are able to keep up such a pace. Neither RKN (#11), Team2ch (#12), Meisterkuehler.de (#13), nor Boinc.Italy (#14), nor Crunching@EVGA (#15) are in a position to do so. There is however an exciting situation with 3 teams fighting for #16. DC Russian Union has currently got the best chances but boinc.at and SETIKA@KOREA are closing in. Slightly left behind are Boinc@Australia at #19.

A surprising discovery behind LITOMYSL (#20) is Crystal Dream. 5 places have been made good since yesterday, a brilliant effort. And it looks as if they are not yet satisfied! Not far to go to rank 20. Last positions in the points currently go to AMD Users (#22), Ukraine (#23), Boinc@Heidelberg (#24) and TitanesDC (#25).

Two disciplines are already running but there is more to come. Tonight, the teams will have to pull their weight as the search for gravitational waves commences at Einstein@Home. Well, where there are waves some rowing should be possible. The selection by the teams fits the bill. Einstein is the only GPU-project this year; however, CPUs can also be utilised. And who knows, might they even tip the scales?

SG’s cards are currently looking good here but the question is if they will manage to play them. Current quarterly action shows that the blue-yellow team’s daily output is high and their pending stores well filled. Real surprises are still possible at Einstein because similar to SG, Russia and Czech National Team could profit from high base output. However, they shouldn’t feel too secure and must push as hard as they can, despite their advantage, as SUSA, AF and P3D will not stand back and let their opponents disappear over the horizon.

There is currently no way to predict outcomes for the overall standings due to CEP2 remaining in total darkness. This will change tonight on account of having 3 disciplines in the competition. We should know by tomorrow who will be engaged in a fight for victory in the overall standings. Who knows, we might see a few surprises on the scoreboard tomorrow morning.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#4 - 08.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Welcome to the 4th day of the most exciting Pentathlon of all time!

A small ray of light briefly lit up the official standings of Short-track at CEP2. This is also the basis for the points in the overall standings to which I will return a bit later. Those nebulous rumours proved to be true. There is a real chance that 2ch will not be seen at the top in a WCG-project.

You can well imagine how fast everything moves on the ice. That’s why I have decided to carefully grope my way to the edge of current events and leave the official evaluation to one side; after all, the official results are already out of date by half a day. Feeling and listening takes too much effort and that’s why I have grabbed the night vision goggles from my survival kit (one has to be prepared …). I am now able to see a bit clearer but all in green. I sincerely hope that I won’t get anybody mixed up; there might be a danger of that happening with those boys and girls from the Green Planet.

To be honest, my head is spinning due to the continuous position changes at the top. It is difficult for me to establish if SG, P3D or even SUSA are currently in the lead. Those three are at any rate quite close together. There is a jockeying for position before swishing round the bend which is making the ice melt. There will be excitement here until the end.

Who amongst you wouldn’t have put money on 2ch? Bookmakers would currently make the deals of their lives because 2ch is only found at #4. It seems to me though, as if the Japanese are closing in on the trio in front. More can be expected. This is followed by a small gap where one after the other, Russia, ESL, Boinc@Heidelberg, Team China, UK Boinc Team and AF are fighting for ranks 5 – 9. Here too, changes have already happened since the announcement of the official stats. AF is hurtling past, only at #10, but a backwards glance should not fill them with concern. CNT is remaining at a distance in their pursuit and are most of the time occupied in keeping Boincstats and Overclock.net at a distance. Boinc.ltaly, RKN and Christians follow at ranks 13 – 15.

You see how exciting the action on the ice is and that just at CEP2. But our rowers who have to row through the gravitational waves are in no way inferior. The only GPU-project of this year’s Pentathlon started last night at Einstein.

And there we have discovered a hefty surprise. The fact that a Russian team wants to get in on the action is no surprise but what is, is the realisation that it is Team DC Russian Union. Yesterday, they occupied #107 of Einstein’s rank listing and today, they are leading the discipline. Behind them follow SG and P3D who have to put in a real effort to follow the Russians. Due to their sprint start, the Russians have paddled themselves a lead of a few boat lengths; question being - can they maintain this speed? SG, on the other hand, is able to slowly disconnect from P3D but the advantage is not enough yet for them to relax. SUSA appear to have lost their rhythm following a good start. On the other hand, the boat of the Americans can be seen to have gained momentum.

And who do we find at #5? 2ch who have just pushed past Russia. Looks like there is some disarray in the Russian boat. On the other hand, there appear to be lots of little Einsteins in Russia; that is the only explanation for the Russian strength at Einstein.

ESL at #7 is again one of the party. The team is so far holding their own at the Pentathlon. Behind them, CNT have again overslept at the start and are now trying to regain lost ground. At #9, Team China is coming into focus, followed by Boincstats. Thus we have againcompleted the Top10. AF too, have had a catastrophic start, only #12 so far. That is not very respectable but there is currently no indication that they can recover. Due to lack of time and running out of space, I am now leaving the rowing arena and am checking how the marathon runners are getting on.

They are continuing to run and run. The field has sorted itself out a bit since yesterday. No change to report at the top. P3D is leading the field and appear to control their lead. In contrast, SUSA have been able to detach a little from SG. Both AF and Team China have held their positions. CNT have improved by 3 places since yesterday and with their current #6 are now on the way up. Will it be possible to push further ahead? Overclock.net (#7), boincstats (#8) and ESL (#10) have thus lost a place. Russia concludes the Top10.

The next position change has happened further down at #19. Crystal Dream have managed to conquer this position. Boinc@Australia who had been pushed off, must now ward off Ukraine who have managed to reach #21. LITOMYSL (#22) have lost 2 places and AMD Users (#23) had to let a team pass. Boinc@Mixi (#24), on the other hand, have fought their way into the points. TitanesDC though have not been infected by all the drama and remain stoically at #25.

Even though there’s smoke rising from my fingers I must naturally glance at the overall standings and they are quite something. We currently have three first places! It has to be said that only the official results from CEP2 are fed into the calculations. Despite that, we find SG, P3D and SUSA crunching for victory in the overall standings. It is already clear that those 3 teams will divide the podium ranks amongst themselves.

The rivals can’t keep up with this trio. We are surprised to find 2ch at #4; this shows some consolidation of events but still, we are missing a highlight. Rank 5 currently goes to Russia, followed by a great 6th place for ESL. Note: only 7 points to go to get to #4; surely more can be achieved! AF is experiencing a performance crisis at the moment, only #8. We find CNT at #9 but again, only 10 points more to get to #4. The fight for the positions up from #4 is and remains exciting.

Overclock.net are being rewarded for their great achievement with #10, followed by DC Russian Union and Boincstats. The Russians appear to concentrate on Einstein, that might mean that they may slip a bit further back. RKN (#13), Crunching@EVGA (#14), Boinc.Italy (#15) and Boinc@Australia (#17) follow behind. Meisterkuehler.de, only at #18 have the misfortune of being without points at CEP2. Crystal Dreams are currently at #19, behind them with equal points are 3 teams at #20: - SETIKAH@KOREA, Christians and Boinc@Mixi.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, there’s lots of choice open to you. Wherever you go, you will be entertained. Boredom is a long forgotten word. As the overall standings are so close, each small change in the disciplines will mean big changes in the overall positions. Stay with us because:

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#5 - 09.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

In Germany at least, today is the day when kids think of themselves as real men – it’s the unofficial ‘Blokes Day’. However, here at the Pentathlon, we don’t have to look far for real men. They are strong and fast and work up a sweat. They eat and drink without cease and don’t ever get tired. Does that sound familiar to you? Congratulations, you must be a computer taking part in the Pentathlon. And if you add her (the graphic card) into the equation, it then gets expensive and really hot.

P3D have placed themselves at the top in the overall standings but the positions are not yet secure at CEP2 and Einstein and 30 points clear are not enough to allow them to rest on their laurels. SG have moved to rank 2 but still have chances, the same goes for SUSA. Here the positions are not yet made permanent. Behind them, Team China and 2ch are fighting for #4, an historic duel. There are only 3 points between the rivals at this time.

At #6 and #7 it’s not exactly quiet either. Here, AF and CNT are neck and neck and both are only separated by a whisker. ESL on the other hand have slipped back a bit to #9 even though they would have opportunities to claim #8 and thus overtake Overclock.net. Russia too are not without chances.

DC Russian Union are currently resting at #11; mind you, they are profiting greatly from their lead at Einstein. Boincstats can keep up their hopes of striding past during the next two disciplines. It will be a little bit more difficult for RKN (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#14). In contrast, Boinc.Italy appear to be floating around in Never-Neverland, at present neither going forwards nor backwards.

The situation behind them continues to look tight. Boinc@Australia have consolidated at rank 16 but the Ukraine have placed themselves directly behind them. They only have a lead of 6 points over Crystal Dream at #18. Only 3 points further back, Boinc@Mixi and Meisterkuehler.de are engaged in a hot duel; both currently on equal points.

It is now time to cast a glance at the individual disciplines.

Most teams appear to have settled into their positions at SIMAP’s marathon. Bets are already being placed in view of the hot final phase. The current order is: - P3D, SG, SUSA, AF, Team China, CNT. Whilst the front of the field is relatively calm, there is lots of turbulence at the rear. Ranks #18 to #24 are engaged in a hefty skirmish. Ukraine is currently leading this wild bunch, followed by SETIKAH@KOREA, Crystal Dream and Boinc@Australia. Still in the game, although fallen behind a bit are AMD Users, Boinc@Mixi and LITOMYSL TitanesDC at #25 are pushing onwards and appear to want more.

In contrast, no decision has yet been made at the rowing. It has to be said that DC Russian Union are in a clear lead at Einstein. But despite the large advantage, the Russians are not yet home and dry. SG has not yet given up their chances of scoring important points here. On the other hand, P3D had to let go. They have to be on their guard not to let SUSA come too close. And as we all know, the Americans are always good for a few surprises.

Also looking good at the moment are CNT (#5). The Czechs have really strained at the reins and made good some places. Another winner is Overclock.net (#6) who have overtaken Team China (#7) in the last few hours. Things are still heating up and there are only 250k between #5 and #7.

Team 2ch (#8) and AF (#9) must surely give up hope for a better position, the deficit appears to be too large. Slipped through to rank 10 are ESL who appear to have suffered some water damage. Let’s hope that they can rectify that situation.

Boincstats and Russia, both at 11 and 12, have lost valuable places. Both their boats are nearly touching. In cold blood, Boincstats have exploited the Russian’s weak phase and have just moved past them. We need to look much further back until we see Crunching@EVGA show up in front of us at #13. There doesn’t appear to be much of a chance of progressing. Boinc@Mixi is currently occupying rank 14, followed by Boinc@Australia (#15) and RKN (#16). Crystal Dream appear capable of managing the 28k separating them from the Australians.

The best and most exciting action can currently be seen at Short-track. Here 4 teams are still in with a chance of victory. Even though CEP2 is placing great demands on the teams, they have shouldered their burden and allow us the odd exciting glimpse into the darkness.

P3D is continuing to hold on boldly to the top spot. It would be such a coup for the Green Planet if they could claim victory here. That would constitute a big step forward in defending their Pentathlon title. But not everybody is in agreement, especially Team 2ch; the Japanese have overtaken SUSA and SG since yesterday and are stretching out their feelers towards the top. It has to be said that P3D is putting up quite a dogged fight. Who would have thought that this discipline would sweep us off our feet in this way.

But SG too still have a chance to move up but first they need to improve to make that happen. They are currently still able to keep SUSA at a distance but for how long? The leading Four, however, have now escaped their pursuers for good. Once again, AF (#5) have to fend off Team China. Looks like the right two have found each other.

A real drama is on show at #7, maybe the blades have blunted or there’s just not enough power. Russia has broken through the ice and is now worried that the strong Boinc UK Team might catch up with them. ESL at #9 appear to do battle with themselves, their lead on Boinc@Heidelberg (#10) is still large but the Heidelberg Team are coming closer.

Completing ‘The Dirty Dozen’ are CNT (#11) and Overclock.net (#12). Both are pushing and shoving and it’s a pleasure to keep an eye on them through the night vision goggles. Next, Boincstats (#13) and Christian (#14) are taking it easy. But behind them, you can forget about resting up as rank 15 is hotly contested. RKN, Crunching@EVGA and Boinc.Italy have all laid claim to #15.

You must surely feel it too; great things are on the horizon for us to witness. This is just a little warm-up to what will be the ultimate showdown next week.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#6 - 10.05.2013

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Whilst some needed to sleep off their hangovers, the crunchers on the other hand showed no mercy. They are steadfast and are holding their own. Although there appears to be a period of calm in the stats, we shouldn’t be fooled. The margins are tight so that none of the disciplines have been decided yet. Some of the teams have already experienced what a little inattention can do to the overall standings.

There was quite a bit of action in the last few hours on SIMAP’s marathon track. Even though there’s been no change at the top, CNT have claimed #5 and have relegated Team China to rank 6. CNT appear to have woken up at last. Change of position too at #11. Team 2ch overtook RKN but still, the current standing of the Japanese is disappointing, whereas RKN shouldn’t be discontented.

Musical chairs too are being played at ranks 15 – 18. The current line-up is: - DC Russian Union ahead of Crunching@EVGA, Ukraine and boinc.at. Last but not least, TitanesDC have quite unexpectedly taken over #24 from LITOMYSL. Most teams have by now found their rhythm but some changes are expected next week when we will no doubt be anticipating some surprises.

Our oarsmen appear to have reached half time. Even though DC Russian Union are way out in front at Einstein, SG, amongst the pursuers, have not yet given up. It would be a hard fight for the Alien-seekers but there’s a better chance of catching the Russians than finding an alien. P3D have come to terms with 3rd place. The green boys and girls would like to move further up but that will be difficult. Above all, a regular check behind them is necessary as SUSA is within striking distance.

In contrast, Overclock.net (#5) have unexpectedly pushed past CNT (#6) with great effort and taken us all by surprise. Team China, on the other hand, are taking it steady, they appear to be content with #7. AF, however, have pushed to #8, past the defenceless Japanese of 2ch. ESL at #10 are looking on with great satisfaction. Only Boincstats (#11) could pose a threat to the e-sports team but that would demand greater effort by the chief statisticians.

Russia, Crunching@EVGA, Boinc@Mixi, and Boinc@Australia, on the other hand, appear to have signed the cease fire agreement. None of them appear to be interested in improving their position. Maybe somebody should tell the coaching staff that this is a competition.

The next teams at least appear to have taken this to heart. I can hardly see through all the green and orange arrows to determine who has improved where and by how much. RKN can be found at #16 and the boys and girls from the land of the great pizza, Boinc.Italy, have moved up to #17 and thus caused the dreamers from Crystal Dream to have a rude awakening. Ukraine have even improved by 2 places and can now be found at #19, followed by SETIKAH@KOREA and the UK Boinc Team. Meisterkuehler don’t appear to be very motivated, now at #22; if they don’t take care, they will find that they haven’t yet reached the lower levels of the elevator. Reason for that are TitanesDC (#23) and AMD Users (#24) who are slowly coming closer. In contrast, the Scottish Boinc Team are keeping calm, looks like #25 is enough for them. Take a break by all means, have a single malt, but not just at this particular time. Slowly but surely, CEP2 are moving into the final phase. We still don’t know how the podium ranks will be allocated. P3D are still in the lead and have managed to increase their advantage slightly. The distances are minimal and as you know, a little slip on the ice is enough to lose everything. Teach 2ch have not warmed to their unfamiliar role as pursuers but it is still too early to write off the power from the Far East.

SG at #3 is finding it increasingly difficult to advance but they are not throwing in their towel just yet and that will be the right decision. SG can’t afford to rest because SUSA are keeping up the pressure and lie in wait to exploit any weakness by SG. AF (#5), Team China (#6) and Russia (#7) are no longer influencing the outcome at the top.

3 teams are now fighting for the last remaining places in the Top10. UK Boinc Team (#8) appear to have the best chances as they are able to stay ahead of ESL (#9). But behind them, Boinc@Heidelberg is keeping up the pressure and could, in the end, be the happy third. The Heidelberg team are making great leaps ahead as they were listed at rank 27 in last night’s official statistics. Within touching distance are Overclock.net (#11) and CNT (#12) and there is such tension here that I might need a photo finish each time to decide who is in front.

Let’s now take a glance at the overall standings. P3D ahead of SG and SUSA, no change there then. However, AF have fought their way to #4, only 1 point ahead of Team 2ch. AF appear to have the advantage, especially in view of the other disciplines. But rank 4 cannot yet be ascribed to AF as the tiny sum of 10 points is all that distances them from Team China. CNT and Overclock.net are on equal points at #7. The Overclockers are indeed the surprise of this year’s Pentathlon.

Some doubt remains whether DC Russian Union can hang on to their #9 as they seem to be too fixated on Einstein. This is good news for ESL (#10) as that will give them a good chance to reach the Top10. However, Russia (#11) and Boincstats (#12), their rivals, are not that far away. Crunching@EVGA and RKN are engaged in a hot duel for #13 with both currently on equal points. Boinc.Italy at #15 need to make an effort if they want to improve their situation.

Ukraine is valiantly contesting their position at #16 but Boinc@Australia (#17) is within touching distance, whilst Boinc@Mixi remain at #18, followed by Crystal Dream. This year’s Pentathlon appears to pair off a lot of teams just like the couple at #20. Meisterkuehler.de and AMD Users are engaged in a fierce battle.

Behind them follow SETIKAH@KOREA (#22), Christians (#23), boinc.at (#24), LTOMYSL (#25), TitanesDC (#26) UK Boinc Team (#27), Bulgaria (#28) and The Scottish Boinc Team at #29. Currently without points are SecuriteInfo.com, Piratenpartei Deutschland, SETI@Deutschland, Nemesis Germany, Boinc@Heidelberg (change expected tonight), AerospaceResearch.net, Team Belgium.

Boinc@Heidelberg show what chaos some tactical action can create. I am sure that we haven’t heard the last of what the teams have in store for us.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Pentathlon.

Day#7 - 11.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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The countdown has started. Tonight, CEP2, the first discipline of this year’s Pentathlon, ends on the ice where the short-trackers are busy completing their circuits. The spectators, meanwhile, have created a special atmosphere with lighters and sparklers and the ice has been worn so thin and almost worn through to the bare concrete floor. P3D is not overly concerned as they appear to be steering towards a sensational victory. However, a last minute stand by 2ch must be anticipated as the deficit doesn’t amount to all that much.

Both SUSA and SG would be in favour as they are engaged in their own small skirmish. SG is not just hoping to get on the podium, important points for the overall standings could be lost. One thing is certain: the end offensive will come; will it be enough?

In contrast, the following positions appear to have been claimed, AF at #5, Team China at #6 and Russia at #7; they appear to have buried the hatchet. I’m not too sure if the current advantage of ESL (#8) will be enough to keep Overclock.net (#9) at a distance. Rank 10 appears to be taken by CNT. I’m glad to say that it will be the end of the blind flight tonight, it’s just too difficult to spot the competitors as Boinc@Heidelberg and UK Boinc Team appeared to be further ahead yesterday than they are today. The heat on the ice has been creating some fog which is clouding our senses. The only sure thing is that we will know more tonight.

Nothing much is happening on the marathon track at the moment. Here, the strategists are causing the slide rules to smoke. SIMAP currently experiences the calm before the storm. An interesting observation is that the outputs of the Top5 teams have moved closer together. P3D thus continue ahead of SUSA, SG, AF, CNT and Team China. It’s much more exciting at the rowing, let’s get over there quickly.

The teams have to pull their weight at the rowing as the finish line is not far off now. DC Russian Union had created a strong advantage in the first days here at Einstein; all the same, it could be very tight at the end. The explanation can be found in SG’s camp. Here they are trying to mobilize everybody who can be located. First results are showing that they are getting closer to the Russians but will they be able to catch them? The waves will know.

P3D have meanwhile taken up residence at a very comfortable 3rd place. Looks like they won’t be advancing much further and SUSA won’t be a threat from behind. Meanwhile, the Americans appear to have rested up with burgers, fries and beer and are letting their legs dangle. They are not moving from the spot. Brave and courageous, Overclock.net is defending #5 from CNT whereby the Czechs lost a bit of their grip in the last few hours. That would be a good result for Overclock.net, fingers crossed.

In theory, Team China (#6) would still have an opportunity to catch CNT but as always, theory and praxis are two different pairs of shoes. The Francophone Alliance however, can be found at #8 ahead of 2ch from Japan. In contrast, ESL at #10 cannot feel safe as Boincstats are on the lookout for any weakness. In the next ranks too, All are preparing for the end offensive. Only at #22 can we discover a change of position. AMD users who are new to this field have relegated Meisterkuehler.de to #23 and TitanesDC to #24.

P3D will especially be looking forward to the overall standings. Due to switched positions at CEP by SG and SUSA, the lead has now become very comfortable. If nothing is going to change here it will be difficult to catch up again with the Green Planet. But P3D have not yet arrived at the finish as surprises in the last two disciplines are not only expected but will be guaranteed. SG and SUSA can currently be found at #2 on equal points. Behind them, there’s no change in the score. AF at #4, only just ahead of 2ch and Team China. Continuing to share #7 are Overclock.net and CNT. DC Russian Union (#9) are only leading ESL by one point.

We might still witness a small national battle as Russia (#11) is positioned only 7 points behind DC Russian Union. I am uncertain how far Boincstats (#12) are able to advance. There is always a possibility in any case. Crunching@EVGA and RKN at #13 are making a nice couple. We have to shout across: enough flirting, start crunching! Margins are also tight at the following places: at #22 Meisterkuehler and Christians are again engaged; will be interesting to see how it will end. Now, as the first discipline comes to a close, the next discipline is waiting at the door. Again, we are paying a visit to yoyo. It appears that the competitors are of the opinion that yoyo will not carry as much weight. Well, we will have to teach them the facts. We will of cause have to reckon with P3D, SG and SUSA, but with AF, a forth favourite is at the start. The motors should still be warm at SG and AF as the Pentathlon is taking place at the same time as both teams are about to lay claim to the #1 spot there. They’ve so far not come to an arrangement.

The hot end phase begins with the start of yoyo. It is now almost time to put all the cards on the table. Poker will not get you anywhere, only sheer effort will count.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#8 - 12.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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Last night marked the end of the first discipline of the 4th Boinc-Pentathlon. We had a clear view of an historic fight at WCG/CEP2 in a well-lit Short-track arena where we witnessed two surprises. Victory and therefore Gold go to P3D, congratulations on this super achievement. Who would have thought at the start that another team, other than the Japanese, could stand at the top. SUSA gave it their all and managed to overtake Team 2ch with a phenomenal final sprint and was thus in a position to collect Silver. Unexpectedly, there was only Bronze left for 2ch. Congratulations to all medal winners!

This now leads to the second surprise. For the first time in the history of the Pentathlon, there was no room for SG on the podium. Expectations were surely different in the blue-yellow camp. It’s not much consolation for them to know that they were separated from the rest of the field by such a large margin. AF (#5) were never able to keep up with the front runners and even had to ward off Team China from time to time who shouldn’t be too disappointed with #6. The Chinese made us sit up and take notice again. Rank 7 went to Russia which also constitutes a good result.

ESL succeeded at keeping #8 despite dwindling margins at the end. Overclock.net claim a great #9 whereas CNT at #10 stayed well below expectations. A positive surprise at #11 are Christians. Boincstats (#12) and Crunching@EVGA (#13) follow behind. AMD Users (#14) were able to push past RKN in a strong move on the last day. Rechenkraft found themselves in a tight spot right until the last moment as Ukraine (#16) were keeping up immense pressure from behind.

Boinc.Italy (#17), Boinc@Australia (#18), DC Russian Union (#19) and Boinc@Mixi (#20) conclude the middle of the field. Crystal Dream at #22 were able to fulfil a small (very small) dream whilst TitanesDC (#23) should be glad that it is all over as they succeeded to secure their hard-fought position in the end. Rank 24 had another new owner yesterday, Bulgaria, who snatched this position in the end spurt and thus relegated SETIKAH@KOREA to #25.

Without points remain Boinc@Heidelberg (#26), boinc.at (#27), UK Boinc Team (#28), The Scottish Boinc Team (#29), Piratenpartei Deutschland (#30), SecuriteInfo.com (#31), Meisterkuehler.de (#32), Team Belgium (#33) and AerospaceResearch.net (#34). Nemesis Deutschland and SETI@Deutschland are not featured in the stats as yet.

As there are no new developments at SIMAP at the moment, I am going to skip the marathon runners. There is just too much going on elsewhere at this time.

The end stage has now begun at the rowing event; the teams are diving onto the Einstein-WUs to try and improve their positions. This Pentathlon is just one big surprise egg as DC Russian Union are continuing to hold their own at the top. Although SG is coming closer, the pace of the Germans doesn’t appear fast enough. What is more, SG urgently need points for the overall standings. They are inching closer, every dip of the oars narrows the gap. But the finish line isn’t far off. Will SG be able to turn this around on the home straight?

P3D who were able to slightly increase their advantage over SUSA (#4) look solid at #3. Overclock.net are impressively demonstrating that they are not willing to give up rank 5. That could be their best position at any Pentathlon so far. CNT (#6), Team China (#7), AF (#8), 2ch (#9) and ESL (#10) are rounding off the Top10.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that Boincstats (#11) could manage the leap forward. There are still a number of exciting fights for position further back where the jury is still out, i.e. fight for rank 12 between Crunching@EVGA and Russia, fight for rank 15 between Boinc@Australia, RKN and Boinc.Italy; fight for rank 23 between Meisterkuehler and TitanesDC.

Last night saw the start of the weight lifting at yoyo. These teams all got away well: P3D, SG and 2ch. But Meisterkuehler, too, joined in the action whereas SUSA tailed off a little. Let’s just take a look at the current standings. It wasn’t altogether surprising to see P3D separate out in front; SG continue to follow behind. This time, AF is part of the action at rank 3 despite having SUSA behind them within touching distance. It still remains to be seen to what degree SUSA will increase the pace, they might well be following tactics. You mustn’t forget that the 5th discipline will start the day after tomorrow which will present quite a few new challenges for our teams.

Once again, Boincstats managed a good start and are currently at rank 5, followed closely by CNT (#6) and 2ch (#7). Meisterkuehler.de started well too but have had to slip back a place in the meantime and now rest up at #8. A little bit further back are Russia and RKN at 9 and 10. A little bit weak at the start, Overclock.net are currently placed at #11. ESL (#12) had also failed to add enough weights, more should surely be possible or do we now see what consequences it can have for your fitness when you engage in too many computer games instead of training your muscles for real? There is currently a lot of movement which lets us discover one or two surprises in the classification. We thus find Team China at only #15, what’s happening?

Not surprisingly, the uncertainty is naturally affecting the overall standings. P3D were able to increase their advantage, behind them however, there’s been a change of position. SG have currently got their nose in front of SUSA. AF, on the other hand, is alone at #4 as Team China (#8) have so far failed to add further weights at yoyo. 2ch (#5) are standing up to the Chinese, CNT (#6) and Overclock.net (#7). Once again united in battle for positions are Boincstats (#9) and ESL (#10).

DC Russian Union have slipped back just as expected; they are wrangling with Russia over #11 and #12. RKN, currently rank 13, would also surely be happy with #12 but that is still some distance away. And Crunching@EVGA (#14) are waiting for Rechenkraft to slip up. Behind them is a larger gap and we then meet a trio who fight for #15. Ukraine, Meisterkuehler and Boinc.Italy are engaged in an intense battle on three fronts.

Another sparky trio can be found from #18 to #20 where Boinc@Australia, Boinc@Mixi and Crystal Dream are clashing. AMD users (#21) are careful to keep their distance which allows them to safely follow developments in front. SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) will also not be needing binoculars to see what is going on. Rank 23 is currently occupied by Christians, followed by Nemesis Germany (#24) and boinc.at (#25).

Nothing has yet been decided, neither at Einstein, nor at yoyo and also not at SIMAP. The field is packed tight and small changes here could mean large changes there. And we can surely be expecting a variety of tactical manoeuvres.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#9 - 13.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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What a heart-stopping final we witnessed at the rowing. In addition, this discipline ended with another massive sensation. DC Russian Union won Gold at Einstein. SG finished in Silver position. They put everything into their strokes but it wasn’t quite enough in the end. Bronze is taking on a green sheen this time; P3D is claiming the lowest step on the podium with some confidence. Congratulations!

We are not sure if SUSA are content with #4 but there just wasn’t more in it this time for the Americans. On the other hand, special congratulations go to Overclock.net who rowed to a very respectable #5. CNT did try to overtake Overclock.net but that was more than they could handle. Team China passed the finish line at #7, followed by AF. The Francophone team are losing valuable points here in view of the overall standings. The same goes for 2ch who finished at #9. ESL completed the Top10.

Whilst Boincstats reached #11, Crunching@EVGA ensured that #12 was secure and thus managed to keep the Russian bears from Russia behind them. Boinc@Mixi went full steam ahead on the home straight but the bear was already too far ahead and so it was only enough for #14. Then follow Boinc@Austalia (#15), RKN (#16), Boinc.Italy (#17), Crystal Dream (#18), Ukraine (#19) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#20).

Without points this time are: Christians (#26), Boinc@Heidelberg (#27), boinc.at (#28) and SecuriteInfo.com (#29) who were quick to make good 2 places at the end. Bulgaria (#30), SETI@Deutschland (#31), Nemesis Germany (#32), Piratenpartei Deutschlands (#33), Team Belgium (#34), LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (#35) and AerospaceResearch.net (#36) finish off the field.

We can currently observe at SIMAP how the teams are reacting to the forthcoming obstacles. It is noticeable how the top teams are reducing pace in preparation for yoyo and Asteroids. It will be quite exciting to keep an eye on developments.

So P3D lead for now, ahead of SUSA and SG. AF at rank 4 are moving a little closer to the top but the gap is currently still too large . There’s been no change up to #13. This position is currently contested by Meisterkuehler and Boinc.Italy. Only 5k are separating both teams. It’s looking pretty tight too following #19. This place has just now been taken by SETIKAH@KOREA but Crystal Dream (#20) and AMD Users (#21) have also staked their claim. There’s been a change of place too between Christians and The Scottish Boinc Team, only rank 27 for Christians.

At the weight-lifting, P3D have currently hoisted the heaviest load. The distance to the new team in second place, AF, is already considerable. Here at yoyo, SG have not yet found the balance. Not only have they dropped to #3 but SUSA (#4) is pushing up from behind. SG will have to shoulder a bit more weight. Once again we notice how the output of the teams dwindles from rank 5 onwards. Although CNT have claimed #5 and managed to triumph over Boincstats (#6), the deficit is already quite substantial when compared to the top.

Once again, we find the happily smiling Japanese team 2ch at #7, followed by Overclock.net (#8) who can still be hopeful about moving further ahead. Russia who can be found at #9 have relegated Meisterkuehler to #10; but they, in turn, have to be afraid of being overtaken by China. Will the small team be able to hold out against the dragon?

ESL, on the other hand, were able to hold on to #12 but it is tough for them and they will have to keep adding weights if they want to remain in position. Although RKN is showing slight weakness at the moment, the margins are still manageable. DC Russian Union have hopefully overcome their hangover from the victory party, if not, a glance at #14 should cure them. There’s some lively action involving the lower ranks; the margins are still tight which signifies that a lot of changes can and will happen.

The same goes for the overall standings. As it appears, only a quick knockout at taekwondo could keep P3D from overall victory. But Ladies and Gentlemen, nothing is certain yet. Only 2 disciplines have been completed! However, the fight for #2 is being conducted with cunning and skill by SG and SUSA. Both teams are currently neck and neck. It should be clear that the outcome will only be decided at the finish line.

We thought for quite some time that the fight for #4 would be just as tight but there we find AF all alone and abandoned. No enemy in sight at all. On the other hand, AF is profiting from the good rank at yoyo and everything is still open. 2ch at #5 will find it difficult to keep CNT (#6) behind them, especially, as the parade-discipline of the Czechs will only start tonight. The Czechs might possibly succeed in catapulting themselves within AF’s vicinity. Overclock.net (#7) and also Team China (#8) could still catch the Japanese.

Boincstats (#9) should start looking behind them as they are only 6 points ahead of ESL (#10), 9 points ahead of Russia (#11) and 11 points ahead of DC Russian Union (#12). RKN (#13), Crunching@EVGA (#14) and Boinc.Italy (#15) complete the Top15.

The last discipline, Physics & Chemistry, is having its premiere at this year’s Pentathlon. Asteroids@home is taking part for the first time and we really don’t know what will happen. None of the favourites are currently heavily engaged at Asteroids. For the teams, this will mostly represent new ground.

It remains to be seen if CNT can make the most of their home advantage. So far, the Czechs have disappointed at this Pentathlon but they might possibly play a similar role to DC Russian Union’s at Einstein. Whoever wants to win, will most likely have to get past CNT.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#10 - 14.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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Last night, Taekwondo started at Asteroid and has already made a great impact. We are guaranteed a very exciting finale with lots of variety. Looking at the overall standings at the moment we see that all hell has broken loose. But first things first. I don’t want to stay long at SIMAP today. Output is currently being reduced by the teams and it can be seen that the power has been diverted to yoyo and Asteroid. P3D is continuing to lead ahead of SUSA and SG.

In contrast, a lot has happened at yoyo. Although P3D is still at the top, there is now danger from behind. AF and SUSA have piled on the weights and will do everything to push the Green Planet out of its golden orbit. Even though the deficit appears to be substantial, nothing has yet been decided here!

However, SG (#4) is following a different strategy as they seem to be content with #4 which is understandable as it’s possible to crunch for victory at Asteroid. And there isn’t really any danger from behind; the same argument applies to CNT (#5). Team China (#6) could still disturb the Czech’s peace considerably. But Boincstats (#7) and Overclock.net (#8) too are thrusting and shouldering quite a lot of weight which should allow them to move further ahead.

I am a bit unsure about 2ch who are currently at #9. Though the gap is narrow, their present output is anything but convincing. The same goes for Meisterkuehler.de (#10) who have bunkered well and are thus still able to leave a scent-mark. There is currently an indication that a place in the Top10 could be achieved. Neither Russia (#11), nor RKN (#12), nor ESL (#13) are able to move further ahead as they carry far too little weight. LITOMYSL (#14) and Crunching@EVGA (#15) are rounding off the best 15.

It’s now extremely busy at the discipline Taekwondo at Asteroid which started today. And again we are being surprised by DC Russian Union who are currently in the lead. They had bunkered well at Einstein but were made to tremble at the end; will the same happen here? Whereas seeing CNT at rank 2 is not surprising, nor having SG at #3. At the moment it gives the impression as if this trio will decide the winner between them. For the teams it’s important to keep their output high, let’s wait and see who is able to do that best of all.

AF (#4) haven’t been removed altogether from the potential winners’ line-up but it seems unlikely that they will invest too much power here, bearing in mind that they are currently engaged in a hot battle at yoyo. Their main rival is already at the door, P3D (#5) to which the same applies. That could be a chance for ESL (#6) and Russia (#7) to make good a lot of points. On the other hand one can tell that SUSA is concentrating on yoyo. 2ch can be found near the end of the Top10 again, at #9, followed by Overclock.net.

The field at Asteroid is characterised by very small output margins. There is only a slight difference of 50k between ranks 10 to 17. We suspect that a certain Mr Pen Ding has his finger in the pie. This will give enough teams a chance to push further ahead. Boincstats (#11), Team China (#12), Crunching@EVGA (#13), but also Crystal Dream (#14) and Boinc@Heidelberg (#15) could achieve this, provided they employ a certain technical finesse. RKN at #16 would surely not want to be left behind.

The overall standings look a little different this morning compared to yesterday. Even though P3D continue to lead and should get their champagne glasses ready, behind them, we have a surprising development. SG have battled into Silver position and SUSA have pushed to #3. The reason for this is the rather poor performance by the Americans at Asteroid. Nevertheless, they have a chance to win at yoyo.

Although AF continue at #4, their solitary existence might soon belong to the past as CNT (#5) have battled hard and are now much closer. There’s been a big leap to #6 by DC Russian Union, with 2ch (#7) and Team China (#8) close on their heels. Also still within reach is Overclock.net at #9. In contrast, ESL should take care that they don’t lose #10. Russia and Boincstats (both at #11) are marching in step towards them.

The fight for #13 will probably take place between Crunching@EVGA and RKN; at the moment Rechenkraft are left standing. Behind them is another duel and we will have to wait if Boinc.Italy can hold on to #15 and thus keep Meisterkuehler.de behind them. Whilst we find Ukraine at #17, there is quite a commotion from 18 – 20. AMD Users, Crystal Dream and Boinc@Australia are separated by only 3 points.

There’s obviously a lot of current activity. It’s time for a little help. But who can do it?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#11 - 15.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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Can you smell it? Can you feel it? Something is being concocted at the 4th Boinc-Pentathlon. We are awaiting the eruption of one volcano or maybe even a few. Tension is building up and can be felt. Never has a Pentathlon been in such a fascinating tactical phase. We have teams, on the one hand, who have their eye on the overall standings, and those teams, on the other hand, who have placed all bets on winning individual disciplines. Together, both make up quite an explosive mix. And the fuse has been lit ...

The shortest fuse is burning at yoyo but the expected bang might even wake the dead. P3D is still in the lead but lying in wait, behind the raging scribes, are SUSA and AF, waiting to strike at the right moment. There’s no doubt that it will happen, just the timing has been left open. On the other hand, SG might just as well stop crunching at yoyo. Rank 4 appears to be secure and there’s no chance of advancing further. No such certainty for CNT (#5); Team China (#6) is catching up and is still in with a chance of closing in. In contrast, Boincstats (#7) have just managed to thwart the attack from Overclock.net (#8). We will follow with great interest to see if this was the last assault. 2ch’s chances of advancement are still written in the stars but rank 9 should be secure as Meisterkuehler.de (#10) is still a bit too far away.

There’s action within quite a tight space between Russia (#11), RKN (#12) and ESL (#13). Only just 30k separate the teams. On the other hand, DC Russian Union does not want to settle at #15, they are currently working hard to catch LITOMYSL (#14). Crunching@EVGA (#16) have already fallen victim to AMD Users (#17) but their chances of keeping the Russians and Boinc@Mixi (#18) behind them are good. The fight for rank 19 is still undecided, currently Ukraine have got the upper hand. Boinc.Italy (#20), Nemesis Germany (#21) and Boinc@Australia (#22) all think that they are in with a good chance.

The fight for the last points is continuing to be close. Even though points for The Scottish Boinc Team (#23) and Crystal Dream (#14) should be seen as secure, the final word in this fight for last points has not been spoken. TitanesDC (#25) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#26) have the best chances. it will be more difficult for boinc.at (#27), Bulgaria (#28) and Christians (#29). Boinc@Heidelberg, (#30), Piratenpartei Deutschland (#31), UK Boinc Team (#32), SecuriteInfo.com (#33), AerospaceResearch.net (#34), Team Belgium and SETI@Deutschland (both at #35) who are only jockeying for position.

Again, no further changes to report at SIMAP. P3D, SUSA and SG make up the top. This allows us to witness an interesting phenomenon here. Who will be best at syphoning off power from SIMAP? SG is slowly moving in on SUSA but not because SG has the speed. No, SUSA is fast stepping on the brakes whilst SG is inching up. Nothing has yet been decided at the marathon. Ukraine have managed to claim rank 15 and thus relegate DC Russian Union to #16. Reason for this is their good position at Asteroid where the Russians put on a very strong show. Again, nothing has yet been decided at SIMAP, the fuse is especially long here.

A different picture at Taekwondo where there is wrangling with the pendings. Not even the best tricks are of any help, Asteroid remains a real challenge. CNT have now placed themselves at the top of the pile of the rock researchers which is not altogether surprising. DC Russian Union continue to keep pace. On the other hand, SG has to fight not to be left behind. Victory is still on the cards, margins are small but it is important to focus minute attention on this phase. Further along, there are currently no changes. AF (#4) continue to stay ahead of P3D (#5). We will have to wait how both fighting cocks will react to the situation at yoyo. Both are at the ready to launch into the end spurt.

ESL (#6) is also holding up well. There is currently no great danger from behind as Russia (#7) and SUSA (#8) are unable to keep up the pace. Overclock.net (#9) and 2ch (#10) follow. Team China (#11) and Crunching@EVGA (#12), on the other hand, have managed to advance by 2 places.

With that, I will leave our asteroid researchers for today and take a comprehensive look at our overall standings. At the top, not altogether unexpected, are P3D. Only a massive breakdown of the crunching array would thwart their overall victory. But behind them, SUSA have regained #2 and pushed SG down to #3. A miserly 4 point difference shows that here, nothing has been decided yet.

However, AF’s solitude at #4 has definitely come to an end. Only 3 points separate them from CNT. It has to be said that AF’s chances are better because they have more of a potential to improve in their current positions. Behind them, the Asian teams are amongst themselves; Team China (#6) only just ahead of 2ch (#7). Overclock.net are currently at rank 9 followed by DC Russian Union. This group battle encompasses ranks 6 – 9 which are only separated by 8 points.

ESL can be found at #10 again, followed by Russia. But Boincstats (#12) do not have to give up hope of improvement just yet. 15 points are all that’s needed to catch up with ESL. Continuing together at #13 are RKN and Crunching@EVGA, followed at a little distance by Boinc.Italy (#15), Ukraine (#16), Meisterkuehler.de (#17) and AMD Users (#18).

The crunch fight for #19 is being contested by: Crystal Dream (#19), Boinc@Australia (#20) and Boinc@Mixi at #21. It just shows that it isn’t boring at the end of the field featuring a few fights of 3 teams each, like the one for #22 between LITOMYSL (#22), Christians (#23) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#24), and the one for rank 25 involving boinc.at, Boinc@Heidelberg (both #25) and not to forget TitanesDC (#27). Last teams with points are: Nemesis Germany (#28), The Scottish Boinc Team (#29), UK Boinc Team (also at #29) and Bulgaria (#31). Without points and therefore sharing #32 we find SETI@Deutschland, Team Belgium, AerospaceResearch.net, SecuriteInfo.com and Piratenpartei.

The fuse is continuing to burn, don’t miss the bang!

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#12 - 16.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The last few hours of the weightlifting are ticking away. It is completely undecided if P3D will also win yoyo. The lead isn’t exactly small but at the moment, this rather appears to be the calm before the storm here. It is certain that SUSA will continue to add weights. The question we are all asking is if SUSA will do themselves an injury or in the end be leaving the podium as the radiant winner. Keep an eye on the scoreboard, especially from late afternoon into the evening (MESZ) when we hope for exciting developments.

However, some disenchantment appears to have set in with the francophone crunchers of AF. According to my research, crunchers have now begun to move on to other disciplines. That is of course a shame. This might still be a targeted deception to let the rivals think they are safe. We will soon see.

SG (#4) and CNT (#5) have called for some relaxation behind the scenes, at least at yoyo. Both places appear secure which is partially due to Team China (#6) running out of steam and not being able to keep up the pressure. Our surprise team of the Pentathlon this year, Overclock.net, have secured #7 and it doesn’t look as if Boincstats (#8) could change that. We can still find 2ch at #9. Meisterkuehler.de on the other hand, appear to look solid at #10. RKN have moved past Russia. ESL could follow suit if they were able to make good 30k.

The fast climber of the last 24h can be found at #18. Crystal Dream look like they have allocated their power well and managed to streak past 6 opponents. We will have to wait and see if they can continue to move up; the only certainty is that with a gap of only 2k, Ukraine isn’t far behind. Also, it is not altogether impossible for Boinc@Mixi to make good their deficit of 7k.

On the marathon track, they are shoring up their strengths. In the last two days, I am expecting some of the teams to rear up in an ultimate show of power. It appears that Mr Pen Ding had also made an announcement at SIMAP to not rush things. He’s quite a jovial character.

There has been some development: #21 has a new visitor. Boinc@Australia were able to overtake SETIKAH@KOREA. A counter attack cannot be dismissed. The outcome of the British duel for #28 was decided in favour of UK Boinc Team who adjusted the front line and relegated the Scots from the Scottish Boinc Team to #29. But we know that the Scots are tough chaps, they won’t leave this uncontested for long.

Nothing has yet been decided at Asteroid. CNT lead, ahead of SG. Behind them, AF have claimed rank 3 and pushed DC Russian Union from the pedestal. The Francophone team were the best Taekwondo fighters in the last 12h. Gaps aren’t so large at the moment that they couldn’t be closed but just a word of caution - a large number of parcels aren’t being worked on because the staff of the afore-mentioned Mr. P are pushing a cushy number.

With that in mind, it remains to be seen how secure the Russians are at #4, even though P3D (#5) are a small distance behind. ESL is still holding their own but SUSA are already breathing down their neck. SG, especially, will hope that the keyboard-sports team can keep the Americans behind them. Russia at #8 appear unable to engage in action nearer the top. Overclock.net at #9 don’t necessarily have to settle for that. They have a chance to move further ahead but there is also danger looming up from behind. Team China (#10) have moved past 2ch (#11) and are slowly closing in on Overclock.net.

Behind them, things are really tight which causes constant fluctuations in the standings. Thus Boincstats (#12), Boinc.Italy (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#14) are almost neck and neck. There is little room for manoeuvre even behind that group. Although rank #15 has just been claimed by Boinc@Heidelberg, other teams still have a chance to secure that position, ie RKN (#16), SETIKAH@KOREA (#17), Crystal Dream (#18), AMD Users (#19) and also Ukraine (#20) .

Everybody is packed tight at Asteroid and therefore constant pushing and shoving will be seen in the overall standings. P3D continue to lead. SG is still ahead of SUSA but the Americans have pushed nearer. AF is currently securing #4; looks like CNT lost some feathers and had to let go.

There’s a fight on three fronts at #6 and the fires are lit. Team China continue to stay ahead of Overclock.net (#7) and 2ch (#8) but the margins remain quite small. On the other hand, DC Russian Union will have to be concerned at #9 as ESL is only 2 points away. Russia and Boincstats are at rank 11 on equal points. The achievement of the Russian teams at this Pentathlon has been a positive surprise. If it weren’t for the split, a much better placement could be achieved, maybe even an overall medal.

RKN (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#14) remain rooted to the spot. No change here. That’s quite understandable as there’s no way forward and nothing coming up from behind. Boinc.Italy (#15) are 30 points behind and Ukraine (#16) even 51 points.

Let’s prepare for an exciting Pentathlon evening. Don’t turn on your television. Yoyo will be far more exciting than any crime or horror film. This will keep you on the edge of your seat!

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#13 - 17.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The night of the sizzling hot computers at yoyo is over. SUSA started their attack at 23.00hrs (MEST) and advanced with great strides. That’s when P3D’s teeth began to chatter and mesmerised, they followed every update on the notice board. The nearer the Americans came, the greater the excitement at P3D. You could really feel the consternation and panic at P3D. Seconds passed and the suspense was so great that some of SG’s members in Chat were unable to endure it any longer and fled under their bed clothes.

But all the Americans’ effort was in vain in the end. Victory went to P3D! SUSA will be returning home with Silver, despite their valiant fight. AF can celebrate their Bronze rank. Congratulations!

For the second time in this Pentathlon, SG moved over the finish line at #4. They had changed their priorities early on; it remains to be seen if that was the right decision. Some breathed more easily last night; SG too benefited from P3D’s victory. CNT (#5) were made to tremble right at the last moment as Team China tried to get close to the Czechs but in the end the Chinese had to settle for #6. Overclock.net (#7) have got into the Top10 again, followed by Boincstats (#8) and 2ch (#9). Meisterkuehler (#10) notched up their best result in this Pentathlon.

We find RKN at #11 as they got the better of ESL (#12) in the end. Russia were unable to do anything against ESL’s end spurt and had to make do with #13. Right behind them follow DC Russian Union (#14) who on the last day, managed to push past LITOMYSL (#15). Crystal Dream had managed to continue their advance until the very last minute and were thus rewarded with #16. Crunching@EVGA (#17) and AMD Users (#18) were left standing.

Ukraine were able to defend #19 until the end, the same applied to Boinc.Italy (#20). Unfortunately, this cannot be said about Boinc@Mixi who lost 3 places and now find themselves at #21. Nemesis Germany (#22), Boinc@Australia (#23), The Scottish Boinc Team (#24) and TitanesDC (#25) grab the remaining point-scoring ranks.

In the end, SETIKAH@KOREA (#26) did not manage to make good the deficit separating them from the front runners. Whilst boinc.at (#27), Bulgaria (#28), Christians (#29), Boinc@Heidelberg (#30), Piratenpartei Deutschland (#31), the UK Boinc Team (#32), SecuriteInfo.com (#33) and AerospaceResearch.net (#34) were at least engaged in a fight for positions, SETI@Deutschland and Team Belgium (both #35) refused to participate altogether.

There are now only 2 disciplines remaining. It will be exciting to see how the teams will choose to deploy their freed up resources.

Although P3D continue to lead at SIMAP, SUSA have slightly increased speed last night. This has not gone unnoticed at SG who had managed to slowly close in during the last few days. The fight for Silver has not yet been decided and it is still unclear if SUSA will risk an attack on P3D.

AF continue to follow in the slipstream; they will have to come to terms with landing at #4 again. But CNT (#5) would like to control that position too and just keep running towards it. Team China at rank #6 continue to race towards the finish line. Behind them are developments for a fight for #7. This is currently taken by Overclock.net but Boincstats (#8) and ESL (#9) are slowly coming closer. It remains to be seen if the Overclockers are able to fight them off.

We need to remind ourselves that the Marathon has been going on for some days and is now showing visibly dwindling energy levels. Whichever team has the most reserves at the end will be able to better their chances considerably. We are uncertain if 2ch (#10) have these resources available to them but the current view shows Russia (#11) with slightly better-filled tanks as they are seen closing the gap.

Currently engaged in a hefty fight are RKN (#12) and Meisterkuehler (#13). RKN are showing some weakness at the moment which will present Meisterkuehler with an opportunity. Behind them, Ukraine at #14 have managed to run past Boinc.Italy (#15).

The situation at #22 continues to be tight. Boinc@Mixi (#22), SETIKAH@KOREA (#23) and TitanesDC are only separated by 5k! The fight for #25 has also not yet been decided. Boinc@Heidelberg (#25) areslowly coming under pressure from Christians (#26) who have just left LITOMYSL (#27) behind them.

The most exciting action can currently be found at Asteroid. CNT is at the very top at the moment but victory is anything but secure. AF have pushed past SG following a hefty duel. SG find themselves in a dicey situation as they not only risk missing the boat but danger too is threatening from behind in the form of DC Russian Union (#4). It looks as if P3D (#5) don’t pose a threat.

An increase was also recorded at SUSA (#7), with the result that ESL is now in acute danger. Team China (#8) demonstrate how quickly that can happen. They’ve casually overtaken Russia (#9) and Overclock.net (#10). 2ch (#11) and Boincstats (#12) are following at a respectful distance.

But there is also quite a skirmish further back. Kicks and punches are delivered with glee. Crunching@EVGA seem to have perfected their technique and find themselves at #13. Behind them are Boinc.Italy who must surely be seething that they’ve lost a place. LITOMYSL (#15) are clearing scores of opponents out of the way. They have managed to move up 7 places with a concentrated power boost. Great effort! AMD Users (#16) had at times made use of the slip stream and have thus made good 3 places.

RKN (#17) had to relinquish a place und must now face attacks by Ukraine (#18) and Boinc@Heidelberg (#19). SETIKAH@KOREA (#20) and Crystal Dream (#21) both slipped back 3 places.Boinc.at (#22) on the other hand look like staying on course and planning further attacks.

Final positions are slowly being taken in the overall standings but many fights are still undecided. Whilst P3D is clearly in the lead, the contest for Silver is far from over. SUSA is currently ahead of SG by a few points. The final decision will only be made in the last few hours. I must concede that SUSA appear to have a slight advantage.

AF (#4), CNT (#5) but also Team China (#6) can feel safe. Not so Overclock.net (#7) as they are currently leading 2ch (#8) by only 1 point! Just as tight is the situation between DC Russian Union (#9) and ESL (#10). Only 2 points make up the buffer here. Boincstats (#11) will only have to prevent a slip-up which otherwise, Russia (#12) would use to their advantage. Last in the Top15 are RKN (#13), Crunching@EVGA (#14) and Boinc.Italy (#15.

I will now make my way to the Boinc meeting in Wieda from where I will present my next reports. Tactics are still being changed, a lot is still kept hidden from us.

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#14 - 18.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Our Pentathletes have had a hard night and an even harder day is ahead of them. Slowly, the effort of the last few weeks is beginning to take its toll on the participants. The reserves are slowly running out. But the teams have to mobilise all resources just once more as all the hard-won ground could easily be lost in the end game.

CNT is cruising to victory at Asteroid even though it is still unclear how AF is weighing up its chances. A last minute attack is still quite possible. DC Russian Union have pushed to rank 3 during the night and, after Einstein, continue to antagonise SG once again; a hard blow for the German SETI-hunters in view of the overall standings. Will SG still be able to retaliate?

It is impossible to calculate if P3D (#5) and SUSA (#6) might still pose a danger to SG. A last minute rearing up of the two teams is still possible despite the deficit. ESL (#7) would also need to do that. It wasn’t really a surprise when they had to let SUSA pass but already, the next superpower is edging up from behind. Team China (#8) is beginning to catch up.

Following on, a bigger gap has opened up. Overclock.net (#9) have good chances of hanging on to yesterday’s hard-won position but should keep a watchful eye out for Russia (#10). 2ch at #11 should also be secure. However, Boincstats (#12) have to watch that Crunching@EVGA (#13) or Boinc.Italy (#14) don’t pass them in a last show of strength.

LITOMYSL (#15) is currently doing everything to stop Ukraine (#16) getting further ahead. But AMD Users (#17) are performing well even though they have just had to let Ukraine pass. RKN (#18) have also just become one of Ukraine’s casualties but are still able to improve whilst following behind in the slipstream. As you can see, there’s plenty of music still to be played by this illustrious quartet.

Following behind in unity are the recent climbers: boinc.at (#20) initially moved up 3 places but have already had to hand one back. Reason being: Meisterkuehler (#19) have also begun their final sprint, they have won 8 places in the last few hours. Casualties of the two, who are marching through the end of the field like cutting through butter with a hot knife, are Boinc@Heidelberg (#21), SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) and Crystal Dream (#23).

There are no signs of boredom at SIMAP’s Marathon. Although P3D appear to lead by a large margin, they are getting very jittery. Members of the Green Planet can be seen furtively glancing behind them. That is not altogether unwise as an attack by SUSA could not be ruled out. But it’s not only P3D who hope that this will not happen, SG (#3) too will share their views. The blue-yellow team still have #2 within their grasp. Will they have enough power to reach it? We will find out soon.

There appears to be no danger for SG from behind. AF (#4) and CNT (#5) are much more strongly engaged at Asteroid. Team China (#6) are also able to balance their resources well for the finish. On the other hand, further developments could still take place behind them. Overclock.net (#7) have managed to run up a small lead but it is not very convincing. Especially Boincstats (#8) are slowly coming closer. It remains to be seen if ESL (#9) can move in close behind the Overclockers.

2ch (#10) will not be able to participate and there is still some uncertainty if Russia (#11) are planning to attack. Meisterkuehler.de (#12) have already rung the bell for the final lap. At the current speed, more ground could be gained. RKN (#13) were the first casualty of Meisterkuehler’s chase, but need not fear Ukraine (#14) and Boinc.Italy (#15) any more.

A heated battle is currently taking place between DC Russian Union (#16) and Crunching@EVGA (#17); all signs are pointing to a switching of positions. Further back it is getting really exciting with constant rank changes being the norm. Boinc.at (#18) were able to pull out in good time, but AMD Users (#19) are doing everything to change that. Crystal Dream (#20) are unable to match the current tempo. In the last few hours, Boinc@Mixi (#21) were able to push past Boinc@Australia (#22). More musical chairs behind them, TitanesDC is now at #23, followed by SETIKAH@KOREA (#24). Boinc@Heidelberg (#25) is occupying the last of the point scoring ranks but are eagerly pursued by Christians (#26).

Overall standings: whilst P3D is looking at overall victory, no decision has yet been made as to the outcome behind them. SUSA might be able to enlarge their lead on SG but no evidence has yet been produced. As before, AF (#4), CNT (#5) and Team China (#6) follow behind. The margin between Overclock.net (#7) and 2ch (#8) continues to be tight. On account of their position gain, DC Russian Union (#9) have managed to move closer to the ranks in front but realistically, their journey ends here.

All bets at ESL (#10) will be on SG because only with their protective shield can the E-sports team hope to improve their position in the overall standings. Then follow Boincstats (#11) and Russia (#12). Behind them, packed very tight, are Crunching@EVGA (#13) and RKN (#14). But even between Boinc.Italy (#15) and Ukraine (#16) the margin is very small.

Meisterkuehler.de (#17) and AMD Users (#18) appear to have reached the end of the road. Crystal Dream’s chances for #19 are excellent. On equal points at #20, Boinc@Mixi and Boinc@Australia are wrangling for position. It remains to be seen if LITOMYSL (#22) can enter in the fray; 3 points aren’t that much.

The all decisive day has dawned. Today, all cards have to be placed on the table!

As you can see it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#15 - 19.05.2013

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG 

Part 1


We’ve made it; the 4th Boinc-Pentathlon has been wrapped up. Today’s report will be split into two parts, it’s worth checking on it a few times to get the complete bulletin. Before I tackle the overall standings, we take not only one look but two at the disciplines which were completed last night.

Victory at Asteroid goes to the home team of CNT which will therefore go into history as the 7th team to have won a discipline. Silver goes to AF, their best ever result for driving home a discipline, up to now it’s only ever been Bronze. That’s the one SG have to make do with. However, SG will still feel like something of a winner as they had to engage in a tough fight with Russian Union for the Bronze rank. The last few hours were shaped by the consistent wrangling for Bronze. Congratulations to all medal winners!

Following victory at Einstein, DC Russian Union are once again showing a very good result and thus relegate P3D (#5) and SUSA (#6) to their present ranks. ESL were able to defend rank 7 against Team China (#8) who were coming ever closer. In the end, Overclock.net fought their way to (#9) and #10 is a very pleasing result for Russia.

2ch ensured 11th place at the finish line, followed by Boincstats (#12) and Ukraine (#13) who were able to overtake Crunching@EVGA (#14) and Boinc.Italy (#15). Then follow RKN (#16) and Meisterkuehler.de (#17). AMD Users (#18), LITOMYSL (#19) and boinc.at (#20) conclude the Top20. SETIKAH@KOREA (#21) managed to make good another place which resulted in Boinc@Heidelberg (#22) slipping further down.

Whilst Crystal Dream (#23) and Boinc@Australia (#24) held on to their ranks at the finish line, Boinc@Mixi managed to reach #25 in a final sprint and thus prevented Christians (#26) from collecting further points. In another end sprint, The Scottish Boinc Team (#27) squeezed out SecuriteInfo.com (#28). List of rankings ends with: UK Boinc Team (#29), Piratenpartei Deutschland (#30), Nemesis Germany (#31); Bulgaria (#32), SETI@Deutschland (#33), TitanesDC (#34), Team Belgium (#35) and AerospaceResearch.net (#36).

Days of hardship are behind our marathon runners. At the start, SIMAP sent our competitors over rough and smooth, the course improved a bit but that is only slight consolation for ending up with fuming-hot feet and steaming computers.

Victory went to P3D, followed by SUSA and SG. Nobody was able to encroach on P3D’s advantage and despite all attempts, SG failed to exchange Bronze for Silver. However, the last few hours were characterised by furtive watchfulness. A last attack by SG was not sufficient to claim Silver. Congratulations to all our precious metal medal winners.

When you compare the list of rankings at SIMAP with the final list of rankings you will be surprised to find that the first seven standings are identical. AF thus at #4, CNT at #5, followed by Team China (#6) and Overclock.net (#7). Boincstats ran well and claimed rank 8 and were thus able to relegate ESL (#9) and 2ch (#10) to the last two places in the Top 10.

Meisterkuehler.de also convinced with a furious end sprint. They were thus able to slide onto #11. This meant that Russia (#12) lost out. RKN dragged themselves over the finish line at #13, followed by Ukraine (#14) and Boinc.Italy (#15). And once again, a small team has defeated a Russian bear, this time it was Crunching@EVGA (#16) who in their final push overcame Russia (#17).

Rank 18 goes to boinc.at. AMD Users had done enough for #19 and Crystal Dream for #20. Boinc@Mixi (#21) managed to move up a place on the last day. Boinc@Australia (#22) appeared to be out of breath at the end. TitanesDC (#23), SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) and Boinc@Heidelberg (#25) shared out the remaining points between themselves

Christians (#26), LITOMYSL (#27) and UK Boinc Team (#28) did not manage to get into the points despite all their efforts. Once again, quite close to the British team, we find The Scottish Boinc Team (#29). SecuriteInfo.com (#30), Piratenpartei Deutschland (#31), Nemesis Germany (#32), Bulgaria (#33), SETI@Deutschland (#34), Team Belgium (#35) and AerospaceResearch.net (#36) complete the field

At the end of part 1 of this report, I will now take a look at the medal table for the individual disciplines. Here too, P3D have their place at the very top. SG can take comfort from the fact that, with 18 medals, they are without doubt the most prolific medal collectors of them all. So far, 7 teams were able to win a discipline in all four Pentathlons, whereby only 8 teams have so far managed to get any. The fact that DC Russian Union have just been included in this list just shows that it is not a hopeless endeavour.

Medal Table for Individual Disciplines:

Planet 3DNow! 7x Gold / 3x Silver /1x Bronze
SETI.Germany 5x Gold / 9x Silver / 4x Bonze
Electronic Sports League (ESL) 3x Gold / 1x Silver / ---
Team 2ch 2x Gold / --- / 3x Bronze
SETI.USA 1x Gold / 6x Silver / 5x Bronze
Czech National Team 1x Gold / --- / 1x Bronze
DC Russian Union 1x Gold /
L'Alliance Francophone --- /1x Silver / 6x Bronze

Part 2

(Overall Evaluation)

Last night was the end of a Pentathlon which was not only exciting but also gave us a few surprises. The different disciplines challenged the teams to masterful actions. As that wasn’t always easy, this Pentathlon can be seen as having been a real challenge. But this is just what characterises the Pentathlon; the teams know just what they have accomplished.

This year P3D have, once again, put their mark on the Pentathlon and won convincingly. Not for the first time, a hard fight for Silver erupted between SG and SUSA which this time was decided in the Americans’ favour.

Two teams surprised us when they were able to include their names on the list of winners for the first time. DC Russian Union and Czech National Team are thus making a valuable contribution to the Pentathlon.

The Boinc-Pentathlon has now reached a new dimension in presenting the vast variety of tactical possibilities. That whets the appetite for more for the next few years.

I will now take a last look at the overall standings. You will find the rankings in the disciplines in brackets and in the following order CEP2, Einstein, yoyo, Asteroids, SIMAP.

1st Place: Planet 3DNow! (1,3,1,5,1) (last year #1)
A clear victory for the Green Planet. They built their foundations early at SIMAP which gave them the opportunity to claim victory at CEP2. Not all went smoothly as there was the obligatory slip-up, this time at Asteroid, but they were left unpunished by their opponents. P3D were also characterised by motivating a massive amount of people which left the opposition standing.

2nd Place: SETI.USA (2,4,2,6,2) (last year #2)
From the start, the Americans showed us that they meant business this year. In the end, four individual medals were not enough for Gold. It still needed a more fervent will to win. On top of that, they are very dependent on a mega-cruncher. If the Americans can succeed in motivating the bulk of their team, they’d be able to win the Pentathlon in the future.

3rd Place: SETI.Germany (4,2,4,3,3) (last year #2)
At first glance, this bronze rank appears to be a disappointment for SG. But when you look closely, you see the real picture. SG haven’t failed, in fact, they might even have performed better than last year; they just couldn’t translate that into the relevant standings. Some bad luck was stuck to the soles of their running shoes which hindered them a bit. We will have to take them into account again next year, for certain.

4th Place : L'Alliance Francophone (5,8,3,2,4) (last year #5)
AF gave a solid performance this year, but again, it wasn’t enough for a place on the podium in the overall standings. They continue to wait for a win in a discipline even though they had their chance at yoyo this year. A bit more tactical expertise and more could be achieved. Despite that, they can be content as two individual medals are more than enough to be satisfied.

5th Place: Czech National Team (10,6,5,1,5) (last year #6)
After the first discipline it didn’t look as if CNT would be able to come into their own. But then they concentrated on their performance capability, used their home advantage and climbed to victory at Asteroid. Thus, they were able to make good their slip-up at CEP2.

6th Place: Team China (6,7,6,8,6) (last year #7)
A further advance for the Chinese this year. They didn’t really repeat the slip-ups of the previous year. A great Boinc-power of the future is being forged here. It remains to be seen if that will come to the fore already at next year’s Pentathlon.

7th Place: Overclock.net (9,5,7,9,7) (last year #10)
Overclock.net were without doubt one of the positive surprises of this year’s Pentathlon. They appear to have worked intensively at eradicating their weaknesses and didn’t experience any major slip-ups this year. Rank 7 is the reward for a good and stable performance.

8th Place: Team 2ch (3,9,9,11,10) (last year #4)
2ch appeared almost desolate this year. They started at CEP2 as absolute favourites but only came third. And for the rest, the allocated rankings were a bitter pill to swallow. We must hope for a comeback next year.

9th Place: DC Russian Union (19,1,14,4,17) (newcomer)
Although participating for the first time, the Russian team were already causing a stir at the Pentathlon. Victory at Einstein is without doubt the crowning glory of the competition but even rank 4 at Asteroid deserves a mention. They still need to find more stability as rank 9 highlights, despite two very good results.

10th Place: Electronic Sports League (8,10,12,7,9) (last year # 12)
A solid increase in power ensured that they crunched their way into the TOP10 this year. The Silver medal winners of 2010 seem to have found their way again. There is, however, quite a lot of work to be done for the E-sports team. ESL might be able to further promote distributed computing within their ranks.
They have laid the foundations at this Pentathlon.

11th Place: BOINCstats (12,11,8,12,8) (last year #9)
A solid performance was not enough for the TOP10 this year. In order to return there, an increase will be required next year. It might be better thinking about concentrating on a single discipline, surely much more could be achieved then.

12th Place: Russia (7,13,13,10,12) (last year #8)
At first glance they appear to have gone downhill by 4 places and they will surely be dissatisfied with that result. Russia was also a casualty of the split of resources in Russia as quite important crunchers had left the team just for the Pentathlon and changed over to DC Russian Union. Lots of potential and places were squandered.

13th Place: Rechenkraft.net (15,16,11,16,13) (last year #17)
RKN were again able to improve performance this year and were thus rewarded with #13. Results at yoyo showed, however, that they are capable of more.

14th Place: Crunching@EVGA (13,12,17,14,16) (last year #14)
They held their place and were not far off from #13. They were only pushed back to #14 in the last few hours. The individual results are encouraging and suggest that there might be improvement next year.

15th Place: Ukraine (16,19,19,13,14) (last year #18)
This year, they banked on stability and did not engage in experiments. There was no place in the TOP10 for them this time round but they achieved great, solid results. Good tactics were rewarded with a good standing.

Further Standings:

16. BOINC.Italy (17,17,20,15,15) (last year #11)
17. Meisterkuehler.de Team (32,21,10,17,11) (last year #13)
18. AMD Users (14,23,18,18,19) (last year #23)
19. Crystal Dream (22,18,16, 23,20) (last year #25)
20. BOINC@MIXI (20,14,21,25,21) (last year #16)
21. BOINC@AUSTRALIA (18,15,23,24,22) (last year #18)
22. LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (21,35,15,19,27) (last year #24)
23. Christians (11,26,29,26,26) (newcomer)
24. boinc.at (27,28,27,20,18) (last year #20)
24. SETIKAH@KOREA (25,20,26,21,24) (last year #28)
26. TitanesDC (23,24,25,34,23) (last year #14)
27. BOINC@Heidelberg (26,27,30,22,25) (last year #26)
28. UK BOINC Team (28,22,32,29,28) (newcomer)
28. Nemesis.Germany (-,32,22,31,32) (newcomer)
30. The Scottish Boinc Team (29,25,24,27,29) (newcomer)
31. Bulgaria (24,30,28,32,3,3) (newcomer)
32. AerospaceResearch.net (34,36,34,36,36) (newcomer)
32. SecuriteInfo.com (31,29,33,28,30) (newcomer)
32. Piratenpartei Deutschland (30,33,31,30,31) (last year #27)
32 SETI@Deutschland (-,31,35,33,34) (newcomer)
32. Team Belgium (33,34,35,35,35) (newcomer)

Medal Table for the Overall Standings:

SETI.Germany 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze
Planet 3DNow! 2x Gold, 1x Silver
SETI.USA 2x Silver, 1x Bronze
Electronic Sports League 1x Silver
L'Alliance Francophone 1x Bronze

A Reminder of the Podium Results of the Previous Pentathlons:

2010: 1. SG / 2. ESL / 3. SUSA
2011: 1. SG / 2. P3D / 3. AF
2012: 1. P3D / 2. SG und SUSA

I have to say goodbye now and hope to have contributed a little to the Pentathlon atmosphere and that you had as much fun as I did and that I was able to update you and maybe even entertain you a little.

Last year’s questions have been answered but naturally, new ones have arisen: Who will be able to prevent P3D’s hat-trick?
Will SETI.USA manage at last to claim overall victory?
Will Team China take their first medal next year?

As you can see, it will again be exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon 2014!

Taken from SETI.Germany Wiki translated by Susanne

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